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Corporate leaders suffer under the capitalist gun
Jun. 12 2012| The Globe and Mail |HARVEY SCHACHTER.

In A Capitalism of Owners, Yvan Allaire, (a former senior executive at Bombardier Inc. and now chair of the Institute for Governance of Private and Public Organizations), and Mihaela Firsirotu,) a professor of strategy at the University of Quebec,) say the judgment against Ms. Nooyi, by the analysts and stock market, was that she “has too much of a social conscience. That may be good for the company in the long run but not for today’s and tomorrow’s stock price. If she persists, she should be replaced by someone who does not have these qualms.”

In an era where companies must be flexible and strive for change, the authors say corporate leaders face a stressful paradox. The more competitive the markets for goods and services, the more businesses need time to adapt, innovating and putting in place new strategies (as Ms. Nooyi was attempting) without speculators breathing down their necks

Also...High-tech entrepreneur Michael Saylor believes mobile technology is the tipping point for a new industrial revolution and prepares you for that future in The Mobile Wave. (Vanguard Press, 281 pages, $29).
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