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Welcome to the Kiltr Corporate Blog
Welcome to the Kiltr Corporate Blog--Scottish Diaspora
Diaspora  Scottish 
january 2009
Province urged to aid builders
A 11-21-2008 The Toronto Star article in City Councillor Kyle
Rae, who heads the city's economic development committee, argues that
the Ontario government should backstop financing for big developments in
Toronto if it's threatened by the economic downturn.
Toronto  economic_development  banks  Kyle_Rae 
january 2009 - I can see the economic downturn from here
December 13, 2008 G&M article by Anthony Reinhart on the
impact the economic downturn is having on Toronto's construction trades.

December 13, 2008
Toronto  economic_development  construction  unions  organized_labour  Anthony_Reinhart 
january 2009
Mayor unveils new development plan
Sept. 30, 2008 Globe &Mail article by Jeff Gray, Jennifer
Lewington. Describes the proposal for the creation of two agencies
aimed at attracting business to surplus land, luring foreign investors.
Long-neglected pieces of the city's mammoth $18-billion real-estate
portfolio, including choice spots such as the land above or near subway
stations, could finally be sold off or redeveloped by a new city
Toronto  economic_development  Build_Toronto  Jeff_Gray  Jennifer_Lewington  redevelopments 
january 2009
Toronto's strong economic development strategy continues Appointment of General Manager of Economic Development, Culture and Tourism
December 15, 2008 announcement that Mr. Mike Williams will be
joining the City of Toronto as the new General Manager of Economic
Development, Culture and Tourism.
Toronto  economic_development  Mike_Williams 
january 2009
Rev. Wright Takes Battle to His Critics -
April 29, 2008 article detailing Rev. Jeremiah Wright's
rebutting criticisms of his comments. Suggested questions about his
patronage posed "an attack on the black church"
Obama  religion  African-Americans  Rev._Jeremiah_Wright  churches 
january 2009
The Rebirth of Civility -
April 12, 2007 op-ed by Daniel Henniger on the merits of a code of conduct for bloggers.
Web_2.0  civility  Daniel_Henninger  courtesies 
january 2009
The renaissance of state intervention
September 19, 2008 G&M editorial on the U.S. government
being forced to be pragmatic and commonsensical in approach to dealing
with the banks.
crisis  editorials  Keynesian  public_policy  state-as-facilitator  state_capitalism 
january 2009
Advice to MBAs: become known as the go-to person in your field
List of tips for achieving success as MBAs (or frankly, any career) published in the Aug. 7, 2007 | Financial Times |

* Become an expert. "If you can become the absolute go-to person in a field and prove that you can master one thing, you can lather, rinse, repeat, as we say, you can do that in many different factions of your life."

* Commit the time. "It is first in, last out for a period where you

are trying to learn and absorb

a business. If you are able to understand all of the things in the business and really give it your all for certain periods in your life, that will be paid back in spades as you think about all the components that you need to have known."

* Learn to listen. "You have to develop listening skills, especially from the people who have already been there before you, because they could say one little sentence that has more pearls of wisdom

in it than anything that you may come up with on your own.

A mentor can often do that; they can often share with you things about people who have been there before or things they have seen or the way that your style is."

* Find a mentor. "Mentors are critically important for someone's career for the guidance and the support you need. I don't believe in formal mentor programmes.

A mentor is a chemistry thing,

you have to find somebody who cares about your career and who wants to invest the time, not

who has to invest the time."

* Dress for success. "If you want to be asked to a client meeting, show up at work in the morning as if you're going to a client meeting. Way too often the casualness of the younger generation seeps into the work environment and that's not going to be helpful to getting in front

of clients and really getting that experience."
tips  career  Managing_Your_Career  MBAs  indispensable  advice  hard_work  listening  mentoring 
january 2009 / Wealth - 'Only a reshuffling of risk'
Aug. 7, 2007 article by Lauren Foster in which she interviews
Mary Callahan Erdoes, CEO, JPMorgan Private Bank. Erdoes discusses her
bank's response to the ate July 2007 stock market tumble.
risk-management  risk-taking  wealth_management  private_banking 
january 2009
Pew Global Attitudes Project: Introduction and Summary: The Great Divide: How Westerners and Muslims View Each Other ...
June 22, 2006 release of results of large scale attitudinal survey undertaken by the Pew Research Center in the Spring of 2006.
attitudes  Islamic  Western_values  surveys 
january 2009
A+ for cultural capital
Jun. 27, 2006 G&M op-ed by Margaret Wente on immigrant
students in Toronto … fully 43% of Toronto’s secondary school students
were born outside Canada. For all the hardships faced by new immigrants
to Canada, many of their kids are the brightest of the bright. And they
also make up a disproportionate share of dropouts. It appears that how
well these students do in school has far more to do with where they’re
from than how long they’ve been here...The education system is supposed
to be the great equalizer. So what can the schools do about these
achievement gaps? People in Toronto are discussing all the usual stuff
-- a more inclusive curriculum, more ethnic teachers, more outreach to
families, more rejection of ethnic stereotypes, and, of course, an end
to discrimination. But the education system's ability to equalize the
outcomes is probably severely limited. That's because cultural capital
is formed at home and formed early.
achievement_gaps  high_schools  performance  Toronto  Margaret_Wente  schools  immigrants  TDSB  school_districts  dropouts  disproportionality  education  outcomes  cultural_capital  hardships 
january 2009 - His BamBoo club transformed the nightlife of restrained Toronto
Oct. 27, 2007 obituary to Richard O'Brien, the entertainment
impresario who co-founded the Bamboo Club at 312 Queen St. W. Toronto
inspiration  obituaries  entertainment  impresarios  nightlife 
january 2009
Hillary and MLK -
Op-ed by John McWhorter on the fuss over Hillary Clinton's
remark about President Johnson involvement in, and contributions to, in
the Civil Rights struggles of the 1960s.
African-Americans  clinton  MLK  John_McWhorter  campaigns  Hillary_Clinton  civil_rights  LBJ  '60s 
january 2009
Next in Line for Reinvention: The Art of Selling -
Jan. 28, 2008 | Wall Street Journal | by Phred Dvorak. Article
about Ram Charan's tips for rethinking sales. Includes tips for better
sales  selling  tips  Ram_Charan  gurus 
january 2009
How to Recession-Proof Your Career -
Jan. 29, 2008 article by Sarah E. Needleman offering tips that can be taken to boost chances of keeping or finding a job.
career  Managing_Your_Career  tips  Sarah_E._Needleman  howto  job_search 
january 2009
The Eye of the Met's Director -
JANUARY 10, 2008 article by ERIC GIBSON profiling the retiring
Metropolitan Museum director Philippe de Montebello and his
contributions to the field.
inspiration  profile  museums  cultural_institutions  fine_arts  Philippe_de_Montebello 
january 2009
Toronto Life: The Good News About the Bad Times
Feb. 2009 Toronto Life article by Philip Preville about the
multiple stakeholders uniting in the pursuing a strategy encouraging
emerging U.S. companies to go public on the TSX. In so doing, this would
boost demand for high value financial, accounting and legal services.
Toronto  strategy  crisis  economic_development  hard_times  financial_services  law-firms  Toronto_Life  economics  economic_downturn  professional_service_firms  TMX 
january 2009
A Melancholy Man of Letters -
Sept. 18, 2008 book review by George Sim Johnston of Peter Martin's, "Samuel Johnson: A Biography,".
book_reviews  Samuel_Johnson 
january 2009
Wholesalers Set Up Shop Online to Tap Consumers -
Sept. 18, 2008 article by Shelly Banjo on steps a wholesaler took to sell directly to consumers.
wholesalers  online  e-commerce  consumers  Shelly_Banjo 
january 2009
Goldman Sachs Before the Storm -
Oct. 1, 2008 article by Liz Peek reviewing Charles D. Ellis' "The Partnership"

a company that, through well more than a century of investing and trading, has repeatedly found ways of reinventing itself, by exploiting the weakness of its rivals and by mastering new financial specialities -- e.g., block trading, corporate underwriting, commodities trading and arbitrage.
book_reviews  Goldman_Sachs  history  books  arbitrage  reinvention 
january 2009
Business Schools Gird for Wall Street Woes -
Sept. 23, 2008 article by Alina Dizik on initiatives by career
offices at business schools to assist alumni impacted by the economic
Ivey  Managing_Your_Career  economic_downturn  career  UFSC  economics  business_schools  Colleges_&_Universities  MBAs  new_graduates 
january 2009
Weighing a New Industry For a New Job Outlook -
Sept. 23, 2008 article by Chandlee Bryan offering tips on targeting a new industry.
career  Managing_Your_Career  tips  UFSC  career_paths  new_industries 
january 2009
Making Economics Accessible -
Sept. 23, 2008 | Wall Street Journal | Joanne Kaufman.
Interviews PBS' Paul Solman. Paul is the economics correspondent for
"The NewsHour With Jim Lehrer,".
interviews  PBS  Paul_Solman  career  economics  Joanne_Kauffman 
january 2009
NHL Makes Online Push -
Sept. 23, 2008 WSJ article by Stephanie Kang
hockey  Octothorpe_Software  NHL 
january 2009
Keeping a Car Longer -
Oct. 29, 2008 article by Jonathan Welsh on simple things an owner can do to prolong the life of his car.
automobile  maintenance  tips 
january 2009
OSEA: The Wall Street Journal - Ontario Invests in Green Energy
October 29, 2008 | Wall Street Journal | by Hyun Young Lee. on the Next Generation of Jobs Fund
Ontario  alternative_energy  energy  public_sector  economic_development  green  renewable 
january 2009
Slide Cuts Deals With Time Warner, CBS -
Oct. 1, 2008 article by Jessica E. Vascellaro about social
networking software supplier, Slide, and its new revenue from
distributing content for Media Companies.
business_development  Slide  social_networking  ideas  5_Blocks_Out  Jessica_E._Vascellaro 
january 2009
The Hard Work of Getting Ahead -
Oct. 29, 2008 book review by Philip Delves Broughton of Geoff'
Colvins' ,"Talent Is Overrated" and Geoff Smart and Randy Street's
movingonup  talent_management  book_reviews  overrated  Geoff_Smart  hiring  Philip_Delves_Broughton  talent  Geoff_Colvin  hard_work 
january 2009
When Columnists Collide
Letters to the editor appearing in the Oct. 1, 2008 G&M in reaction to Heather Mallick's CBC column on Sarah Palin.
CBC_Radio  Globe_&_Mail  letters_to_the_editor  anti-Americanism 
january 2009
Planning a Start-Up? Help and Advise Abound -
JANUARY 18, 2009 article by the WSJ's KELLY K. SPORS detailing
by category the resources that are available to budding entrepreneurs.
entrepreneurship  resources  endowments  start_ups  Kelly_K._Spors 
january 2009
The End of Wall Street's Boom - National Business News -
December 2008 article by Michael Lewis on the
machinations that led to the implosion on sub prime lending and the
current financial crisis.
Michael_Lewis  economic_downturn 
january 2009
The End of Banking as We Know It
Jan. 17, 2009 NYT article by GRETCHEN MORGENSON outlining the
death of the financial supermarket concept and the unfolding makeover of
the U.S. financial services industry. The model going forward might
involve greater capital requirements, less risk-taking (leverage), less
profitability and the downsizing of the industry. For borrowers, tight
credit is here to stay.
business_models  economic_downturn  financial_services  recessions 
january 2009
Letters to the Editor: Risk Management
January 14, 2009 Letters to the editor following up on the
publication of the article, "Risk Management" by Joe Nocera which
appeared in the January 4, 2009 issue of the New York Times Magazine.
risk-management  letters_to_the_editor 
january 2009
Here's the real Obama question |
Jan. 16, 2009 op-ed by Rick Salutin questioning whether simply
being elected president of the U.S. will be Obama's great accomplishment
for which he'll be remembered.
Obama  Rick_Salutin 
january 2009
Let federal money flow freely, mayors urge
Jan. 16, 2009 G&M article by Galloway, Gloria detailing
desire by Canadian mayors for federal infrastructure money to flow
quickly without strings attaches so they may deal with the economic
Toronto  municipalities  wish_list  economics  crisis  infrastructure  economic_downturn 
january 2009 - Insider's advice: What to do to keep your job
Jan. 16, 2009 article listing things one should do, as layoffs mount, to boost one's chances of being a survivor.
Managing_Your_Career  career  job 
january 2009 - Company goes 'green' to fend off financial crisis
Jan. 16, 2009 article on development of "local" currency being
circulated by communities to insulate their economies from the deepening
financial crisis.
economics  development  local  crisis  economic_development 
january 2009 Treadmill v. outdoors - the difference is minimal
Jan. 16, 2009 article by Alex Hutchinson detailing the latest
research pointing out that there are minimal differences between
treadmill vs. outdoor running.
running  fitness  exercise  Alex_Hutchinson  outdoors 
january 2009
The Obama Generation: How Youth Trumped Race
The following article is adapted from "The Breakthrough:
Politics and Race in the Age of Obama" by Gwen Ifill. Copyright 2009 by
Gwen Ifill.
book_reviews  politics  Obama  African-Americans 
january 2009
Businesses Take a Page From Design Firms -
Nov. 10, 2008 |WSJ | by Phred Dvorak on how design firms are
assisting institutions that want to rethink the services they
deliver...Sloan-Kettering's work with IDEO comes as businesses
increasingly tap the design world for fresh ideas on management. Some
are struggling with new business models and unexpected rivals; others
seek new approaches to old problems.

Stanford University has an IDEO-influenced Institute of Design that
teaches "design thinking" for tasks like recruiting or running a virtual
meeting. New York public-radio station WNYC sent executives to study
those techniques last year, before launching a new morning show.

Doblin Inc., a Chicago-based design-strategy specialist, recently helped
a health insurer develop new products and an Asian telecommunications
firm identify new markets, says John Pipino, a senior associate. Doblin
was bought last year by management consultant Monitor Group.
design  innovation  business_development  creativity  IDEO  Tim_Brown  business_models 
january 2009
How savvy investors use charts to zero in on fundamentals
January 27, 2007 column by Avner Mandelman on the use of charts as a pointer to past fundamentals that might recur today.
The_Buy_Side  Avner_Mandelman  investors 
january 2009 / Columnists / Luke Johnson - Tools for every founder’s kitbag
June 11, 2008 article by Luke Johnson on gadgets that the new breed of entrepreneur would do well have to have on hand.
entrepreneur  gadgets  tools  Luke_Johnson  founders 
january 2009 / Business Life / Entrepreneurship - Holiday homes with hotel extras
June 11, 2008 article by Michael Steen profiling Dutch entrepreneur, Geert Duizendstraal.
entrepreneurship  real_estate  hospitality  entrepreneur 
january 2009
Hot Indian Flavour for cold nights
March 3, 2007 Lucy Waverman article with recipes for Wild
Mushroom Soup with Curry Spices, Rajastani Lamb Shanks, and Rice pudding
Mushroom_Soup  Lamb  Rice_Pudding  Lucy_Waverman  recipes  soups  Indians 
january 2009
Even in Uncertain Times, Quitting is an Option
Oct. 3, 2008 article by Barbara Moses offers advice that it is
still OK to leave a job if you're unhappy and prepared to search hard
for a replacement
career  Managing_Your_Career  Barbara_Moses  uncertainty  managing_uncertainty  unhappiness  turbulence 
january 2009
Capital C: Why can't Canada get it in gear?
Jennifer Wells interview with Tony Chapman of Capital C.

"I look at Canada and I think, why aren't we doing global brands here? We have a multicultural society, we are one of the earliest adopters of new technologies in the world. We have so many things going for us, but no one's come up with a strategy that says, how do we become a superpower in creativity?"
Capital C has proved a creative power in the advertising world. That unbranded "Wig-out" viral video – the one in which a bride goes nuts over hair unhappiness – was revealed to be the work of Capital C for Sunsilk shampoo. The agency counts Frito Lay Canada among its client base, and Dove among its brands.
"We won the global retail strategy for Dove worldwide two weeks ago," Mr. Chapman says. "The retail footprint for Dove around the world will now be coming out of Capital C. That's the kind of work we need to get."
By "we" he doesn't mean his own shop, but the agency world in Canada.
"Could you imagine if we had, for example, the ability to do predictive modelling against every marketplace in the world?" In other words if Canada sold itself as the world's test market, with the capability of measuring the relative impact of a product in marketplaces from Shanghai to Mumbai to London.
"A big part of the future of creativity is understanding the consumer – how they think, feel and behave," he says.
"I want every agency in Canada and every head office in Canada to have access to the technology and tools to invent, create, test, prototype, validate and implement. … If we're the test market for validating brands, head offices around the world are going to send their best people to Canada."
He envisages university alliances and the development of a student population where the learning is more about entrepreneurship and less about the standard marketing precepts of product, place and promotion.
Tony_Chapman  branding  innovators  Jennifer_Wells  design  national_identity  predictive_modeling  thought_leadership  advertising_agencies  Frito_Lay  Bolthouse_Farms  global_champions  brands  multiculturalism  advertising  creativity  test_marketing  innovation  Capital_C  cultural_creativity  Canada  customer_insights  consumer_research  head_offices 
january 2009
CD's Best of the Web / The piano man and the economic crisis
Rick Salutin op-ed piece on the irony of free market Steve
Harper running for office at time when government intervention is
becoming increasingly popular.
Rick_Salutin  Stephen_Harper  public_policy  state_capitalism 
january 2009
The Road to Meltdown -
Matthew Rees article reviewing Niall Ferguson's "The Ascent of Money" and James Grant's "Mr Market Miscalculates"
book_reviews  finance  History  Niall_Ferguson  miscalculations 
january 2009
Sonja Bata: Spreading philanthropy, responsibility and great shoes
Nov. 10, 2008 Gordon Pitts article profile of, and interview with, Sonja Bata, Chair of the Bata Shoe Foundation.
philanthropy  Bata  Gordon_Pitts  shoes 
january 2009
Lessons From '92 Give GOP Hope -
Dec. 26, 2008 Gerald Seib article on steps that Haley Barbour
took to resuscitate the Republican brand following George H Bush's
defeat in 1992.
republicans  GOP  rebuilding  rejuvenation  Gerald_Seib  turnarounds  George_H.W._Bush 
january 2009
The return of regulation, and what a difference a decade makes
September 19, 2008 op-ed piece in the G&M by Eric Helleiner
on the changes to the financial world and the increased prominence of
the state.
economics  crisis  regulation  public_policy  state_capitalism 
january 2009 The Man Behind The Wall Street Journal
Richard Tofel's tribute to Barney Kilgore (on what would have
been his 100th birthday) and his work as journalist, editor, general
manager at the WSJ.
profile  WSJ  inspiration 
january 2009
Dealing With a Job Search When You Least Expect It -
OCTOBER 22, 2008 | WSJ | by Toddi Gutner. Outlines steps (e.g. take stock of your finances, creating a search strategy, determining your worth, practicing your pitch, etc.) that one needs to undertake to get back quickly on ones feet.
career  job  job_search  pitches  Managing_Your_Career  networking  social_networking  first90days  self-worth  unexpected 
january 2009
Problem workers may not be the problem
Sept. 26, 2008 G&M article by Wallace Immen pointing out
the problem may be the way people of differing personality types are
Managing_Your_Career  managing_people  Wallace_Immen  filetype:pdf  media:document  personality_types/traits 
january 2009
Hockey Night in Cyberland -
Oct. 11, 2008 Matt Hartley piece on the NHL's plan to obtain revenue growth using online marketing, fantasy hockey leagues, etc.
hockey  Octothorpe_Software  analytics  NHL 
january 2009
For Sikhs, 'it is in their blood' to campaign. | SikhNet
Sept. 26, 2008 Marina Jimenez G&M article commenting on the
over representation of Sikhs across the political spectrum in the
October 2008 Canadian federal election. Resources: Marina Jimenez, Myer
Sikhs  politics  ethnic  Marina_Jiménez 
january 2009
Drilling Through Data -
Stephen Baker reviews The Numerati, a book about data mining,
analytics and their application n the worlds of advertising, terrorism,
marketing, dating services, etc.
book_reviews  analytics  competingonanalytics  Stephen_Baker 
january 2009
News: Will that be cash or cellphone?
Simon Avery column on Canadian pilot testing consumer's willingness to use mobile phones as method of payment.
mobile_phones  payments  Simon_Avery  pilot_programs 
january 2009 Mapping your world
Matt Hartley column on rise of personalized GPS that allows
users to share and rate information on stores, shops and destinations.
mapping  POI  Web_2.0 
january 2009
They Don't All Sound Familiar -
Jim Fusilli's review of the best rock and pop music of 2008
music_reviews  Jim_Fusilli  pop_music 
january 2009
Best Books of 2008 -
Compilation of books published in 2008 that the WSJ considered noteworthy.
book_reviews  booklists 
january 2009
The Touch That Doesn't Heal -
Dec. 26, 2008 WSJ op-ed by Steve Salerno deriding complementary and alternative health.
healthcare  alternative_medicine  health 
january 2009
Cargill's Inside View Helps It Buck Downturn
Jan 14, 2009, WSJ article on Cargill.

"Cargill freely acknowledges it strives to profit from that information.
"When we do a good job of assimilating all those seemingly unrelated
facts," says Greg Page, Cargill's chief executive, in a rare interview,
"it provides us an opportunity to make money...without necessarily
having to make directional trades, i.e., outguess the weather, outguess
individual governments."
CEOs  Cargill  business_development  market_intelligence  scuttlebutt  insider_information  information  information_flows  commodities  grains  farming  agriculture 
january 2009
Wal-Mart website launches free classified ads service
June 3, 2008 FT article by Jonathan Birchall detailing Wal-Mart's push into the classifed ads market.
Wal-Mart  classified_ads  business_development  Jonathan_Birchall 
january 2009
Custom Eyeglasses: Fine-Tuning the Fit
July 31, 2008 WSJ article by Ray A. Smith introducing the notion of custom-designed and fitted glasses.
fashion  eyeglasses  bespoke  stylish 
january 2009
Lessons of the Fall: Envisioning a New Wall Street
Dennis K. Berman's take on the future of Wall Street, finance, etc.
Wall_Street  lessons_learned  future  Dennis_K._Berman 
january 2009
Hollywood Celebrates Che Guevara -
How the radical chic of Hollywood celebrate the life of Che
Guevara but no one in Hollywood speaks up against the persecution of
individuals involved in the Varela Project.
Varela  Cuba  Che_Guevara  radical_chic  Hollywood 
january 2009
William Tucker: Carbon Limits, Yes; Energy Subsidies, No -
Tucker argues against allowing the proceeds of an emissions tax to be used to subsidize various forms of renewable energy.
energy  carbon  nuclear  subsidies 
january 2009
The Ingredients of His Success
WSJ book review of 1,000 Dollars & An Idea by Sam Wyly. 338.04092 WYL WYL Kennedy/Eglinton
entrepreneurship  entrepreneur  book_reviews  serial_entrepreneurship  moguls 
january 2009
Sudan's Slaves in Darfur -
Dec. 29, 2008 WSJ editorial detailing the Sudanese government's latest atrocity in Darfur.
Sudan  slavery  atrocities  Darfur 
january 2009
Squab That Satisfies the Sweet Tooth
Link to G&M recipe by Chef Normand Laprise
recipes  chicken  poultry 
january 2009
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