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Andy Kessler: Is Your Job an Endangered Species? -
* FEBRUARY 17, 2011 | WSJ | Andrew Kessler. Forget blue-collar
and white- collar. There are two types of workers in our economy:
creators and servers. Creators are the ones driving productivity—writing
code, designing chips, creating drugs, running search engines. Servers,
on the other hand, service these creators (and other servers) by
building homes, providing food, offering legal advice, and working at
the Department of Motor Vehicles. Many servers will be replaced by
machines, by computers and by changes in how business operates. It's no
coincidence that Google announced it plans to hire 6,000 workers in
See also Daniel Pink's work on countries cultivating skills and knowledge that are not available at a cheaper price in other countries or that cannot be rendered useless by
machines. That is, embracing play and abundance.

See also Tom Friedman's piece ("We Need a Second Party" - ) below:

The first is responding to the challenges and opportunities of an era in which globalization and the information technology revolution have dramatically intensified, creating a hyperconnected world. This is a world in which education, innovation and talent will be rewarded more than ever. This is a world in which there will be no more “developed” and “developing countries,” but only HIEs (high-imagination-enabling countries) and LIEs (low-imagination-enabling countries). Adding "imagination"
Andy_Kessler  job_creation  technology  imagination  job_security  creativity  blue-collar  white-collar  creative_types  automation  productivity  endangered  job_search 
february 2011
Microsoft's Stealth Attack in Enterprise Social Software - Cloud Computing - News & Reviews -
2010-08-22 | | By Clint Boulton on
Gartner Research analyst Jeffrey Mann Aug. 18 conducted a Webinar on the
enterprise social software market, at which he said Microsoft has made
significant improvements to its business social software capabilities in
SharePoint 2010. This refreshed enterprise collaboration suite blends
search, social software and content management in a way that Gartner
believes makes it a solid rival to IBM, Jive and others in the market
for workplace social software. Mann also covers the EFSS (externally
facing social software) and social CRM segments. In this slide show,
eWEEK walks through Mann's points.
Microsoft  Igloo  social_media  slides  software  Enterprise_2.0  Gartner  stealth 
february 2011
Social software market overview
February 1, 2011 | Employee Benefit Adviser | By John Lamb
social_media  market_research  markets  software  Enterprise_2.0  size  igloo  industries 
february 2011
How to Structure Your Sales Team
October 17, 2008, BusinessWeek By Karen E. Klein Whether you
take your sales effort in house, use a sales brokerage, or go with
independent reps, each route has key factors to weigh.
howto  structural_change  sales_training  sales_teams  marketing 
february 2011
Is the Middle East the new land of opportunity? - Fortune Finance
February 16, 2011 9:05 am

Before the uprising in Tahrir Square, young entrepreneurs had been
creating their own opportunities throughout the Middle East and North
Africa. For investors brave enough to overcome the existing political
strife, the pay-offs could be huge.

By Christopher M. Schroeder
angels  investing  Middle_East  Egypt  start_ups  investors  uprisings 
february 2011
Enterprise 2.0 and Social Media Coming to ERP
By David Andersson, IFS Labs Director, IFS AB
Mon, December 20, 2010
ERP  Enterprise_2.0  Igloo  Clairmont 
february 2011
Google's Schmidt Sees Payments as a Big Business -
February 15, 2011, 3:23 pm
Google’s Schmidt Sees Payments as a Big Business
Google  payments 
february 2011
The Experience Economy -
February 14, 2011| NYT| By DAVID BROOKS. Tyler Cowen’s e-book,
“The Great Stagnation,” has become the most debated nonfiction book so
far this year. Cowen’s core point is that up until sometime around 1974,
the American economy was able to experience awesome growth by
harvesting low-hanging fruit. There was cheap land to be exploited.
There was the tremendous increase in education levels during the postwar
world. There were technological revolutions occasioned by the spread of
electricity, plastics and the car. But that low-hanging fruit is
exhausted, Cowen continues, and since 1974, the United States has
experienced slower growth, slower increases in median income, slower job
creation, slower productivity gains, slower life-expectancy
improvements and slower rates of technological change.
David_Brooks  book_reviews  books  economic_stagnation  technological_change  downward_mobility  economists  economic_downturn  the_Great_Decoupling  slow_growth  '70s  experience  experience_economy 
february 2011
Asia's New Arms Race -
FEBRUARY 12, 2011 | | By AMOL SHARMA in New Delhi, JEREMY
PAGE in Beijing, JAMES HOOKWAY in Hanoi and RACHEL PANNETT in Canberra

As China grows wealthier and builds up its military, other nations in
the region are taking note—and amassing weapons of their own.
China  China_rising  India  Vietnam  Australia  maritime  arms_race 
february 2011
Do's and Don'ts for Your Work's Social Platforms - Andrew McAfee
September 28, 2010 | Harvard Business Review | post by Andrew
McAfee. "....There are clearly things that should not be discussed in
open digital formats. I've seen companies in highly regulated
industries succeed with E2.0, but it's important for them to make sure
their legal and compliance folk are on board and comfortable, and that
the community can self-police and flag any problematic
social_media  Enterprise_2.0  Igloo  Clairmont  Andrew_McAfee  hbr  best_practices 
february 2011
Business Breakthroughs; The five new members of our CIO Hall of Fame -
Kim S. Nash. CIO. Framingham: Nov 1, 2010. Vol. 24, Iss. 3

Upon becoming CIO at Amgen in 2006, he launched a business
transformation project that has nearly doubled net income per employee
through the combined efforts of the business and IT. Amgen is rebuilding
its entire IT infrastructure, including consolidating ERP systems
worldwide to a single version of SAP. The company is also redesigning
work processes to allow for faster collaboration among scientists
through universal communications, telepresence, desktop video
conferencing and enterprise search.
ProQuest  Igloo  Clairmont  Amgen  CIOs 
february 2011
Build an Enterprise Social Collaboration Strategy
Research and Markets;
Anonymous. Network Weekly News. Atlanta: Feb 7, 2011. pg. 175
Igloo  Clairmont  ProQuest 
february 2011
The Manager - The Globe and Mail

Last updated Monday, Jan. 24, 2011
Harvey_Schachter  michael_porter  Wal-Mart 
february 2011
Ask the Wizard: Series A Financing: How Much to Raise?
Well, the obvious answer is that it all depends, but on the grounds most people wo
funding  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  finance  money 
february 2011
Doing Good for the World Versus Doing Good for the Bottom Line -
February 10, 2011

The uprising in Egypt has provoked the familiar
“realism-versus-idealism” foreign policy debate in many Western
capitals, as diplomats and politicians struggle to balance their
ideological sympathy for the protesters with fears of chaos and the
threat of a future anti-Western and anti-Israel policy from Cairo.

What we have paid less attention to is that the demonstrations have
forced some of the world’s hottest technology companies to engage in a
very similar debate.
Chrystia_Freeland  Google  Egypt  uprisings  Facebook  Twitter 
february 2011
Pivotal Time for America's Mideast Interests -
Starting on the day in 1977 when former Egyptian President Anwar Sadat
made a dramatic flight to Israel to start making peace, American policy
in the region has been built on the premise that Egypt was at least the
titular leader of a bloc of moderate, pro-Western Arab states. Those
states, including Jordan, Morocco and the Persian Gulf sheikdoms, have
provided a semblance of stability, at least a cold peace with Israel, a
bulwark against Islamic extremism and a free flow of oil.

The future of that model became much less certain with Friday's change
in Egypt.
Gerald_Seib  U.S.foreign_policy  Middle_East  Persian_Gulf  national_interests  Arab_Spring 
february 2011
How to Handle Employee Activism: Google Tiptoes Around Cairo's Hero -
FEBRUARY 11, 2011| WSJ | John Bussey. the remarkable story of
Wael Ghonim, the Google manager who helped organize a popular rebellion
in Egypt...A lot of U.S. companies, which now manage millions of
employees abroad, watched with trepidation. Many of them now earn more
abroad than they do in America. And much of that income comes from the
sale of big-ticket items—power systems, infrastructure equipment,
aircraft, telecommunications—that only governments can afford to buy.
Companies may not want to be lapdogs to dictators. But they also don't
want to tick off their chief customer. It's a balancing act, one that
inevitably leads to a policy of corporate discretion: Best to stay off
the radar screen.
Egypt  employee_engagement  Google  activism 
february 2011
Cheating, Incorporated - BusinessWeek
February 10, 2011, 5:00PM EST text size: TT
Cheating, Incorporated
At Ashley Madison's website for "dating," the infidelity economy is alive, well, and profitable

By Sheelah Kolhatkar
dating  online_dating  infidelity  relationships  Ashley_Madison  Sheelah_Kolhatkar 
february 2011
Bill Ackman's Soft Power
February 10, 2011 | BusinessWeek | By Devin Leonard. The
hedge fund manager is an open, friendly, talkative guy who makes a lot
of companies—MBIA, Target, etc.—miserable
William_Ackman  short_selling  hedge_funds  shareholder_activism  personal_chemistry 
february 2011
How to make guacamole - The Globe and Mail
Grilled guacamole: Halve and pit avocados; lightly char them, then scoop out the flesh. Grill halved red onion, too. Chop, combine, add tomatoes, lime, garlic and spices (Cilantro, Tabasco sauce, Worcestershire) if you like. 3 ripe avocados pitted peeled and cut into medium dice
1 tomato seeded
1/2 c red onion finely diced
2 T fresh cilantro finely chopped
2 T fresh lime juice
1/2 jalapeño chile seeded and finely chopped
1 clove garlic minced
guacamole  howto  recipes  Mexican  avocados  salsa_chutney_relish_pickle 
february 2011
How to roast garlic - The Globe and Mail
Globe and Mail Update
Published Tuesday, Jan. 18, 2011 10:05AM EST
Last updated Tuesday, Jan. 25, 2011 12:35PM EST
howto  garlic  roasted  recipes  cooking  food 
february 2011
How to make salsa verde - The Globe and Mail
Globe and Mail Update
Published Tuesday, Feb. 08, 2011 1:53PM EST
Last updated Tuesday, Feb. 08, 2011 2:55PM EST
Dress up vegetables and meat with this fresh Italian sauce
howto  recipes  Sue_Riedl  Italian  salad_dressings  rubs_sauces_marinades  salsa_chutney_relish_pickle 
february 2011
Joseph Sternberg: Now Comes the Global Revolution in Services -
FEBRUARY 10, 2011 | | By JOSEPH STERNBERG Now Comes the
Global Revolution in Services
Imagine a Malaysian architect sketching a new office tower for London
and a Chinese engineer assessing the soundness of the designs.
globalization  services  Asia  Outsourcing  supply_chains 
february 2011
Mechanics Seek Out 'Right to Repair' -
FEB.10, 2011 | | by ANGUS LOTEN. Mechanics/ garage owners
hope the new small-biz.-friendly tone in Washington, will re-energize
the Right-to-Repair Act, a bill that levels the playing field with auto
dealerships. The bill, which has languished in Congress for nearly a
decade, requires auto makers like Ford, GM & Toyota, to supply
smaller repair shops with the same onboard-computer data they give to
their affiliated dealerships. Technology in newer vehicles controls
everything from the steering wheel to the fuel delivery system, brakes,
air bags, tire pressure and more. Supporters, including
auto-service-trade assocs., consumer groups & small-biz advocates,
say the move will boost competition in the auto-repair market, forcing
dealerships to lower prices....Auto makers aren't going to let this
happen w/o a fight, claiming all the necessary tools & diagnostic
data for any repair job are available online from individual auto
makers, as well as from tool mfgs. like Snap-on Inc.
automotive_industry  repairs  dealerships 
february 2011
Magic Johnson, Yucaipa Invest in Vibe -
FEBRUARY 10, 2011 | WSJ | By RUSSELL ADAMS. Magic Johnson, Yucaipa Invest in Vibe.
African-Americans  private_equity  Magic_Johnson  Ron_Burkle  Vibe  roll_ups  consolidation  media 
february 2011
Lagging Private-Jet Industry Resumes Takeoff -

Columnist's name

Lagging Private-Jet Industry Resumes Takeoff

The fanciest, easiest, most-expensive mode of air travel is bouncing back after the private-jet bubble burst in 2008, jet prices plunged 30% to 50% and actual flying time dropped by 40% in some measures. Flights by business aircraft were up 6.3% in November and 4.4% in December, compared to year-earlier sales those months, according to Argus International Inc., which provides services to private-jet operators. Fractional ownership companies that cater to celebrities and wealthy travelers say sales are inching up. Prices for private jets are climbing, too, although shipments of new planes are still down......About 15% of the overall market comes from fractional ownership programs, the NBAA says. In these, wealthy individuals and some companies buy a share of a plane, pay monthly maintenance and management fees and then pay hourly operating costs, including fuel.
aviation  airline_industry  fractional_ownership 
february 2011
A Profile of Mr Porter, a New Online Shopping Site for Men -
FEBRUARY 10, 2011 | | By RAY A. SMITH and PAUL SONNE. Mr
Porter to Test Men's Urge to Shop Online. The New Site, a Cousin to
Net-a-Porter, Aims to Lure Men With Uncluttered Layout and a Profile of a
Motorbike Designer.
mens'_clothing  e-commerce  Ray_Smith  fashion  branding 
february 2011
Africa Rising: Catering to New Tastes as Incomes Climb -
Africa Rising
Catering to New Tastes as Incomes Climb
Zambian Beef Processor Expands to Nigeria With Aim of Spreading Out Across the Continent
Africa  Nigeria  beef  economic_development 
february 2011
Twitter's Suitors Talk in Billions -
* FEBRUARY 10, 2011 Twitter as Tech Bubble Barometer By SPENCER E. ANTE, AMIR EFRATI And ANUPREETA DAS
Twitter  valuations  IPOs  exits  Google  Facebook  Spencer_Ante  bubbles 
february 2011
SMS case study – Canyon Country Car Wash - Mobile Commerce Daily - Database/CRM
Competition became very stiff after the third car wash opened for
business. The objective of the mobile couponing initiative was to
compete with the two car-wash establishments located within a one-mile
mobile_e-commerce  automotive_industry  Awash 
february 2011
Science Teamwork Needed -
FEBRUARY 5, 2011 | WSJ | Jonah Lehrer. Sunset of the Solo Scientist
teams  science_&_technology  solo  breakthroughs  genius  collaboration 
february 2011
James Bernard Murphy: In Defense of Being a Kid -
* FEBRUARY 9, 2011 In Defense of Being a Kid
Childhood takes up a quarter of one’s life, and it would be nice if children enjoyed it.By JAMES BERNARD MURPHY
Amy_Chua  children  parenting  relationships  Tiger_Moms 
february 2011
Apple's New iPad in Production -
Apple  iPad 
february 2011
Six essential issues for any franchise deal
The Globe and Mail. Toronto, Ont.: Oct 23, 1995. pg. C.12
franchising  rules_of_the_game  ProQuest  small_business 
february 2011
Grow It
June 3, 2010 | Zoomer Magazine | Mark Cullen
gardening  tomatoes 
february 2011
Coconut-Scented Rice -
Published: February 2, 2011
Jamaica  recipes  rice  coconuts 
february 2011
China, Twitter and 20-Year-Olds vs. the Pyramids -
February 5, 2011
The forces that were upholding the status quo in the Arab world for so
long — oil, autocracy, the distraction of Israel, and a fear of the
chaos that could come with change — have finally met an engine of change
that is even more powerful: China, Twitter and 20-year-olds. ...Egypt’s
government has wasted the last 30 years — i.e., their whole lives —
plying them with the soft bigotry of low expectations: “Be patient.
Egypt moves at its own pace, like the Nile.” Well, great. Singapore also
moves at its own pace, like the Internet. ....The Arab world has 100
million young people today between the ages of 15 and 29, many of them
males who do not have the education to get a good job, buy an apartment
and get married. That is trouble. Add in rising food prices, and the
diffusion of Twitter, Facebook and texting, which finally gives them a
voice to talk back to their leaders and directly to each other, and you
have a very powerful change engine.
Singapore  China  Middle_East  Arab-Muslim_world  Egypt  Tom_Friedman  competitiveness_of_nations  Arab_Spring  sclerotic  young_people 
february 2011
Peter Thiel: 21st Century Free Radical - BusinessWeek
February 3, 2011, 5:00PM EST text size: TT
Peter Thiel: 21st Century Free Radical
Never mind enormous yachts: Peter Thiel is spending his billions on
space travel, life extension, artificial intelligence, and paying top
students not to go to college

By Romesh Ratnesar
Peter_Thiel  profile  moguls  libertarian 
february 2011
The Youth Unemployment Bomb - BusinessWeek
February 2, 2011, 11:40PM EST text size: TT
The Youth Unemployment Bomb
From Cairo to London to Brooklyn, too many young people are jobless and
disaffected. Inside the global effort to put the next generation to work

By Peter Coy
unemployment  youth  globalization  disaffection  young_people 
february 2011
Human Salmonellosis Associated with Animal-Derived Pet Treats - United States and Canada, 2005
L Crowe, L Chui, D Everett, S Brisdon, et al. MMWR. Morbidity
and Mortality Weekly Report. Atlanta: Jun 30, 2006. Vol. 55, Iss. 25;
pg. 702, 4 pgs
ufsc  ProQuest 
february 2011
Energy Lessons from Ancient Rome -
Jan. 20, 2011| BusinessWeek| By Alessandra Migliaccio &
Flavia Rotondi. The ancient Romans used water pressure to bring the
city's monumental baths and fountains to life. Flavio and Valerio
Andreoli are using it to produce clean power. Encouraged by generous
renewable energy incentives, their company, Hydrowatt, specializes in
generating electricity from turbines in aqueducts. ..The brothers tap
into modern water pipelines that follow the same routes as the old
aqueducts. Like ancient engineers who studied the land seeking sources
at higher elevations to provide the pressure needed to reach Rome,
Hydrowatt's engineers seek out places where pipelines have valves
designed to release excess pressure as the water flows rapidly down the
mountainsides. Once they identify such a site, the brothers offer local
authorities that control the aqueducts a deal to replace the valves with
Hydrowatt's turbines.
water  hydroelectric  energy  cleantech  green  Italian  start_ups  Romans  electric_power  water_power 
february 2011
A New Era in Mideast History -
* FEBRUARY 1, 2011

Now Dawning: The Next Era of Middle East History

Middle_East  Egypt  Gerald_Seib 
february 2011
Ronald Reagan at 100 -
* FEBRUARY 3, 2011, 9:40 P.M. ET

Ronald Reagan at 100
Being a good man helped him become a great one.

Ronald_Reagan  Peggy_Noonan  anniversaries  commemoration 
february 2011
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