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Kelly: On the outside looking in, John Daly joins merchants outside Augusta - The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Apr. 10 2015

Daly’s ruminating about his career.

“I wish I would’ve played better in that ’96-to-2001 window. I wish I would’ve practised on my game the way I do now,” Daly says. “My problem is I didn’t say no. Went everywhere. Took the money. Wasn’t able to sit back and take the time to practise for a whole week. I kind of let my game falter.”

For a few years, John Daly was probably the most typical American allowed through the Augusta gates. But that’s done now. Like most of the rest of them, he’s back on the other side of the fence.
Cathal_Kelly  golf  downward_mobility 
april 2015
Businessman Melvin Woodward revolutionized fuel delivery
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Apr. 10 2015
obituaries  entrepreneur 
april 2015
Amazon to Sell Predictions in Cloud Race Against Google and Microsoft -

Amazon Web Services announced that it was selling to the public the same kind of software it uses to figure out what products Amazon puts in front of a shopper, when to stage a sale or who to target with an email offer.

The techniques, called machine learning, are applicable for technology development, finance, bioscience or pretty much anything else that is getting counted and stored online these days. In other words, almost everything.
Quentin_Hardy  Amazon  Google  machine_learning  cloud_computing  AWS  Microsoft  Azure  predictions  predictive_analytics  predictive_modeling  automated_reasoning 
april 2015
Why a Harvard Professor Has Mixed Feelings When Students Take Jobs in Finance
Walker New York 2 hours ago APRIL 10, 2015
Professor Mullainathan's article illustrates perfectly why the study and profession of economics has been dubbed the "dismal science." He draws upon highbro...
letters_to_the_editor  finance  Harvard  Wall_Street 
april 2015
Why a Harvard Professor Has Mixed Feelings When Students Take Jobs in Finance -

Every profession produces both private returns — the fruits of labor that a person enjoys — and social returns — those that society enjoys. If I set up a shop on Etsy selling photographs, my private returns may be defined as the revenue I generate. The social returns are the pleasure that my photographs provide to my customers....
career_paths  career  Wall_Street  students  economics  Harvard  Colleges_&_Universities  talent  rent-seeking  arbitrage  finance 
april 2015
Hedge-Fund Magnate Robert Mercer Emerges as a Generous Backer of Cruz -

Mr. Mercer, a reclusive Long Islander who started at I.B.M. and made his fortune using computer patterns to outsmart the stock market, emerged this week as a key early bankroller of Mr. Cruz’s surprisingly fast campaign start.

...Mr. Mercer does not have the name recognition of fellow Republican financiers like the Koch brothers or Sheldon Adelson, but he has spent more than $15 million since 2012 in support of conservative political campaigns and causes, donating to a number of candidates who had never even met him. ....Robert Mercer is discussed in “More Money Than God,” a book about the hedge fund industry by Sebastian Mallaby....Before joining Renaissance Technologies, Mr. Mercer, 68, worked at I.B.M.’s research center, where he specialized in computerized translation of languages.....When James H. Simons, the billionaire founder of the Renaissance hedge fund, hired Mr. Mercer in 1993, the company was more university campus than Wall Street firm. Mr. Simons, a mathematician and former code-breaker for the National Security Agency, brought in astronomers and physicists to analyze reams of data, using computer programs to search for patterns that could be used to inform trading decisions. Mr. Simons has been a major political backer of Democrats, donating $8.3 million in 2014.
hedge_funds  moguls  high_net_worth  Robert_Mercer  Wall_Street  Ted_Cruz  Renaissance_Technologies  books  Citizens_United  James_Simons  PACs 
april 2015
The Lessons for Finance in the GE Capital Retreat -

More than 10 years ago, the kinds of investors who seek out weak companies were circulating presentations on Wall Street that argued that General Electric’s enormous lending business was a ticking time bomb.

The financial crisis of 2008 proved those skeptics right, and on Friday, they appeared to have the final laugh. General Electric announced that it was selling most of the loans inside its financial division, GE Capital, leaving a G.E. that will be dominated by industrial businesses.
GE_Capital  GE  exits  financial_services  short_selling  weaknesses 
april 2015
Mugabe takes the stage, and steals the show, in South Africa visit - The Globe and Mail
Mugabe takes the stage, and steals the show, in South Africa visit
JOHANNESBURG — The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Apr. 08 2015
Robert_Mugabe  Zimbabwe  South_Africa  Jacob_Zuma  despots  tyrants  autocrats 
april 2015
Universities are vital investments for all orders of government - The Globe and Mail
Universities are vital investments for all orders of government
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Apr. 10 2015
Todd_Hirsch  Colleges_&_Universities  students 
april 2015
In South Carolina, Shot in the Back as He Ran -
APRIL 8, 2015| NYT | Chalres Blow.

But I would argue that the issue we are facing in these cases is not one of equipment, or even policy, but culture.

I would submit that cameras would have an impact on policy and culture, but that a change in culture must be bigger than both. It must start with “good cops” no longer countenancing the behavior of “bad cops.” It will start with those good cops publicly and vociferously chastising and condemning their brethren when they are wrong. Their silence has never been — and is certainly no longer — suitable. We must hear from them, not necessarily from the rank-and-file but from those higher up the ladder.
Walter_Scott  South_Carolina  police_abuse  police_brutality  op-ed 
april 2015
Media Asset Management – "Topping off" our Digital World
Even more than in 1932, when R.B. Bennett’s Government first articulated the need for a public broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada is interconnected with Canada’s democratic, social and cultural needs. Public broadcasting offers a unique value proposition as an effective instrument of Canadian public policy in a mixed public and private broadcasting system.
“I look forward to joining the CBC team and getting started. CBC Sports is among the best-known and most-respected brands in the history of Canadian broadcasting,” Orridge says. “We are anticipating an exciting NHL Stanley Cup Playoff schedule, with women’s FIFA World Cup Soccer soon to follow. Our sports schedule overall represents an extraordinary opportunity and value proposition for both our audiences and our advertising partners.”
CBC  digital_media  value_propositions  public_broadcasting 
april 2015
The unfair pillorying of the 1 per cent hurts us all - The Globe and Mail
The unfair pillorying of the 1 per cent hurts us all
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Apr. 03 2015
The_One_Percent  income_distribution  income_inequality 
april 2015
Toronto to use big data to help reduce traffic congestion - The Globe and Mail

Toronto is creating a “big data” traffic team as the city tries to manage congestion better by learning what is actually happening on its streets.....The push is a start toward filling that vacuum of information. The city has released a job posting for someone to lead the data unit and will spend the rest of the year deciding what they want to learn. A “hackathon” in September will let people come in, look at the available data and see what they can do with it.

Big data has become a buzz phrase in traffic circles as smartphones and GPS units make it easier to track people’s movements. But in most places, the promise looms larger than the reality. Many cities are still trying to figure out how to turn the flood of data into useful information.
massive_data_sets  traffic_congestion  Toronto  John_Tory  transportation  analytics  data  information_gaps 
april 2015
The sinister side of a Civil War surplus shop in Georgia - The Globe and Mail
The sinister side of a Civil War surplus shop in Georgia
The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Apr. 08 2015

just across the street from that museum is an even more iconic Kennesaw landmark – a run-down, Old West saloon-looking building whose ground-floor porch is draped with myriad flags of the Confederacy. This is Wildman’s place: part store, part “museum.”

Inside, the cramped, dusty enclosure looks like someone’s overstuffed attic. Massive, multivolume sets of Civil War history sit alongside bizarre, self-published diatribes detailing the grand plans of the Illuminati. There’s a flimsy, plastic clock designed to count down to President Barack Obama's last day in office; there’s a big sign above the cluttered hovel of a cash register that reads: “White Trash.”

But move further into the store – to the very back, into an area described as a museum – and you’ll find something far more sinister. The walls and shelves are lined with grotesquely racist depictions of black people, complete with all the usual tropes – big lips, watermelons, the works. There’s shrines to the Klan, to white power.
Omar_el_Akkad  Civil_War  the_South  retailers  history  white_supremacy  Georgia  Jim_Crow  racism  collectibles  Confederacy 
april 2015
Newark airport climbs on the 'Bandwagon' taxi sharing app |
By Steve Strunsky | NJ Advance Media for
Email the author | Follow on Twitter
on April 07, 2015 at 8:00 AM, updated April 07, 2015
ride_sharing  sharing_economy  Bandwagon  mobile_applications  taxis  airports 
april 2015
A deal, yes, but the burden’s on Iran to come clean - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Apr. 02 2015,
CIGI  negotiations  Iran  nuclear 
april 2015
Let’s train our leaders to be ethical - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Apr. 06 2015

How about establishing an Institute of Political Managers and Directors, along the same lines as the Institute of Corporate Directors, with a similar commitment to ethical training and conduct? Such an institute would need to be cross-partisan, not non-partisan, since it would be providing ethical training for participants in the real political world, which is intensely partisan, whether we like it or not.

Its training emphasis should be heavily focused on ethics – promoting truth in communications and knowing where the lines are drawn among truth, spin and lies; advancing guidelines as to what constitutes ethical behaviour in an adversarial system and defining the limits to partisanship; demanding unwavering adherence to the rule of law by those who make laws; and inculcating a trusteeship ethic among those responsible for the handling of public money.

For training resources, the institute could draw in part upon business schools with well-developed courses in ethics, as well as Carleton University’s graduate program in political management. Carleton already includes an ethical component in each of its political management courses.
Preston_Manning  training  leaders  boards_&_directors_&_governance  Carleton  political_infrastructure  institutions  politicians  institution-building  ethics 
april 2015
The Iran deal is our best possible option. Let’s not spoil it - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Apr. 06 2015
Iran  nuclear  negotiations  deal-making 
april 2015
Leading Bay Street banker opens new boutique dealer - The Globe and Mail
Leading Bay Street banker opens new boutique dealer
The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Apr. 06 2015
boutiques  Bay_Street  investment_banking  Infor  GMP 
april 2015
Ben Yagoda and Gary Rosen: Tuning Music Royalties to the Times
April 5, 2015 | WSJ | By BEN YAGODA And GARY A. ROSEN

Performers can go on tour and sell merch. Songwriters in the age of Spotify and Pandora are out of luck.

For some time, performers a notch below Beyoncé and Taylor Swift have complained about the change in music delivery from CDs to downloads to streaming, today’s dominant system, as the progression has chipped away at their already-modest royalties. These gripes are legitimate, but even worse off is the non-performing songwriter, who can’t go on the road and sell signed CDs and merch, and who takes home significantly lower royalties........The entire U.S. system of music royalties is confusing, contradictory and inequitable, a monument to more than 100 years of haggling among creators, purveyors and users. To call it Byzantine maligns that great empire.

For one, a musical composition (“the publishing” in music-industry parlance) and its recording (“the master”) receive separate copyrights, with separate licensing systems. There are dramatically different rate-setting mechanisms: Broadcast radio pays royalties for the composition, but nothing for the recording. Digital media—Pandora and satellite radio, for instance—pay for both, but nobody pays for recordings made before 1972, which are not protected under federal copyright law. (They may soon carry a royalty in certain states, thanks to lawsuits filed by former members of the Turtles.) Hardly any music licenses are negotiated in the free market.
copyright  digital_media  music  music_industry  musical_performances  Pandora  royalties  Spotify  songwriters  streaming 
april 2015
How the Authentic Taco Made a Gourmet Comeback - WSJ
April 3, 2015

toppings: sour cream; grated extra-old cheddar; diced tomatoes; diced onions; shredded lettuce; salsa sauce
Mexican  recipes  Tex-Mex 
april 2015
Get pickling with this easy brine recipe - The Globe and Mail
Believe me when I say that opening your fridge and seeing your own homemade pickles is pretty cool. And you don’t have to be a kitchen whiz by any means – the ingredient list looks…
Sue_Riedl  condiments  recipes  relish_pickle  savoury  canning 
april 2015
In praise of pickled foods: Ancient treats with a window to other cultures - The Globe and Mail
Pickled foods, like so many good things, exist on the margins.They’re little noticed and not much talked about. As toppings or side dishes or barely there elements in some more expansive…
recipes  condiments  fermentation  relish_pickle  savoury  canning 
april 2015
The Best Way to Find an Airfare Online - WSJ
(D) Airline Flights, Hotels
travel  websites  airline_industry  e-commerce 
april 2015
The Right Way to Do Family Time - WSJ
April 3, 2015
family  howto  parenting 
april 2015
Quebec students get a lesson in austerity - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Mar. 30 2015

Any society would be in big trouble if its students, out of fear or complacency, did not protest. Challenging the existing order is a rite of adulthood and an initiation into democracy. Social change often starts on campuses, those righteous repositories of the social conscience of a nation.
Konrad_Yakabuski  Quebec  Colleges_&_Universities  austerity 
april 2015
Midlife fitness may lower risk of some cancers later
Mar 26, 2015 | Reuters | BY KATHRYN DOYLE.
Midlife fitness may lower risk of some cancers later
cancers  midlife  fitness  mens'_health  colorectal  exercise 
april 2015
The Chinese Billionaire Zhang Lei Spins Research Into Investment Gold

With an $18 billion war chest, Zhang Lei is one of China’s richest investors.

Starting 10 years ago with $20 million from Yale University’s endowment, Mr. Zhang was an early backer of companies like Tencent and, businesses that have shaken up traditional industries across China. Now he thinks these companies could stir things up globally.

“China could be one of the engines to this whole global innovation revolution,” Mr. Zhang said in an interview at the Hong Kong office of his firm, Hillhouse Capital Group, in one of the city’s tallest skyscrapers, with sweeping views of Victoria Harbor.

Across the ocean in Silicon Valley, Mr. Zhang represents China’s new entrepreneurial class. He has consulted with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg and Jeff Bezos, and visited with start-ups like Airbnb.
Zhang_Lei  high_net_worth  moguls  investors  MIT  Yale  endowments  Colleges_&_Universities  China  Chinese 
april 2015
Female-Run Venture Capital Funds Alter the Status Quo -

Venture capitalists are, in a way, the gatekeepers to Silicon Valley, and if they are a group of white men who studied at places like Stanford, it is no wonder that most of the entrepreneurs fit the same mold. Venture firms with women as partners are three times as likely to invest in a company with a female chief executive and twice as likely to invest in one with women on the management team, according to the Babson College report.

The lack of female investors has cascading effects. Start-ups’ boards are composed mostly of venture capitalists, so they are often all men. A recent Fortune analysis found that of the 81 start-ups worth more than $1 billion, 5 percent had a female chief executive and 6 percent had a woman on the board. Other studies have found that male founders and directors are less likely to hire women as executives and engineers, or pay men and women equally.

“Honestly, there will be more female entrepreneurs if there are more female venture capitalists,
venture_capital  Silicon_Valley  vc  entrepreneur  founders  start_ups  women  gender_gap  boards_&_directors_&_governance  angels  gatekeepers  white_men 
april 2015
Why McDonald’s is starved for customers - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Mar. 26 2015,
Eric_Reguly  fast-casual  Mcdonald's 
april 2015
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