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More Reflection, Less Action
February 14, 2014 |NYT | By TONY SCHWARTZ.

Observation from President Obama, caught on an open mike during a stroll with Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain in 2008:

“The most important thing you need to do [in this job] is to have big chunks of time during the day when all you’re doing is thinking.”

Judgment is grounded in discernment, subtlety and nuance.... Good judgment grows out of reflection, and reflection requires the sort of quiet time that gets crowded out by the next demand.

Regular reflection also provides the space in which to decide what not to do. At the companies I visit, no topic comes up more frequently than prioritizing....Time to reflect is what makes it possible to prioritize.... a tools that ensures reflection and prioritization is an old-fashioned handwritten to-do list, with a twist. Download everything that’s on your mind – not just calls to make and emails to send, but also ideas you want to explore, conflicts you haven’t resolved, and longer-term projects you intend to pursue...If you can’t decide whether something is worth your time, I try to stop and answer two reflective questions – a task that ends up saving rather than costing time.

1. Could someone else do this just as well or better than I can? If so, I try to turn it over.

2. Is the time and energy I invest going to produce anything I’ll still consider worth having done a month from now?

We need less conventional wisdom and more genuine wisdom; less sheer output and more insights that add enduring value.
time-management  reflections  wisdom  work_life_balance  insights  priorities  lists  GTD  judgment  strategic_thinking  Obama  David_Cameron  thinking  timeouts  meditation  contemplation  discernment  subtlety  personal_energy  slack_time  monotasking  sustained_inquiry  Tony_Schwartz  nuanced 
february 2014
Yes, the Wealthy Can Be Deserving
FEB. 15, 2014 | NYT | By N. GREGORY MANKIW.

Actors, authors, and athletes do not make up the entire ranks of the rich. Most top earners make their fortunes in ways that are less transparent to the public.... the most natural explanation of high C.E.O. pay is that the value of a good C.E.O. is extraordinarily high.

That is hardly a surprise. A typical chief executive is overseeing billions of dollars of shareholder wealth as well as thousands of employees. The value of making the right decisions is tremendous. Just consider the role of Steve Jobs in the rise of Apple and its path-breaking products....A similar case is the finance industry, where many hefty compensation packages can be found. There is no doubt that this sector plays a crucial economic role. Those who work in banking, venture capital and other financial firms are in charge of allocating the economy’s investment resources. They decide, in a decentralized and competitive way, which companies and industries will shrink and which will grow. It makes sense that a nation would allocate many of its most talented and thus highly compensated individuals to the task.
high_net_worth  income_distribution  winner-take-all  the_one_percent  CEOs  compensation  private_equity  income_inequality  talent  breakthroughs  Steve_Jobs  finance  capital_allocation  decision_making 
february 2014
Need help focusing? Start doodling - The Globe and Mail
Five ways doodling improves thinking

Focus: Information retention:
Creative problem-solving:”

Information integration:
art  Communicating_&_Connecting  thinking  focus  sketches 
february 2014
Do People Need Libraries in the Digital Age? - Speakeasy - WSJ
Feb 12, 2014| WSJ| by Christopher John Farley.

Google recently launched a program called “Helpouts” which connects people with experts. There’s no reason future libraries couldn’t do something similar, acting as a hub for putting people in touch, via Skype or in person, with book authors, professors, and learned members of the community. A number of places around the world are already setting up such “living libraries,” allowing people to contact people in the know directly. The Ptolemies pioneered a similar concept, bringing together some of the leading thinkers of the Hellenistic world for the Museum at Alexandria, which was linked to the Great Library.

Libraries of the future could be places we go not to just check out books, but to check out each other–to participate, face to face, in cultural activities in a way we can’t do over the internet. Some of this is being done. Perhaps more of it needs to be done soon.
libraries  expertise  human_experience  personal_libraries  personal_connections 
february 2014
Canada’s secret slave-owning past revealed | Metro
Takara Small Metro Canada
February 10, 2014 Updated: February 10, 2014
slavery  Canada  history 
february 2014
Venture Capital Firm Focused on the Midwest Raises a $250 Million Fund -
February 4, 2014, 7:33 am
Venture Capital Firm Focused on the Midwest Raises a $250 Million Fund
venture_capital  vc  Midwest 
february 2014
Life Coaches for the Entrepreneurial Set -

In order to work with me meant works,” Clients need to carve time out out of their schedules to work with me. Such coaches, after all, represent a somewhat amorphous profession. They are not psychotherapists who will mine the past for solutions to the present, nor are they strictly business consultants tasked with, say, fixing part of a company. Rather, they are people without prescribed credentials, though often with experience in the client’s field, who have won trust through experience or reputation to guide a client to an agreed-upon life, career or business goal.....many successful entrepreneurs who turn to coaches, wanted to do better. To some this means having more money; to others it means more family time. To still others, it could mean going to the next level in a career, starting a company or simply finding a way to be more present at work and at home.
entrepreneur  life_skills  coaching  financial_advisors 
february 2014
Wine-Braised Oxtail - Video -
Wine-Braised Oxtail
By Jenny Woodward February 7th, 2014

Oxtail is “one of the most wonderful meats for braising,” says Melissa Clark. She makes hers with celery root and carrots, and serves it with gremolata.
oxtail  spices  stews  recipes  web_video  beef 
february 2014
Tech Investor to Entrepreneurs: A Harvard Degree Is a Liability -
February 10, 2014, 11:04 am
Tech Investor to Entrepreneurs: A Harvard Degree Is a Liability
HBS  start_ups  venture_capital  naivete 
february 2014
Chinese Official Made Job Plea to JPMorgan Chase Chief -
February 9, 2014, 10:06 pm
Chinese Official Made Job Plea to JPMorgan Chase Chief
JPMorgan_Chase  Jamie_Dimon 
february 2014
Lives Lived: Clarence Anthony Nichols, 70 - The Globe and Mail
The Nichols family

Contributed to The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Jan. 31 2014
obituaries  Guyanese  African_Canadians  Afro-Guyanese 
february 2014
Search for a Market Niche, and You Might Find a Crowd -

Tristan Walker decided that his moon shot would be revolutionizing the skin-care and beauty-product industry for African-Americans....Kartik Hosanagar, a professor of online commerce at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, said that even the smallest companies would soon have to start paying attention to so-called unconventional markets.

“There are still two Silicon Valleys,” Mr. Hosanagar said. “Young entrepreneurs in San Francisco, working at a tech firm, surrounded by the tech 1 percent, solving problems for the 1 percent. And there are companies that manage to break through that and become relevant. The Googles, Twitters and Facebooks of the world.”

The companies that break out, he said, are successful because they are adept at appealing to all users. But even those tech giants must think ever more broadly if they are to have continued success and growth. Signs suggest that these companies are trying to extend their reach and understand the complexity and diversity of their users and potential users.
African-Americans  niches  entrepreneur  moonshots  Foursquare  Andreessen_Horowitz  unconventional_thinking  personal_care_products  personal_grooming  underserved  Bottom_of_the_Pyramid  Jenna_Wortham  Tristan_Walker  pay_attention 
february 2014
Black artists speak their minds:
February 7-14, 2013 | NOW Magazine | Dalton Higgins.
African_Canadians  funnies  Toronto 
february 2014
More Men in Prime Working Ages Don't Have Jobs -
Mark Peters and
David Wessel
Updated Feb. 6, 2014
men  unemployment  joblessness 
february 2014
Other People’s Views -
FEB. 6, 2014

[David Brooks]

David Brooks

When should you care about what other people think and when should you not?

Most of our core beliefs originated with some great figure from the distant past. These ideas, creeds or faiths were then nurtured by generations of other people, who are also now mostly dead. They created a transcendent tradition, which we embrace and hope in turn to pass along to generations as yet unborn. No sensible person would ever be happy betraying the approval of the admired dead just to win some passing approval in the here and now.
David_Brooks  ancestry  transcendental 
february 2014
How Successful People Stay Calm - Forbes
Travis Bradberry, Contributor

I use emotional intelligence to boost leadership performance.
Follow (102)
emotional_intelligence  emotional_mastery  EQ  gratitude  high-achieving  overachievers  stressful 
february 2014
Now, the Sentencing for Martoma -
February 7, 2014, 9:18 am
Now, the Sentencing for Martoma
legal_strategies  Mathew_Martoma  sentencing  insider_trading  SAC_Capital  Steven_Cohen 
february 2014
Heenan Blaikie lawyers rush to find new homes

The Globe and Mail

Published Thursday, Feb. 06 2014
Heenan_Blaikie  law_firms  dissolutions  Bay_Street 
february 2014
Past Fictions, a Lack of Trust and No Deal in SAC Case -
February 6, 2014, 9:19 pm
Past Fictions, a Lack of Trust and No Deal in SAC Case
SAC_Capital  Harvard  deception  Mathew_Martoma 
february 2014
NAKED & FAMOUS on what to consider when buying denim – Holts Muse
By Yale Breslin

1) Body Type – Choose a fit that is right for your body shape. If you are a short and athletic build, don’t buy bootcut jeans, as they will make your feet look tiny, your legs will appear shorter and you will look both shorter and wider than you really are. Instead, go for a tapered leg like our WeirdGuy cut.

2) Wash – Go for raw jeans instead of washed out styles. Raw jeans can be broken in and they become more and more beautiful with wear. Washed out jeans look silly and tacky. You wouldn’t buy an apple with scratches or bruises – so why would you buy pre-distressed jeans?

3) Where it’s made – Don’t buy Made in China jeans for $250 retail. Support your local economy and buy Made in Canada products!

4) Color – Everyone needs a good dark pair of jeans for a fancier event. Save your paler jeans for casual occasions.

5) Fabric Weight – This may sound obvious, but in the summer buy lighter weight denim and in the fall and winter seasons go for heavier fabrics.
blue_jeans  mens'_clothing  retailers 
february 2014
Storied law firm Heenan Blaikie sunk by a shifting legal landscape - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Published Wednesday, Feb. 05 2014

National law firm Heenan Blaikie LLP is closing after 40 years in operation, marking the largest failure of a law firm in Canada....An array of problems contributed to its demise, from new pressures on mid-sized law firms to a long decline in major corporate deals and demands from clients for lower billing. Some clients have abandoned traditional loyalty to a single firm and have been using smaller ones that offer deep discounts on routine work.
law_firms  Bay_Street  dissolutions  Heenan_Blaikie  winner-take-all  decline  mid-sized  Jeff_Gray  barbell_effect 
february 2014
Top tips for porting an application to a computing infrastructure
22 May 2013| Software Sustainability Institute | By Mike Jackson
tips  software  porting  Waudware 
february 2014
Tiger Mom Amy Chua's theory of success: Three factors why Indians, Jews, Chinese do better than others - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Published Wednesday, Feb. 05 2014

[JCK: Luke Johnson opining in the Financial Times on South Asian immigrants to the UK from Uganda-: What we need is brainpower and willpower - they are the greatest natural resources.]
achievement_gaps  Amy_Chua  Asian-Americans  books  brainpower  ethnic_communities  ksfs  movingonup  parenting  willpower 
february 2014
Run on the firm may signal Heenan’s demise
Run on the firm may signal Heenan’s demise Add to ...
Subscribers Only

The Globe and Mail

It’s a fate that awaits other mid-level law firms whose business model is no longer working in a rapidly changing environment. Firms like Heenan Blaikie are being squeezed mercilessly both from above and below – by the heavyweights chasing after business they once ignored as unworthy of their lofty status, and by more nimble specialist firms with lower expenses (including less lavish offices) and cheaper fees.

Like accounting firms and investment banks, law firms are also facing the long-predicted downdrafts emanating from the hollowing out of corporate Canada. As Canadian subsidiaries have ceded greater control to their foreign owners, a chunk of their financial and legal business in Canada has migrated to head offices in other countries.

Published Tuesday, Feb. 04 2014
law_firms  Bay_Street  dissolutions  Heenan_Blaikie  winner-take-all  head_offices  hollowing_out  boutiques  specialists  mid-sized  rapid_change  barbell_effect  Corporate_Canada  mercilessness 
february 2014
Microsoft Prescription: More Bill Gates -
Shira Ovide,
Joann S. Lublin and
Monica Langley
Updated Feb. 5, 2014
Microsoft  appointments  CEOs  Satya_Nadella 
february 2014
Hard Times at Howard U. -

Howard has been in turmoil for several years over its fiscal direction as well as a series of public relations blunders, notably the news of bonuses to high-level administrators amounting to $1.1 million amid cost-cutting and tuition increases.
Colleges_&_Universities  African-Americans  hard_times  HBCUs  Morehouse  leadership  Washington_D.C.  crisis  education  enrollment  Howard  economics 
february 2014
Alejandra Ribera’s La Boca: an exotic and cosmopolitan second album - The Globe and Mail
Brad Wheeler

The Globe and Mail
Jan. 31 2014

Bad Again is bolder, with her earthy alto dipping and whipping around the chord progressions. The song concerns the picking up of old nasty habits.
concerts  CBC_Radio  music  Brad_Wheeler 
february 2014
What Machines Can’t Do -
FEB. 3, 2014 | NYT | David Brooks.
here is what robots can't do -- create art, deep meaning, move our souls, help us to understand and thus operate in the world, inspire deeper thought, care for one another, help the environment where we live
We’re clearly heading into an age of brilliant technology.computers are increasingly going to be able to perform important parts of even mostly cognitive jobs, like picking stocks, diagnosing diseases and granting parole.

As this happens, certain mental skills will become less valuable because computers will take over (e.g. memorization)

what human skills will be more valuable? The age of brilliant machines seems to reward a few traits. First, it rewards enthusiasm, people driven to perform extended bouts of concentration, diving into and trying to make sense of these bottomless information oceans. Second, the era seems to reward people with extended time horizons and strategic discipline. Third, the age seems to reward procedural architects (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia, etc. , people who can design an architecture/platform that allows other people to express ideas or to collaborate. Fourth, people who can organize a decentralized network around a clear question, without letting it dissipate or clump, will have enormous value. Fifth, essentialists will probably be rewarded--the ability to grasp the essence of one thing, and then the essence of some very different thing, and smash them together to create some entirely new thing. Sixth, the computer is the computer. The role of the human is not to be dispassionate, depersonalized or neutral. It is precisely the emotive traits that are rewarded: the voracious lust for understanding, the enthusiasm for work, the ability to grasp the gist, the empathetic sensitivity to what will attract attention and linger in the mind. Unable to compete when it comes to calculation, the best workers will come with heart in hand.
David_Brooks  Erik_Brynjolfsson  future-proofing  career_paths  MIT  problem_solving  persuasion  Andrew_McAfee  Communicating_&_Connecting  indispensable  skills  Managing_Your_Career  21st._century  new_graduates  focus  long-term  self-discipline  lateral_thinking  sense-making  platforms  emotions  empathy  time_horizons 
february 2014
What the hell have you been doing with your life?
February 4, 2014@ 8:55 AM EST

Eric Jackson ‏@ericjackson 40m

If you haven't been building a $150 billion platform company at scale in the last 10 yrs, what the hell have you been doing with yo...
Twitter  Eric_Jackson  quotes  economies_of_scale 
february 2014
Apple Quietly Builds New Networks -
Drew FitzGerald and
Daisuke Wakabayashi
Feb. 3, 2014

Apple's online delivery needs have grown in the last few years, driven by its iCloud service for storing users' data and rising sales of music, videos and games from iTunes and the App Store. But the iPhone maker is reported to have broader ambitions for television that could involve expanding its Apple TV product or building its own television set.

Snapping up Internet infrastructure supports all those pursuits at once. Apple is signing long-term deals to lock up bandwidth and hiring more networking experts, steps that companies like Google Inc. GOOG -4.03% and Facebook Inc. have already taken to gain more control over the vast content they distribute.

Bill Norton, chief strategy officer for International Internet Exchange, which helps companies line up Internet traffic agreements, estimates that Apple has in a short time bought enough bandwidth from Web carriers to move hundreds of gigabits of data each second....Apple's hardware business is increasingly tied into services delivered over the Internet. In 2011, it rolled out the iCloud service, which stores and syncs emails, documents, photos, music and video so users can access them from various Apple devices. In addition, it is delivering more content from its iTunes and App Store—which brought in $16 billion in revenue in the year that ended in September—while pushing out regular, data-laden updates of its mobile and PC operating systems.

The company's need for bandwidth and supporting infrastructure will grow if it moves further into television. Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook has said improving the TV viewing experience is an area of interest for the company and that it has a "great vision" for television. On a conference call last week to discuss its latest earnings with analysts, Mr. Cook said Apple is on track to break into new product categories this year, fueling speculation about a new television or revamped video service.
App_Store  Apple  Apple_IDs  Apple_TV  bandwidth  digital_storage  hiring  iCloud  iTunes  networks  networking  new_categories  services  streaming  Tim_Cook 
february 2014
Super Bowl advertising won’t wait for commercial breaks - The Globe and Mail

TORONTO — The Globe and Mail

Published Thursday, Jan. 30 2014
Susan_Krashinsky  Oreo  Facebook  brands  public_relations 
february 2014
‘Buy Local’: Nice idea, but does it make sense? - The Globe and Mail

Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Jan. 31 2014
local  neighbourhoods  Todd_Hirsch 
february 2014
Buzz off
January 31, 2014 | Report on Business Magazine | David Berman
With bees in trouble, could there be a day without almonds?
agriculture  farming  honeybees  food  agribusiness  pollination 
february 2014
Smile, you're on WiFi
January 31, 2014
That cellphone in your pocket is emitting a constant stream of information - and retailers are starting to listen in

Ivor Tossell

Mexia, a Winnipeg-based "location analytics" company that's one of a new crop of firms that are supplying retailers with technology that listens in to smartphone signals. Mexia installs Bluetooth and WiFi receivers in specific zones around a store. By measuring the occurrence and relative strength of your phone's passive, unwittingly sent signals, it can tell whether customers are lingering longer in the housewares department, the kitchen aisle or near the checkout. The company says it has deployed sensors in between 80 and 100 stores so far; it also does malls and airports. "We report on a multitude of things, from the traditional traffic count to the time spent in the store," says Glenn Tinley, Mexia's founder and president. "It gets pretty interesting, to say the least."
wi-fi  Bluetooth  mobile_phones  location  location_based_services  tracking  Mexia  Turnstyle  customer_loyalty  shopping_experience  privacy  analytics  confidentiality 
february 2014
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