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(1) Is Joker a villain or anti-hero? - Quora
The Joker is not an anti-hero. He is a Villain.

This is The Joker beating Robin to death.

There is a HUGE difference between a Villain and an anti-hero. The definitions in modern times get blurred a lot. People often seem to think that because they find a villain endearing or charismatic, they are an anti-hero. This is incorrect.

Villains can be rich, interesting characters and even sympathetic characters but that does not erase the line between good and evil; at least not in works of fiction. The line between good and evil still exists.

It also seems like a trend for people to get the meaning of the term wrong and think that anti-hero means opposite of a hero; It does not mean that.

An anti hero has qualities that sometimes cross a line a traditional hero would not cross. They might have moral failings but the defining characteristic is that they DO have a moral code.

It's not the same as a psychopath who will not kill on a Sunday. That is a modus operandi (m.o.) not a moral code. Having a moral code means they have an inner set of rules or a single rule that in some way desires to serve the greater good.

An Anti-Hero MUST have this quality.

A likeable character who doesn't ever care one lick about the greater good is not an anti-hero and can never be described as such.

The Jok
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6 weeks ago by jerryking
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