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The $100M Revenue Club: Adknowledge Weaves Web Of Ads
July 29, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By Ty McMahan.
Adknowledge provides performance, or cost-per-action, advertising for
companies looking beyond traditional search engines such as Google and
Yahoo. Earlier days of online advertising attracted marketing messages
that didn’t require much targeting, such as those for mortgages or
credit cards. Lynn believes online advertising provides an ideal
platform to tailor messages to Internet users. Today, more than 50,000
advertisers use the Adknowledge network to promote their offers.

The company has also managed to find a way to target ads without relying
on keywords, which is what drives search advertising platforms like
Google’s AdSense.

Using Adknowledge, marketers can bid on such ads as they can through the
AdSense system. Adknowledge, however, has carved itself a niche by
applying its technology across multiple advertising channels – from
email to search to social networks.
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