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The 6 Habits of True Strategic Thinkers
Mar 20, 2012 | | | Paul J. H. Schoemaker.
Adaptive strategic leaders--the kind who thrive in today’s uncertain environment--do six things well:

1. Anticipate. Hone your “peripheral vision.” Reduce vulnerabilities to rivals who detect and act on ambiguous signals. ... Build wide external networks to help you scan the horizon better
2. Think Critically. Critical thinkers question everything. To master this skill, you must force yourself to reframe problems to get to the bottom of things, in terms of root causes. Challenge current beliefs and mindsets, including your own Uncover hypocrisy, manipulation, and bias in organizational decisions.
3. Interpret. Ambiguity is unsettling. Faced with it, you are tempted to reach for a fast (potentially wrongheaded) solution. A good strategic leader holds steady, synthesizing information from many sources before developing a viewpoint. To get good at this, you have to:Seek patterns in multiple sources of data; Question prevailing assumptions and test multiple hypotheses simultaneously.
4. Decide. Many leaders fall prey to “analysis paralysis.” Develop processes and enforce them, so that you arrive at a “good enough” position. To do that well, you have to: Carefully frame the decision to get to the crux of the matter, Balance speed, rigor, quality, and agility. Leave perfection to higher powers. Take a stand even with incomplete information and amid diverse views
5. Align. Consensus is rare. Foster open dialogue, build trust, and engage key stakeholders, especially when views diverge. To pull that off, you need to: Understand what drives other people's agendas, including what remains hidden. Bring tough issues to the surface, even when it's uncomfortable
Assess risk tolerance and follow through to build the necessary support
6. Learn.

As your company grows, honest feedback is harder and harder to come by. You have to do what you can to keep it coming.
Encourage and exemplify honest, rigorous debriefs to extract lessons
Shift course quickly if you realize you're off track
Celebrate both successes and (well-intentioned) failures that provide insight
Do you have what it takes?
ambiguities  analysis_paralysis  anticipating  assumptions  biases  course_correction  critical_thinking  conventional_wisdom  debriefs  decision_making  discomforts  empathy  failure  feedback  game_changers  good_enough  habits  incomplete_information  insights  interpretation  leaders  leadership  lessons_learned  networks  optimization  outward_looking  paralyze  peripheral_vision  post-mortems  problem_framing  process-orientation  reframing  root_cause  strategic_thinking  thinking  tips  vulnerabilities  wide-framing 
march 2012
When the Good Do Bad -
Published: March 19, 2012
march 2012
Gut Infections Are Growing Much More Lethal -
Published: March 19, 2012

Gastrointestinal infections are killing more and more people in the United States and have become a particular threat to the elderly, according to new data released last week. Deaths from the infections more than doubled from 1999 to 2007, to more than 17,000 a year from 7,000 a year, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported. Of those who died, 83 percent were over age 65.

Two thirds of the deaths were caused by a bacterium, Clostridium difficile, which people often contract in hospitals and nursing homes, particularly when they have been taking antibiotics. The bacteria have grown increasingly virulent and resistant to treatment in recent years.

But researchers were surprised to discover that the second leading cause of death from this type of illness was the norovirus. It causes a highly contagious infection, sometimes called winter vomiting illness, that can spread rapidly on cruise ships and in prisons, dormitories and hospitals.
bacteria  mens'_health  digestive_systems  colons  colorectal  viruses  virulence  guts  lethality  microbes  microbiome  infections  Clostridium_difficile  gastrointestinal 
march 2012
Hot and Sour Buckwheat Noodle Salad
To existing recipes, add sweet peppers, sun-dried tomatoes, avocados
salads  tahini  Japanese  vegetarian  pasta  mushrooms  recipes  rubs_sauces_marinades 
march 2012
Miso Soup
Miso, a paste made from fermented soybeans and grains, is a wonderful flavouring for soups. It's aged anywhere from 2 months to several years; for the best flavour choose one that has been aged for 2 years.
1/4 cup arame 50 ml 6 cups cold water 1.5 I 1 1/2 oz. kombu 42 g 1 onion, diced 1 2 carrots, thinly sliced 2
112 tsp. grated ginger root 2 ml
1 tbsp. mirin or rice vinegar 15 ml 1/4 cup barley miso 50 ml 112 cup mushrooms, sliced 125 ml 8 oz tofu. diced 250 g
1/2 cup chopped red pepper 125 ml
1/4 cup chopped chives 50 ml
1. Soak arame in 1 cup/250 ml water for 15 minutes; drain.
2. In large soup pot, combine water and kombu. Heat slowly over medium heat
for 20 minutes; do not let water boil.
3. In non-stick skillet, cook onions until soft, about 4 minutes; add carrots, red pepper and arame; cook 5 minutes.
4. Remove softened kombu from soup pot; add ginger root and mirin. Bring stock to a simmer. 5. Pour 1/2 cup (125 ml) of stock into small bowl; whisk in miso until well
blended. Stir miso mixture back into soup pot. Add mushrooms, tofu and onion mixture. Simmer 5 minutes. Serve hot with chives sprinkled on top. Makes 6 servings.
soups  Japanese  recipes  soybeans  grains  vegetarian 
march 2012
Localization Defined.
Marketing News
Date: September 30, 2011
EBSCO  localization 
march 2012
Drummond report offers a world of possibilities to Ontario’s cash-strapped government - The Globe and Mail
Adam Radwanski | Columnist profile | E-mail
From Thursday's Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Feb. 15, 2012
Ontario  debt  Don_Drummond  cash-strapped 
march 2012
Spinach_Zucchini Curry and Cucumber Raita
Ingredients for Raita - Greek feta cheese, cucumber, yoghurt, spring onions, 'fat-leaf' coriander, salt and fresh-milled black pepper, mustard seeds, sweet onion (chopped), dollops of yogurt plus salted yogurt drink.
recipes  spinach  curries  cucumbers  vegetarian  Indians 
march 2012
Breakfast Refried Beans
Pinto and Kidney Beans

These beans are grouped together because they can be used inter- changeably in many recipes. Named for their shape, kidney beans come in three different colours: brown, red and white. Pinto beans are half the length of kidney beans. They have pinkish-tan, speckled coats and a less defined kidney shape. The flavour is mild. Their colour darkens during cooking and the specks disappear. Morning is the best time to eat beans because when you are active your digestive processes work better.
recipes  breakfasts  legumes  vegetarian 
march 2012
Protein - What is it? How Does One Get Enough?

Dairy products, soy products, nutritional yeast. sprouts, whole grains, nuts, seeds. legumes and vegetable.
Combining certain foods is helpful for obtaining maximum protein potential‘ As mentioned earlier, certain amino acids are supplied by the food we eat. They are known as "essential amino acids“ because they are the only 8 that the body cannot manufacture. Foods which contain those missing one or more of the amino acids are called incomplete proteins.
proteins  dairy  grains  seeds  legumes  vegetables  vegetarian  soybeans 
march 2012
Chili con carne
Vegetarian chili
Pot of chili sin carne.

Vegetarian chili (also known as chili sin carne, chili without meat, chili non carne, and chili sans carne) acquired wide popularity in the U.S. during the 1960s and 1970s with the rise of vegetarianism. It is also popular with those on a diet restricting the use of red meat. To make the chili vegetarian, the cook leaves out the meat or replaces it with a meat analogue, such as textured vegetable protein or tofu, or a starchy vegetable, such as potatoes. These chilis nearly always include beans. Variants may contain corn, squash, mushrooms, or beets. Corn, squash, and beans are known as the "Three Sisters" of Native American agriculture. They were cultivated together, and complement each other as foods.
chilis  recipes  meat  vegetarian  wikipedia 
march 2012
Passed Over for the Perfect Job? It May Be Best Not to Know Why -
June 10, 2003 | WSJ |By KEMBA DUNHAM | Staff Reporter of THE WALL STREET JOURNAL.

...Many job hunters know the agony of enduring a job interview and then hearing nothing for weeks, or even ever. The temptation often is strong to solicit postinterview feedback, to figure out whether it was something you said, or something that you couldn't have helped, that cost you the job....
setbacks  bouncing_back  Managing_Your_Career  silence  providing_feedback 
march 2012
Recovering From a Late Setback -
May 27, 2003 | WSJ | By JOANN S. LUBLIN

The well-publicized announcement made it impossible for Mr. White to mourn in private. But the coverage started him on the road to recovery by bringing him advice from his wide personal and professional network. "There is important work in the world for a person of your ability and integrity," wrote Fred Alger, founder and CEO of Fred Alger Management. Mr. White has been a trustee for some of the New York money-management firm's funds since 1999...Mr. White decided not to blame others for his turndown nor let the episode diminish him in any way.

He demonstrated his resolve by trying to arrange a flawless transition. Among other things, he prepared extensive background materials, then briefed Ms. Coleman face-to-face in Iowa.

Mr. White brought his inner turmoil to a cathartic conclusion during a campus dinner to honor his interim leadership in July 2002. University regents and senior officials expected perfunctory remarks. Sensing a "teachable" moment, the veteran professor instead spoke candidly about his loss to an already uneasy crowd.

"It's no secret to anyone in this room that I'm disappointed not to be able to serve the university in the years ahead," Mr. White declared. He went on: "We can choose how to think about and react to disappointment. At the extremes, one line of thought leads to bitterness and a shriveled soul; the other leads to wisdom and growth." Mr. White said his own career disappointment had enabled him to challenge himself about "what will be my work, my contributions, my sources of satisfaction and self-esteem?" He got a standing ovation.
bouncing_back  Joann_S._Lublin  setbacks  Managing_Your_Career  inspiration  Wall_Street  Colleges_&_Universities  disappointment  affirmations  seminal_moments  career-defining_moments  emotional_mastery  mybestlife  teachable_moments 
march 2012
Kick-Start Your Career
August 15 2006 | Fortune | By Anne Fisher.

The era of tedious dues-paying to earn career advancement is long gone and, for the cohort who grew up during the have-it-all Eighties and joined the workforce in the go-go late '90s, waiting around for a chance to move up is just maddening.

If that describes you, two words: Don't wait.

"If you're in middle management at any age, but especially in your 30s, you have a big decision to make. Do you really want to break into the senior echelons?," asks Phylis Esposito. "If so, you have to find a way to stand out. You have to get more visible, which usually means taking a risk - sometimes a big risk. It's tough, because you may even have to put everything you've already earned on the line in order to do it."

You need a strong network of friends and allies, too. We've all heard and read plenty by now about the importance of networking, although it is one of those notions that often seems honored in the breach. Consider a recent survey of 1,805 managers by ExecuNet, an online career-services firm: 84 percent of those polled said they believe a broad network of personal and professional contacts is essential for success in business. Yet only 19 percent said their own networks are in "good" or "excellent" shape.
movingonup  risks  Managing_Your_Career  risk-taking  networking  networks  jump-start 
march 2012
The Genius and Beauty of Strengths
“From my experience, each of the themes of talent identified by the Clifton StrengthsFinder Inventory has a stroke of genius within it. The genius of our talents reflects what those talents enable and empower us to do to potential levels of excellence. The concept of genius refers to an extraordinary ability to do certain things, and as such there is great beauty in seeing what is done by the genius within individuals.”
introspection  personality_types/traits  self-analysis  strengths 
march 2012
The Old Heave-Ho
September 2004 | TORO | David Hayes
march 2012
Book Summary: Effective Networking for Professional Success - Management Portal
This article is based on the following book:
Effective Networking for Professional Success
"How to Make the Most of Your Personal Contacts"
by Rupert Hart, Stirling Books, 1997
networking  tips  rules_of_the_game 
march 2012
Managing Your Career: Job-Hunt Workshops -
February 1, 2005 | WSJ | By JOANN S. LUBLIN

Among the other clever tips that were provided during the workshop:

Send introductory "cover letters" via Federal Express. Save your resume for later.
Find "connectors," such as hairstylists, dentists and accountants, who know many people because their professions cut across industries.
During networking events, wear a name tag on your chest's right side so someone shaking hands can easily discern who you are. Tuck spare business cards behind the tag.
Identify an industry's key players through trade publications that quote them. Cite the articles when you solicit their advice.
Craft an "elevator pitch" about yourself that sounds like a dramatic movie trailer because it captures your passion.
Prepare a script before phoning a hiring manager. Call while standing. Leave voicemail slowly, using an upward inflection to demonstrate your energy and enthusiasm.
Send personalized, handwritten notes thanking every individual who interviews you
Managing_Your_Career  Joann_S._Lublin  Colleges_&_Universities  job_search  networking  preparation 
march 2012
Culture and the final frontier for female leaders - The Globe and Mail
CHRYSTIA FREELAND | Columnist profile
From Friday's Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Mar. 15, 2012
Chrystia_Freeland  women  leadership 
march 2012
Subway dream achievable with tax plan to pay for it - The Globe and Mail
marcus gee
From Saturday's Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Mar. 16, 2012

Mr. Ford has one last chance to snatch something – if not victory, then at least progress – from the jaws of defeat. He could propose a serious plan to build a network of new rapid transit in this city over the next quarter-century, complete with the new revenue tools – in other words, taxes – to pay for it. To back up his plan, he could recommend a citywide referendum to approve it. It would be a startling proposal from a tax-fighting mayor, but Mr. Ford needs to seize back the momentum if he is to have any chance of influencing the city’s transit future.

With provincial and federal governments fighting big deficits, and city hall still struggling to get its finances in shape, special levies for transit offer the only realistic hope of building it. An array of expert reports in the last couple of months have recommended looking at them.

Mr. Ford’s point man on the subways campaign, Gordon Chong, thinks the city needs to consider road tolls and other measures. The mayor’s subways advocate on council, Scarborough’s Norm Kelly, wants a 0.5-per-cent sales tax, raising $250-million a year. The mayor himself has toyed with the idea of a special levy on parking fees to pay for transit.
Marcus_Gee  transit  TTC  Rob_Ford 
march 2012
Syria hack signals evolution of cyber warfare
Mar. 16, 2012 | - The Globe and Mail | Peter Apps.
cyber_warfare  Syria  hackers 
march 2012
Black on Black HOPE
September 15, 2005 | The Caribbean Camera | Lennox Farell
Toronto  urban  African_Canadians  murders  violence  masculinity  teaching  churches  Afro-Caribbeans 
march 2012
The Q Score: How Y Combinator's Startups Are Like Broadway Musicals - Rebecca J. Rosen - Technology - The Atlantic
Mar 14 2012 |The Atlantic | Rebecca J. Rosen is an associate editor at The Atlantic. She was previously an associate editor at The Wilson Quarterly, where she spearheaded the magazine's In Essence section.
Y_Combinator  start_ups 
march 2012
Dell to Pay $1.2 Billion for IT-Security Firm SonicWall -
March 13, 2012 | WSJ | By BEN WORTHEN And IAN SHERR.

Dell Looks Beyond PCs With Purchase of SonicWall
Dell  cyber_security  diversification 
march 2012
P&G's Marketing Chief Looks to Go Digital -
March 13, 2012 | WSJ | By EMILY GLAZER.
P&G's Marketing Chief Looks to Go Digital
P&G  digital_media  interviews 
march 2012
Diagnostic Tools to Unleash Your Inner Mechanic -
March 14, 2012, 5:38 p.m. ET

Diagnostic Tools to Unleash Your Inner Mechanic

automobile  diagnostic  tools  DIY  repairs 
march 2012
Big Bad Data? | TVO Main
Big Data : corporate data, web data,

Volume Google: Every 2 days we're generating as much data was we did from the dawn of civilization up to 2003. Raw volume of data

Variety: corp tx, web, user gen content, searches on google, new industries.
Velocity: data is coming at us with incredible speed. Changing incredibly quickly iPad unveiling 10,000 tweets/minute that had the word iPad in it.

Why its important? Because as the volume of data increases, your ability to draw insight and to get more information out of data also goes up. You can find more subtle relationships, more nuances out of the data as you have more if it.

With new data comes new knowledge. See stuff you couldn't see before. Learn new stuff.
web_video  The_Agenda  massive_data_sets 
march 2012
The Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong
March 9, 2012 | WSJ | By GEORGIA FREEDMAN.

In Search Of: The Best Dim Sum in Hong Kong
On the hunt for the plumpest dumplings, tastiest buns and sweetest spare ribs this Asian city offers up from a cart, basket or porcelain plate.
Hong_Kong  restaurants  travel  things_to_do  food  Dim_Sum 
march 2012
Which TD branches open Sunday » Banks in Canada
Over 300 TD Canada Trust branches across Canada will be open from Noon to 4pm. 7 Day banking
TD_Bank  Junior_Achievement  banking 
march 2012
How I Built It: Dropbox -
March 14, 2012 | WSJ By ANGUS LOTEN.

Dropbox Seeks Big Solutions
march 2012
A Start-Up Ecosystem Forms in Chicago -
March 15, 2012, 2:22 p.m. ET

A Start-Up Ecosystem Forms in Chicago
Inspired by Local Stars Like Groupon as Well as More Venture-Capital Funding, Entrepreneurs Nurture Local Connections

start_ups  Chicago  ecosystems  Groupon  entrepreneur  Sarah_E._Needleman 
march 2012
Tips for asking better questions
Converse, don't interrogate - distinguishes how to exchange with a mentor vs a peer. Offer my own thoughts as away of encouraging a real conversation. Give intelligence to others as this will nudge them to reciprocate.
Adjust the lens - when trying to make a decision, ask wide questions to identify the criteria to be used (5 W's), ask narrow questions to identify the weight to be assigned to each. Narrow questions invites specific, often factual answers about the specific area of inquiry--and nothing else.
Frame and prime - construct the question in multiple ways for high quality intelligence
Follow up and probe - to gain better intelligence beyond a single question
Reid_Hoffman  tips  LinkedIn  Communicating_&_Connecting  questions  conversations  follow-up_questions  adjustments  generosity  wide-framing  narrow-framing  5_W’s 
march 2012
How to Start a Conversation When You Have Nothing to Talk About
Edited byAnthony J. Colleluori.

The secret at the heart of a good conversation is to listen and do very little of the talking, apart from encouraging the other person to open up.
howto  conversations  ice-breakers  Communicating_&_Connecting 
march 2012
Miles and Rouse: After the Merger, How Not to Lose Customers -
March 14, 2012 | WSJ | By LAURA MILES AND TED ROUSE.

After the Merger, How Not to Lose Customers
Customer defections are a major reason why more than half of all mergers fail to improve shareholder value.
mergers_&_acquisitions  M&A  customer_churn  customer_defections  value_creation  customer_experience  customer_loyalty  customer_centricity  shareholder_value 
march 2012
Private Equity Bets on Indonesia -
private_equity  Indonesia  globalization 
march 2012
No time. No resources. Not happening.
October 19, 2011 | Globe & Mail |MARJO JOHNE
Too many small businesses ignore on-the-job appraisals, missing out on good staff development opportunities
small_business  performance_reviews 
march 2012
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