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Ten Ways to Protect Yourself When Hiring Independent Contractors or Consultants
May 1986 Business Owner Vol. 10, Iss. 5; pg. 14, 1 pgs. Ten
items should be kept in mind when using a contractor: 1. Define the
work, clearly stating the purpose and objectives. 2. Make sure the work
done is the company's property. 3. Set firm dates for completion of a
project's various stages. 4. Set a firm overall fee; get a written
estimate and set a maximum fee level if the work is charged on a time
basis. 5. Check out the contractor through references. 6. Provide for a
termination clause if the work is not completed on schedule. 7. Obtain
progress reports and make payments, if possible, during selected stages.
8. If the contractor is working part time, make sure the contractor has
the time to devote to the company. 9. Have the contractors indemnify
the company for any misuses of proprietary given information. 10. Make
sure there is a written agreement for all work. The company's lawyer
should review written contracts.
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