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The Real Job Creators: Why America should glorify entrepreneurs less and managers more. - Slate Magazine
By Esther Dyson|Posted Friday, Nov. 18, 2011,

a man who arrives in a village with what he claims is a magic stone. Put the stone into a pot of water over a fire, he says, add a just few ingredients—some vegetables, some old ham bones, a few spices—and soon you will have a delicious, life-giving soup with magical healing properties.

In this folk tale, the man is a trickster: The point of the story is that his magic stone is just a plain old rock. To modern eyes, however, this man is an entrepreneur. His “magic stone” is perhaps the germ of an idea, a product concept, or a marketing innovation. The entrepreneur takes the stone and adds ingredients (commodities or software), attracts people, gets them to work together, and perhaps tosses in a pinch of branding. The result is value where before there were only unexploited resources.

But that is only the beginning of the story. In the long run, the entrepreneur’s job is not to make soup, but to create a restaurant—or, better yet, a chain of restaurants—so that the magic soup can be made reliably, day after day, by a team that can work on its own without the impresario’s direction. Over time, the company will continue to evolve, improving the soup, adding other items to the menu and opening up restaurants in new markets....We can argue about the value of education, but large companies are good at offering practical business skills—turning college graduates into project managers, marketers, human-resources specialists, and the like. These jobs may not generate revenues directly, but they are part of the structure that enables people to run companies effectively and benefit from economies of scale.
college-educated  economies_of_scale  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  e-Myth  Esther_Dyson  impresarios  job_creation  large_companies  management  storytelling  unexploited_resources  value_creation 
november 2011
Sorry, Strivers - Talent Matters -
Published: November 19, 2011

Research has shown that intellectual ability matters for success in many fields — and not just up to a point.
talent  Malcolm_Gladwell  IQ  cognitive_skills  strivers 
november 2011
How About Better Parents? -
Published: November 19, 2011

“The study found that getting parents involved with their children’s learning at home is a more powerful driver of achievement than parents attending P.T.A. and school board meetings, volunteering in classrooms, participating in fund-raising, and showing up at back-to-school nights.”
parenting  Tom_Friedman  testing  reading  teachers 
november 2011
Theodore Forstmann, Private Equity Pioneer, Is Dead at 71 -
November 20, 2011, 1:41 pm Private Equity | Obituaries
Theodore Forstmann, Private Equity Pioneer, Is Dead at 71
moguls  obituaries  private_equity  financiers  Ted_Forstmann 
november 2011
China won’t be riding to the rescue any time soon - The Globe and Mail
Doug Saunders | Columnist profile | E-mail
London— From Saturday's Globe and Mail
Published Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011
Doug_Saunders  China 
november 2011
Fresh meat on the block - The Globe and Mail
STEPHEN QUINN | Columnist profile | E-mail
From Saturday's Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Nov. 18, 2011
butchers  Vancouver  meat  organic 
november 2011
Africentric school against everything Toronto stands for - The Globe and Mail
MARCUS GEE | Columnist profile | E-mail
Globe and Mail Update
Published Friday, Nov. 18, 2011
Afrocentric  TDSB  Toronto  Marcus_Gee 
november 2011
Rob Ford’s entrenched position on Toronto transit hurts our pocketbooks - The Globe and Mail
Nov. 17, 2011 | G&M | Editorial.

critics are questioning whether the Eglinton line, known as The Crosstown, can even be built for the amount budgeted by Queen’s Park.

The reason? Under former mayor David Miller, the $4.6-billion Crosstown was to operate in a dedicated surface right-of-way for almost half the route while running in a tunnel through the city core. But Mr. Ford, who campaigned to end the so-called “war on the car,” insisted the entire 19-kilometre line be buried, at an additional cost of $2.2-billion, an almost 50-per-cent mark-up. While transit officials say that burying the LRT may attract a few more riders, $2.2-billion is a steep premium to pay for what is an essentially aesthetic decision, especially for a fiscal conservative.

There’s an elegant solution readily available to the mayor. He should ask Mr. McGuinty to revert to the original Eglinton plan, but on the proviso that the $2.2-billion be used as seed money for a public-private partnership deal for the Sheppard subway. The model is Vancouver’s Canada Line, built with $720-million in capital from a private consortium that operates the service through a 35-year franchise.
editorials  Rob_Ford  transit  Toronto  TTC  Eglinton_Crosstown  Queen’s_Park 
november 2011
Mobilicity CEO steps down - The Globe and Mail
iain marlow — TELECOM REPORTER
Globe and Mail Update
Published Friday, Nov. 18, 2011
wireless  mobile_phones  Mobilicity  John_Bitove  CEOs  Iain_Marlow  Anthony_Lacavera 
november 2011
Every little thing gonna be alright ... - Hank Bordowitz - Google Books
Bob Marley remains the most famous and influential reggae star, 23 years after his death. While he has been the subject of many traditional biographies, he hasn't inspired an anthology like this before. Bordowitz (Bad Moon Rising: The Unauthorized History of Creedence Clearwater Revival) collects essays by music critics published during Marley's life and after, as well as contributions from writers (Alice Walker) and political figures (former Jamaican Prime Minister Michael Manley). The articles cover Marley's early life, rise to stardom, impact on Jamaican and world music, death, wrangling over his estate, children, and Rastafarianism, concluding with articles about musicians with whom he played and who are carrying on the tradition. Generally well written and offering many viewpoints, this collection is a great read for casual readers and longtime fans. One caveat: the proofs were rife with typos, which one hopes will be fixed in the final book. Those looking for a straightforward biography should turn to Timothy White's Catch a Fire. For all collections where reggae or Bob Marley material is in demand. Bill Walker, Stockton-San Joaquin Cty. P.L., CA
Bob_Marley  reggae  books  Rastafarians 
november 2011
Create the Medici Effect - HBS Working Knowledge
A new book looks at creativity at the intersections of fields, disciplines, and cultures. An excerpt from The Medici Effect explores the far-flung food ideas of chef Marcus Samuelsson.
by Frans Johansson
innovation  creativity  Medici  cross-disciplinary  cross-pollination 
november 2011
Review: Medici Money by Tim Parks | Books
28 May 2005 | The Guardian | Edmund Fawcett who reviews Medici Money by Tim Parks

Medici Money: Banking, Metaphysics and Art in Fifteenth-Century Florenceby Tim Parks
Medici  history  book_reviews  Renaissance  banking  patronage  art  art_finance 
november 2011
With Kids Gone, Women Find Business -
JUNE 14, 2005

Women Often Discover Their Business Talent After Kids Are Raised


In addition, it often takes women longer to believe in themselves enough to seek jobs in which they wield power. "By their 40s and 50s, after observing a few male bosses, women finally begin to say to themselves, 'These guys aren't any smarter than I am,' " says Ms. Liswood. Yet few big corporations are flexible enough to take advantage of women's life cycles by, for example, giving them flexible schedules when they are raising young children and promotion opportunities when they are older. A lot of middle-age women have found their own solution: launching their own businesses. There are 10.6 million women-owned businesses in the U.S., employing 19.1 million people, and two out of three of the new businesses being launched are women-owned. "A lot of these women have worked for big corporations, but at 40 or so when a lot are still stuck in middle management they start thinking, 'I can have more influence and a bigger piece of the pie doing it on my own,' " says Marsha Firestone, founder of the Women Presidents' Organization. The average age of the group's members is 49.
women  movingonup  Carol_Hymowitz  Second_Acts  entrepreneurship  midlife 
november 2011
Cool Running :: Knee Pain
By Josh Clark
Posted Thursday, 27 November, 1997
running  exercise  injuries  knees  human_anatomy 
november 2011
Thanksgiving Dinner Goes Native -

Going Native
Truly American ingredients—from heirloom apples to Hubbard squash—inspire a thoroughly modern feast
recipes  Thanksgiving  chicken 
november 2011
Israel, Iran and Hezbollah -
NOVEMBER 19, 2011 | WSJ | By NICHOLAS BLANFORD. Hezbollah Waits and Prepares
With new tensions over Iran's nuclear program, the militant group stands ready to retaliate against Israel...The rate of recruitment into Hezbollah's ranks has soared. New recruits are bused to secret training camps in the Bekaa Valley, where they endure lengthy marches over the craggy limestone mountains carrying backpacks weighed down with rocks. They learn fieldcraft and weapons handling, and some go on to receive advanced training in Iran. The military instruction is interspersed with religious and cultural lessons, teaching them the importance of jihad, martyrdom and obedience to Hezbollah's religious figurehead, currently embodied by Ayatollah Ali Khameini, the supreme leader of Iran.

Hezbollah never divulges details of its ever-improving military capabilities, but reports claim that the organization has amassed as many as 50,000 rockets, including guided missiles that can strike targets in Tel Aviv. Hezbollah fighters have repeatedly hinted that they are being trained to slip across the border into Israel in the next war, a development to which Sheikh Nasrallah himself referred for the first time in a speech earlier this year.
Hezbollah  Israel  Iran  retaliation  IAEA  Lebanon 
november 2011
'Billable Hour' Under Attack -
'Billable Hour' Under Attack
In Recession, Companies Push Law Firms for Flat-Fee Contracts
billing  contracts  fees_&_commissions  invoicing  law_firms 
november 2011
Inside or Outside Workouts? - MSN Health - Healthy Living
First printed by me on Oct. 6, 2008 | by Martica Heaner, M.A., M.Ed., for MSN Health & Fitness
running  exercise 
november 2011
Gas be gone: Help for excessive flatulence
August 2004 | Alive: Canada's Natural Health & Wellness Magazine; |Brenda Watson

Suggests ways to address excessive flatulence. Amount of daily average flatulence; Guidelines for determining the cause of gas; Factors which led to gastrointestinal disorders; Ways to help prevent excessive gas; Herbs that aid digestion.
EBSCOhost  digestive_systems  flatulence  gastrointestinal 
november 2011
Health Nuggets
Monday, Nov 12 2001
Health Nuggets
By- Saroj Kumari
november 2011
Good Digestion Means... Proper Absorption and Better Health
May 2006 | The Institute of Nutritional Science | By K. Steven Whiting, PhD
digestive_systems  flatulence 
november 2011
Daniel Rasmussen's "American Uprising" covers the largest U.S. slave revolt | Harvard Magazine Jan-Feb 2011
Daniel Rasmussen’s revised and enlarged senior thesis will be published this January.

by Spencer Lenfield
January-February 2011
slavery  uprisings  New_Orleans  antebellum 
november 2011
Surprised by Opportunity -

Set big goals. Do whatever it takes to reach them. These muscular sentences form the core of commencement addresses, business-advice books, political movements and even the United Nations approach to global poverty. In "Strategic Intuition," a concise and entertaining treatise on human achievement, William Duggan says that such pronouncements are not only banal but wrong.[Duggan is therefore the perfect counterpoint to Jim Collins]

Mr. Duggan, who teaches strategy at Columbia Business School, argues that the commonplace formula has it backward. Instead of setting goals first, he says, it is better to watch for opportunities with large payoffs at low costs and only then set your goals. That is what innovators throughout history have done, as Mr. Duggan shows in a deliriously fast-paced tour of history.

Napoleon is Mr. Duggan's canonical example -- his strategic genius was not to storm a pre-fixed position on the battlefield (the traditional approach to military strategy at the time) but to attack any old position that came along where his army was at its strongest and the enemy's at its weakest. Similarly, in the battle for civil rights, Martin Luther King Jr. seized on the Montgomery bus boycott in 1955 to shift the NAACP's strategy away from filing lawsuits and toward organizing nonviolent civil disobedience.
audacity  books  book_reviews  civil_disobedience  counterintuitive  flexibility  goal-setting  goals  hard_goals  innovators  intuition  Jim_Collins  kairos  large_payoffs  MLK  NAACP  Napoleon  observations  offensive_tactics  opportunism  personal_payoffs  strategy  William_Duggan  William_Easterly 
november 2011
The Hazards of Throwing Money at the Problem -
JULY 18, 2001

"The Elusive Quest for Growth" (MIT, 342 pages, $29.95) by the economist William Easterly.....Easterly works at the World Bank. But his real concern is not with his employer or with the International Monetary Fund, although he is critical of both institutions. Rather, he wants to address the whole question of economic growth: Where does it come from? What encourages it? What discourages it? How important is luck? How important is policy? The answers he gives, in certain respects, apply as much to advanced economies like the U.S., Germany and Japan as to the developing nations of Africa and Asia....
Simply giving capital to those without it -- i.e., foreign aid -- is unlikely to stimulate growth. What is really essential is knowledge, and that cannot be transmitted by writing a check. Nor can it be gained just by sending people to school. In fact, critical knowledge, the kind those Bangladeshi textile workers seized upon, is not easily identifiable in the abstract. First entrepreneurs must perceive an opportunity for profit; then a few opportunistic people will see what knowledge is required. And then more will.

Without a proper understanding of such things, a good deal of damage can be done.
World_Bank  foreign_aid  book_reviews  entrepreneurship  IMF  policy  William_Easterly 
november 2011
One Way of Insuring The Risky Business of Life -
APRIL 24, 2003 | WSJ | By DAVID R. HENDERSON. Financial derivatives have, in essence, allowed companies to buy insurance against swings in prices.

Wouldn't it be nice if individuals could join this game, hedging against, say, losses in income or in the equity value of houses? We will probably soon be able to, according to Robert J. Shiller in "The New Financial Order" (Princeton, 366 pages, $29.95).

Mr. Shiller, a finance economist at Yale University, writes that the information-technology revolution is making it easier to get good data on the home prices in various markets and on incomes in various occupations -- and to subject such data to reliable analysis. Once we know the numbers, he argues, we can hedge the risks.
hedging  derivatives  risks  book_reviews  personal_finance  Robert_Shiller  Yale  home_ownership  personal_beta  human_capital  quantified_self 
november 2011
The Mummy Diaries
Oct. 07, 2002 | TIME | By MARGARET CARLSON.
hedge_funds  novels  book_reviews 
november 2011
The Age of Arthritis
June 16, 2003 | TIME | By Christine Gorman and Alice Park
mens'_health  injuries  osteoarthritis  aging  exercise 
november 2011
Mighty Medici
Dec. 05, 2002 | TIME |By ROBERT HUGHES
Renaissance  Medici  patronage  philanthropy  art 
november 2011
He's Helping Germany Resurrect Private Funding of the Arts -

He's Helping Germany Resurrect Private Funding of the Arts
MoMA  lawyers  philanthropy  Germany  exhibitions  Berlin 
november 2011
Will Ferrell: One-note wonder
Jul 16, 2004 | The Globe and Mail. pg. R.1 | Johanna Schneller.
ProQuest  Will_Ferrell  funnies  actors  SNL  Johanna_Schneller 
november 2011
A New Approach To Cancer Screening -

A New Approach To Cancer Screening
Promising Method for Detecting Prostate Cancer Is More Precise Than PSA Test, Study Says
cancers  prostate  mens'_health 
november 2011
A five-step lesson plan for parents
Sep 8, 2004 | The Globe and Mail pg. A.19 | Charles Ungerleider.
ProQuest  parenting  reading  values  mathematics  education  children  schools 
november 2011
Catalog Critic: Casing gourmet sausages
June 09, 2006 | The Wall Street Journal | By Noah Rothbaum,
sausages  gourmet  grilling 
november 2011
Eluding Germs on Planes -
OCTOBER 22, 2003 | WSJ | Jennifer Saranow.

When Ronald Primas arrives at the airport for a flight, he picks up his boarding pass and heads through security. He then pops a decongestant and gives himself a spritz of nasal spray. Dr. Primas, a travel-medicine specialist in New York, says his germ-fighting routine helps him avoid catching colds and sinus infections on planes.

Once buckled into his seat, he rubs his hands with an alcohol-based sanitizer such as Purell -- and avoids touching his head and neck area until his hands are de-germed.

Dr. Primas is more worried about germs being passed by another person -- someone coughing on him, for example -- than from inanimate objects such as blankets or pillows, which he uses freely. (Those items, he says, have usually been recently washed.) But just to be safe, when he goes to the bathroom, he uses a tissue to open the door, flush and turn on the faucet.
flu_outbreaks  airports  mens'_health  aircraft  airline_industry  airlines  travel  germs  disease  illness  sanitation 
november 2011
Paying a Call on the Adams Family -

"America's First Dynasty: The Adamses, 1735-1918"
By Richard Brookhiser
Reviewed by John Quincy Adams Jr.

The greatest of all American political dynasties, however, is not a recent one. It is that of the Adamses, the subject of Richard Brookhiser's multigenerational study. (I should confess to being a member of this large and ever-expanding family.) Of course John Adams, the patriarch and second president of the U.S., has received a great deal of attention of late thanks to David McCullough's magnificent biography.
book_reviews  dynasties  Founding_Fathers  family  David_McCullough 
november 2011
Evaluating the Wealth-Creating Potential of Business Plans:
Winter 2006 | The Journal of Private Equity | James O . Fiet and Pankaj C . Patel

This research tests a novel, theoretically-based approach for evaluating and predicting business plan performance. Using hidden, but known historical cases, it successfully classified 31 out of 31 venture capital funded ventures into 3 levels of performance. These levels of performance were less than 20% ROI, between 20% and 35% ROI and greater than 35% ROI. Moreover, the results accounted for 74% of the variance above the expected ROI to investors based on the original business plan estimates. This research is important to entrepreneurs, public policy analysts and investors because it may increase the success rate of estimating commercialization efforts.
business_planning  wealth_creation  success_rates 
november 2011
Down and Dirty Due Diligence, Part II:
Summer 2001 |The Journal of Private Equity Vol. 4, No. 3: pp. 7-14
Allan Bee Smithee
november 2011
Down and Dirty Due Diligence:
Summer 2001 |The Journal of Private Equity Vol. 4, No. 3: pp. 5-12

Allan Bee Smithee
november 2011
Marketing Due Diligence: Short Shrift from Buyout Firms
Fall 1998| The Journal of Private Equity Vol.pp. 17-21|
Warren A . Dechter
due_diligence  private_equity 
november 2011
Amazon breathes Fire into tablet market
Author(s): Chris Nuttall and Richard Waters
Source: The Financial Times. (Oct. 1, 2011): Lifestyle: p12.
tablet_computing  Amazon  Chris_Nuttall  Richard_Waters 
november 2011
An inventor with Fire in his belly and Jobs in his sights
Oct. 1, 2011| The Financial Times News: p12| John Gapper and Barney Jopson.
Jeff_Bezos  tablet_computing  Amazon 
november 2011
Fulfilling a Kid's Dream to Play With Legos All Your Life -

For Some Grown-Ups, Playing With Legos Is a Serious Business
One Adult Fan Left a Six-Figure Job to Build Models; the $20,000 Apartment.
career_paths  toys  Lego 
november 2011
Improving Your, Um, You Know, Public Speaking -

Send to Koreen

Teach Public Speaking to Anyone!: A Building-Block Approach (Paperback)
by Milton Wood
Know your audience:
What could you incorporate into your opening remarks, which can set the stage for a lively interaction? For example, is there an issue of general, topical interest that you could mention?
public_speaking  Communicating_&_Connecting  speeches  Myers-Briggs  know_your_audience  personality_types/traits 
november 2011
The cost of silence
Catherine Sinclair. The Globe and Mail. Toronto, Ont.: Nov 23, 2005. pg. A.18
silence  Toronto  African_Canadians  ProQuest  letters_to_the_editor  killings  deaths  racism  murders 
november 2011
The cost of silence
David Gladstone. The Globe and Mail. Toronto, Ont.: Nov 23, 2005. pg. A.18

For 25 years, I was a principal in the inner city of Toronto and, over all those years, one fact became very clear: Black mothers would not let their children be blamed by a white male authority figure without challenging that authority. A black mother would almost never admit that her child might have been in error in his or her behaviour.

However, I slowly began to understand why. There was no one else around to protect the black mother's child and it made no difference what the child did, the mother was not going to side with white authority against her child. Even when I used black teachers to discuss the issue with the mother, nothing changed.
ProQuest  letters_to_the_editor  African_Canadians  silence  teachers  criminality  murders  killings  deaths 
november 2011
Get mad, we're bein' had, gangsta rap's really bad
Margaret Wente. The Globe and Mail. Toronto, Ont.: Dec 1, 2005. pg. A.31Among the fiercest critics of hip-hop culture is John McWhorter, a black American academic. Two years ago, he wrote a blistering essay called "How hip hop holds blacks back," in which he traced the decline of rap from happy party music to the ugly glorification of thug life, bling, easy money, fast cars and woman-bashing. "Of course, not all hip hop is belligerent or profane," he wrote. "But it's the nastiest rap that sells best, and the nastiest cuts that make a career." Today, hip hop is a billion-dollar industry, and stars such as 50 Cent and Cam'ron Giles are extremely rich.

Mr. McWhorter argues that the attitude and style expressed in the hip-hop "identity" keep blacks down. "Almost all hip hop, gangsta or not, is delivered with a cocky, confrontational cadence that is fast becoming a common speech style among young black males. . . . The problem with such speech and mannerisms is that they make potential employers wary of young black men and can impede a young black's ability to interact comfortably with co-workers and customers. The black community has gone through too much to sacrifice upward mobility to the passing kick of an adversarial hip-hop 'identity.' "
Margaret_Wente  ProQuest  music  hip_hop  decline  John_McWhorter  thug_code  misogyny  sexism  youth 
november 2011
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