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Laycock, HenryView Profile. The Globe and Mail [Toronto, Ont] 31 July 2006: A.12.

The people of Canada have every right to expect from their Prime Minister a categorical denunciation of the war c...
letters_to_the_editor  2006  Lebanon  Israel  Hezbollah 
march 2013 by jerryking
Let's make a deal
August 2, 2006 | G&M | Patrick Martin
Hezbollah  Lebanon  2006  Israel  ceasefires 
march 2013 by jerryking
Honest brokering is nice work -- if you can get it -
11 Aug 2006 | The Globe and Mail A.17 | by Clifford Orwin.

Doubtless, there are dishonest brokers, but it pays to be an honest one. It's only if parties see you as honest that they'll choose to deal through you. And you have no reason to favour either party: Wheat or rye, bauxite or bdellium, it's all the same to you. Broker a deal that makes the parties happy, pocket your percentage, and you'll be happy, too. One of them may be unhappy tomorrow, but that's his worry: Your commission is non-refundable.
ProQuest  Clifford_Orwin  Lebanon  2006  Hezbollah  Iran  Israel 
june 2012 by jerryking
Being Hassan Nasrallah -
JULY 18, 2006 | | By BRET STEPHENS. Nasrallah is the
secretary general of Hezb Allah, or Party of God, which holds 14 of
parliament's 128 seats, including a seat in the cabinet. He provoked the
2006 war with Israel....Hezbollah's political future. Here's a fact
about Lebanon that many people would rather forget: The birth rate among
Shiites averages between eight and nine per household. By contrast,
Sunni households produce about five children, while Christians and Druze
average two. Yet Lebanon's antiquated "confessional" political system,
based in part on a 1932 census, gives Christians half the seats in
parliament (as well as the presidency), while Shiites, who may already
be a majority, are allotted only 27 seats. Is this "democratic"?
Nasrallah thinks not. For years, his political strategy has been to
consolidate Hezbollah's position among Shiites and co-opt the
ever-weakening Christians in a common alliance against the Sunnis.
Lebanon  Israel  2006  Hezbollah  Hassan_Nasrallah  Bret_Stephens  demographic_changes  Shiites 
april 2011 by jerryking
Ahmadinejad's Successful Publicity Tour in Lebanon
Oct 14 2010 | The Atlantic | Ruthie Ackerman. See comments /1 & /2
Ahmadinejad  Iran  Lebanon  Hezbollah  provocations  2006 
october 2010 by jerryking
Why Is Everything Such a Surprise? -
AUGUST 3, 2006 | Wall Street Journal | by CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS
Christopher_Hitchens  Israel  Lebanon  Hezbollah  2006 
may 2009 by jerryking

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