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Getting Into Venture Capital
This note is a response to this blog post, ( It essentially outlines the various routes into the field at a later stage.

too many people have very narrow views of what venture capital consists of. Basically. they only see the large, open to external investors. early-stage/middle~stage venture capital funds who gamer most of the headlines. But, the private equity and private debt world is huge, including such slices as:
. distressed debt
. buyout/private equity funds with it's own vast number of permutations
. corporate M&A
. family offices (some of which do lots of private deals and do them well, others of which don't)
. technology transfer operations (some of which are close to being VC, others of which are very distant)
. secondary purchasers of venture portfolios
. workout groups at commercial banks
8. private placement debt investment managers (which include a whole host of insurance companies)
9. SBlCs
10. PIPE managers
11. private debt managers of all sorts of permutations
12. what are essentially merchant banking groups at various hedge funds
13. venture investing groups at vanous hedge funds
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march 2012 by jerryking
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