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Argentina Rediscovers Its African Roots -

There have been other attempts to examine Argentina’s African roots in Buenos Aires, including a now-closed maritime museum discussing the slave trade in the La Boca neighborhood. And during Argentina’s 2010 bicentennial, cultural institutions sought to mark the country’s diverse past. The National Historical Museum grouped paintings from the museum’s permanent collection of the five-decade-long Emancipation era. The exhibition center Casa Nacional del Bicentenario occasionally surveys African influences in Argentine music. Outside the capital, in San Antonio de Areco, there are exhibits on Argentina’s black gauchos, or cowboys, in the Museo Ricardo Güiraldes and Museo Las Lilas de Areco. Near Cordoba, the Museo de la Estancia Jesuítica de Alta Gracia, part of Unesco’s slave trail list, also contains exhibitions on the relationship among Jesuits, natives and African slaves.

But those attractions all look backward. As part of the shift toward embracing Afro-Argentine culture, the country is beginning to welcome contemporary African influence.
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september 2014 by jerryking
In Lagos, the 1% Takes Stock

A burgeoning wealthy class is settling into one of Africa’s fastest-growing cities, attracting designers, world-class architects and a growing creative community that seeks to preserve its culture through art and fashion.
Nigeria  Nigerians  African  luxury  high_net_worth  Lagos  frontier_markets  cosmopolitan  crony_capitalism  The_One_Percent  political_elites 
april 2014 by jerryking
How Canada Dominates African Mining
18 April 2013 | Think Africa Press| By Travis Lupick
mining  African  Canada 
january 2014 by jerryking
The Real Legacy of Nelson Mandela -
DECEMBER 10, 2011

The Real Legacy of Nelson Mandela
The antiapartheid hero refused to launch a personality cult. Why have other African leaders failed to follow suit?....The postcolonial history of Africa has shown that liberation parties harvest a potent crop of "struggle" legitimacy that generally neutralizes opposition for a generation or so. During that time, the countervailing institutions of the new state tend to wither in their infancy, constitutions are swept aside and the civil service is politicized as lines blur between government and party.
Nelson_Mandela  South_Africa  humility  heroes  inspiration  personality_cults  African  sub-Saharan_Africa  legacies  authoritarianism  loyal_opposition  institutions  institution-building  civil_service  postcolonial 
december 2011 by jerryking
African Ethnicities and Their Origins
By: Linda Heywood and John Thornton | Posted: October 1, 2011
ancestry  Africa  African  DNA  African-Americans 
october 2011 by jerryking
The Sapeurs of the Congo -
SEPTEMBER 29, 2011 | Wall Street Journal magazine| By TOM DOWNEY

The Beau Brummels of Brazzaville
The Sapeurs of Congo are the world's unlikeliest fashionistas, ordinary workingmen whose inspired style helps them survive in a country torn by civil war.
Africa  mens'_clothing  fashion  stylish  African  Congo  civil_war 
october 2011 by jerryking
African Leadership Academy - ALA Founder Fred Swaniker Speaks at TED Global Conference in Tanzania
to sustain and accelerate Africa’s development, however, we must be more systematic about cultivating these leaders. We must be proactive about increasing the number of individuals who can conceive of important new ideas and implement them.

And so was born the idea for African Leadership Academy. Our goal is to identify young people throughout the continent—125 each and every year—that we believe have the potential to develop and implement important new ideas that can transform Africa. We will bring these young people to the Academy for 2 years in a full-time residential program, as a sort of “Rhodes Scholarship” for Africa’s most promising young leaders. This will begin a life-long process of nurturing these amazing people to bring about the change that our beautiful continent so desperately needs.
leaders  Africa  African  leadership_development  ideas  systematic_approaches  transformational  young_people 
september 2011 by jerryking
'Treasures' Without Maps: African Art Purely as Art -
MARCH 3, 2005| WSJ | By MATTHEW GUREWITSCH . "Treasures" is
announced as the first in a series of bi- or triennial exhibitions given
in honour of the silver anniversary of the National Museum of African
Art as a constituent of the Smithsonian Institution. It will focus on
traditional sub-Saharan African art not as ethnological material but
frankly, unapologetically, as art. To drive home the point, labels have
been kept minimal. They offer no interpretive assistance, and are
frequently vague or silent even as to the date of a work's creation.
There is no map.

"What does a map tell you?" asks Sharon F. Patton, the curator of the
show, two years into her tenure as the fourth director in the history of
the museum. "What does the place it came from have to do with an
appreciation of the work?" How true. Ivory Coast, Mali, Burkina Faso,
Democratic Republic of the Congo, Cameroon, Nigeria, Angola...the
mystique of the names is powerful. But mystique, for most of us, is all
it is.
African  art  exhibitions  museums  curators  mapping  sub-Saharan_Africa  Africa  provenance  Smithsonian  mystique  interpretative 
august 2011 by jerryking / Arts / Visual Arts - Afro Modern, Tate Liverpool
February 2 2010 | Financial Times | By Jackie Wullschlager. send to Ken & Roxanne
museums  art_galleries  art  African  galleries  Africa  London 
february 2010 by jerryking
African Entrepreneurs -
September 8, 2009 | Freakonomics Blog -| By Dwyer Gunn
Africa  African  entrepreneur  start_ups 
september 2009 by jerryking
TFO Canada :: Out of Africa
Monday, May 28, 2007 | Globe & Mail | by Janice Lindsay,
(colour and design consultant,,
416-961-6281). A new appreciation of handmade objects has fuelled a
resurgence of interest in the African aesthetic,
African  artisan_hobbies_&_crafts  design  art  handmade  Africa 
april 2009 by jerryking
[no title]
Thursday, March 12, 2009 blog post by Summerhill Company about a
new book by Nigerian born author, Moki Miqura, which identifies sixteen
dynamic and outstandingly daring African men, who’ve built sustainable
enterprises which can be benchmarked alongside the best in the world.
Africa's Greatest Entrepeneurs,RICHARD MAPONYA : Spirit of African
books  entrepreneurship  African  Nigerians  Africa  entrepreneur 
march 2009 by jerryking

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