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Worth Magazine to Reinvent Itself -
May 17, 2009 | New York Times | By STEPHANIE CLIFFORD. Sandow
Media’s plan for Worth is to keep the personal finance coverage, with
stories on the pitfalls of philanthropy or interesting investment
vehicles, but to make it more luxe. For its circulation, Worth has
selected about 110,000 high-end recipients with a minimum of $2 million
in wealth, who live near other rich people and subscribe to financial
publications. They will get the publication free, while newsstand buyers
will have to pay $18.95 an issue.
Worth  magazines  makeovers  reinvention  high_net_worth  personal_finance  newsstand_circulation 
may 2009
Frisée to Finance, It Has to Be Perfect for Daniel Boulud -
May 16, 2009 | New York Times | By DAVID SEGAL. Article
profiles chef and co-owner Daniel Boulud as he prepares to open a new
restaurant called DBGB in the middle of an economic downturn. Daniel's
firm, The Dinex Group, a management company he co-founded, oversees an
operation with more than 900 employees in markets as far-flung as
Beijing and Vancouver. Creating a restaurant is an endless series of
decisions — the first few large (menu, location) and the next 7,000,000
tiny (where to hide an electrical cord). If there’s a guiding principle,
it’s a preference for econo-class over luxury, without stinting on
restaurants  start_ups  Daniel_Boulud  restauranteurs  decision_making 
may 2009
Wired Struggles to Find Niche in Magazine World -
May 17, 2009 | New York Times | STEPHANIE CLIFFORD. Article
profiles Wired Magazine's Chris Anderson and the paradox of his personal
success chronicling the new economy with the magazine's challenge of
finding supporting advertisers.
Wired  advertising  Chris_Anderson  Condé_Nast  magazines  free  freemium 
may 2009
Where Have All the Muses Gone? -
MAY 16, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by LEE SIEGEL
artists  inspiration  culture 
may 2009
Craig Barrett: From Moore's Law to Barrett's Rules -
MAY 16, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by Michael S. Malone. Profiles Craig Barrett of Intel
Intel  Moore's_Law 
may 2009
Israel's Secret War With Iran -
MAY 16, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by RONEN BERGMAN. Article
details recent successes of the Israeli intelligence community but
concludes that there remain limits to the utility of intelligence.
Israel  security_&_intelligence  Iran  Syria  Hezbollah  Hamas  Mossad  covert_operations 
may 2009 / Special Reports - Relative comfort
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FT: What are “family offices” and what do they do?

Andrew Tailby-Faulkes:
may 2009
What exactly are chief executives for?
May 15 2009 | Financial Times | By Stefan Stern. First,
making sure that the voice of the consumer is heard loudest and clearest
of all, above that of any other stakeholder. Second, deciding what
business you are in - and equally, what businesses you should not be in.
Third, balancing the need for performance in the short term with the
need to invest for the longer term. Fourth, the CEO has to shape values
and standards.
CEOs  executive_management  Stefan_Stern  HBR  P&G  organizational_culture  values 
may 2009
In search of authentic Caribbean food
May 2 2009 | Financial Times | By Madhur Jaffrey
food  Caribbean 
may 2009
Conduct unbecoming
May 15, 2009 | | by JEFFREY SIMPSON
Jeffrey_Simpson  Brian_Mulroney  sleaze  influence_peddling 
may 2009
The Tamil trouble
May 15, 2009 | | RANDY JOHNSON
letters_to_the_editor  Tamils  Toronto  Sri_Lanka 
may 2009
Deflective, garrulous yet wriggly
May 15, 2009 | Globe and Mail | CHRISTIE BLATCHFORD. Comments on Brian Mulroney's testimony to the Oliphant commission.
Christie_Blatchford  Brian_Mulroney 
may 2009
The secret behind good leadership
May 15 2009 | Financial Times | By Emily Stokes. This article
profiles Ronald Heifetz of Harvard's Kennedy School of Government.
Heifetz’s innovation in the 1980s was to suggest that leadership was not
the same as authority or management; instead, it was the activity of
mobilising “the community” to tackle tough problems, which he calls
“adaptive challenges”.
leadership  Harvard  KSG  profile 
may 2009
"A New Economic Reality"
May-June 2009 | | Harvard Magazine. Discusses the university's
financial gap and its ramifications. As world financial and economic
conditions have progressively deteriorated, “Our strong sense is that an
eventual recovery will take longer, and that we must therefore begin to
accommodate a new economic reality for the University.”
endowments  economic_downturn  implications  Harvard  austerity 
may 2009
The "Sellout" |
November-December 2007 | Harvard Magazine | by Ashley Pettus
African-Americans  race_relations 
may 2009
Race in a Genetic World
May-June 2008 | Harvard Magazine
genetics  race 
may 2009
A Plague Reborn
July-August 2008 | Harvard Magazine | by Jonathan Shaw
disease  pandemics  plagues 
may 2009
Tarun Khanna
November-December 2008 | Harvard Magazine. A Portrait of Tarun Khanna.
HBS  professors  profile 
may 2009
Slavery's Sway
November-December 2008 | Harvard Magazine | by Paul Gleason
slavery  Africa 
may 2009
John Briscoe
March-April 2009 | Harvard Magazine
water_footprints  profile  water 
may 2009
Turning Green into Gold
March-April 2009 | Harvard Magazine | by Nell Porter Brown.

A private-equity firm invests in alternatives to oil around the globe.
private_equity  alternative_energy  renewable  green  cleantech 
may 2009
Ending A Friendship - Men's Health
April 2009 | Men's Health | by Oliver Broudy
friendships  relationships 
may 2009
The 300 Workout
May 2009 | Men's Health | Gerard Butler
exercise  fitness 
may 2009
Talking Points
Tuesday May 12, 2009 | | by Thomas Sowell on - A Syndicate Of Talent.
Thomas_Sowell  torture  life_and_death  moral_equivalencies 
may 2009
'A Failure of Capitalism - The Crisis of ’08 and the Descent Into Depression,' by Richard A. Posner - Review -
May 14, 2009 | New York Times | by JONATHAN RAUCH who reviews A
FAILURE OF CAPITALISM: The Crisis of ’08 and the Descent Into
Depression, by Richard A. Posner, In this compact and bracingly lucid
volume, he offers a simple, but not simplistic, primer: “a concise,
constructive, jargon- and ­acronym-free, nontechnical, unsen­sational,
light-on-anecdote, analytical examination of the major facets of the
biggest U.S. economic disaster in my lifetime and that of most people
living today.” See also In “Catastrophe: Risk and Response” (2004), in
which Posner took up the problem of low-probability, high-impact events.

346 pp. Harvard University Press. $23.95
book_reviews  recessions  Richard_A._Posner  capitalism  politicaleconomy  economic_downturn  low_probability  catastrophic_risk  primers  high-impact 
may 2009
Free Agent Jungle
solo but not alone. community and networking events for free agents, freelancers, consultants
freelancing  networking  business  collaboration  solo 
may 2009
LeMay and the Tragedy of War -
MAY 15, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by WARREN KOZAK
warfare  USAF  civil_liberties  priorities  greater_good  WWII 
may 2009
Competing with Analytics
Outline of a 3-day workshop at the ING-Ivey center in Toronto.
Offered by: Professors Peter C. Bell and Gregory S. Zaric of the
Richard Ivey School of Business, December 15 - 17, 2008, 9:00am -
competingonanalytics  analytics  Ivey  curriculum  data_driven  data 
may 2009
Court Opening Prompts Question About Whether Gender Matters -
MAY 14, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by JENNIFER S. FORSYTH.

Should minority (i.e. racial, gender, disabled) U.S. Supreme Court
justices see themselves as needing to represent the views of particular
groups, or as acting as an umpire who remains neutral about who wins and
U.S._Supreme_Court  nominees  disadvantages  law  legal  gender_gap  gender_relations  judges 
may 2009
Better Place Demonstrates System for Quickly Swapping Batteries in Electric Cars -
MAY 14, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by JOHN MURPHY. Better
Place plans to function like the mobile-phone industry, with drivers
subscribing to plans that bill them for the miles they drive each month,
just as mobile-phone users are charged for minutes.
electric_cars  automotive_industry  batteries  Better_Place 
may 2009
The Care and Feeding of Network Contacts -
MAY 14, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by JENNIFER SARANOW

Online networking isn't something you do only when looking for a job. "Your network is most valuable when you don't need it,".
LinkedIn  social_networking  best_practices  etiquette 
may 2009
To fix the economy, tell the right stories
May 14, 2009 | Globe and Mail | by ROBERT SHILLER

World confidence can return if the population's thinking co-ordinates
around some inspiring story beyond that of the price increases
themselves. In Shiller's book with George Akerlof, Animal Spirits, they
describe the ups and downs of a macroeconomy as being substantially
driven by stories. Such narratives, especially those fuelled by
accessible human-interest stories, are the thought viruses whose
contagion drives the economy. The contagion rate of stories depends on
their relation to feedback, but plausible stories have to be there in
the first place. The narratives have substantial persistence in that
they affect our views.
Communicating_&_Connecting  confidence  contagions  economics  economic_downturn  economic_dynamism  economic_stimulus  ideas  ideaviruses  inspiration  jck  leaps_of_faith  macroeconomics  narratives  Robert_Shiller  storytelling 
may 2009
Sounding off: Noise control is a serious concern for industry
Foster Frable Jr. Nation's Restaurant News. New York: Mar 29, 1999. Vol. 33, Iss. 13; pg. 20, 2 pgs
may 2009
What Does Your Credit-Card Company Know About You? -
May 12, 2009 | New York Times | By CHARLES DUHIGG. Credit card
companies are focusing on those customers most likely to honor their
debts. Credit-card companies are investing more in understanding their
customers’ lives and psyches, because they believe knowing what makes
cardholders tick will help firms differentiate those who are good risks
from those who should be weeded out.
analytics  competingonanalytics  psychology  data  data_driven  credit_cards  credit_scoring  human_psyche  market_research 
may 2009
51 Creative Business Cards That Will Make You Look Twice
51 Creative Business Cards That Will Make You Look Twice

by Neil Patel on September 20, 2008
design  inspiration  ideas  business_cards 
may 2009
Best Life Magazine Not a Businessman--a Business, Man
By: Anthony DeCurtis; Photographs: Nino Munoz; Clothing by: Tom Ford
Mar 9, 2009 - 4:29:57 AM
business  inspiration  hip_hop 
may 2009
Guest Speaker: The Real World | Printer-friendly version
October 2007 | Inc. Magazine | By George Gendron. Article
counsels to forget the elaborate business plans. Kids with passion are
our next great entrepreneurs.
entrepreneurship  Colleges_&_Universities  business_planning  endowments  Junior_Achievement 
may 2009
Recipes for Health - Hot-and-Sour Soba Salad -
April 28, 2009 | New York Times | by By MARTHA ROSE SHULMAN.
Add yogurt, diced avocado, tahini or sesame sauces, frozen peas &
carrots, and shittake mushrooms.
recipes  salads  Vegetarian 
may 2009
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