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The Legacy of A Tribe Called Quest - The New York Times
MARCH 24, 2016 | NYT | By TOURÉ.

arrived on the scene.

The legendary hip-hop group, A Tribe Called Quest , lost a core member this week when the rapper Phife Dawg (born Malik Taylor) passed away from complications of diabetes. He was 45. The remaining members include the group’s leader, rapper Q-Tip, their DJ/producer, Ali Shaheed Muhammad and Jarobi White, an occasional bandmate.

The rappers from Tribe were far from urban jungle warriors: They loved to read and wanted to smoke weed, not sell it. They wore their intellectualism lightly, but proudly, and they made hip-hop for people who were as interested in ideas as in rhymes. ...the Tribe was vital in helping to spread the Afrocentrism movement to a new, more mainstream generation of listeners.
Afrocentric  African-Americans  inspiration  '90s  music  obituaries  legacies  hip_hop 
march 2016 by jerryking
Africentric grade school grads not opting for high-school program - The Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Feb. 28 2013
education  Toronto  African_Canadians  Afrocentric 
march 2015 by jerryking
Lesson in the black-school debate is when the system isn't working - experiment
January 31, 2008 | Globe & Mail | John Barber.

Do we have theories and convictions about education? More than enough! So why not test them? The point is not who's right, but what works. In pursuit of educational and social equity. The price of one experiment’s failure will always be negligible compared to the ongoing cost of trying nothing. One side talks about Martin Luther King Ir. The other side champions the Charter of Rights and Freedoms. In practical terms, the school board's narrow vote in favour of a black-focused school tipped when trustee Michael Couteau, who is black, changed his views in response to pressure from constituents.
Afrocentric  experimentation  education  testing  constituencies  Charter_of_Rights_and_Freedoms 
august 2012 by jerryking
Multiple Afrocentric schools suggested
January 31, 2008 | Globe & Mail | by James Bradshaw & Caroline Alfonso
Toronto  TDSB  Afrocentric 
august 2012 by jerryking
Give all parents educational choice Why shouldn't black kids have their own heroes as models of courage, strength and wisdom? It won't make them any less Canadian
February 4, 2008 | Globe and Mail | TOM FLANAGAN.

Today, Alberta's public, Catholic, charter and provincially subsidized private schools offer distinctive programs and separate schools for many different minorities - Catholics, evangelical Protestants, Jews, aboriginals, girls, the gifted, the handicapped, those who want the "three Rs," those who want progressive education, etc. etc. The result? Alberta consistently scores the highest among Canadian provinces on international tests of student performance. Free choice and competition are showing what they can achieve when they are allowed to operate.

Much of Afrocentrism looks like rubbish to me. But I'm sure my Protestant neighbours thought the same of Catholic doctrines, such as papal infallibility, the Immaculate Conception, and the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary that I learned from the Sisters of Mercy at St. Columba's parochial school in Ottawa, Ill.

Any Afrocentric schools in Toronto will be operating on public money, so they should be required to teach the provincial curriculum. Similarly, the Sisters of Mercy didn't just teach catechism; they taught spelling and grammar and arithmetic, followed by algebra, Latin, and chemistry, and everything else needed to succeed in a secular society.

It also goes without saying that the nasty bits of Afrocentrism, e.g. that Jews were the world's leading slave traders, must be kept out of the schools. But that shouldn't be too hard to achieve. After all, it's been a long time since Catholic and Protestant schools taught that other Christians should be burned at the stake.

Identity is vital for children. I grew up American before becoming Canadian, but my Catholic schooling added another dimension, making me feel connected to 2,000 years of saints and martyrs, scholars and statesmen, kings and conquerors. Why shouldn't African-Canadian kids have their own heroes as models of courage, strength and wisdom? It won't make them any less Canadian.... keep trying other formulas until you find the one that works.
African_Canadians  TDSB  Afrocentric  freedom_of_choice  heroes  private_schools 
august 2012 by jerryking
Africentric academic dilemma
November 8, 2007 | G&M pg A 23 | Margaret Wente
They came from homes where the TV was blaring-all day. and nobody ever read a book or had a conversation. Audaciously, they named their school Downtown College Prep.
At first. the teachers assumed the problem was motivation. not academics. But they soon discovered that many of the kids could barely read or write. So they set up a skills boot camp and put in a structured curriculum. They focused on discipline. hard work, an atmosphere of community, and parental involvement. The school had small classes and long days. The teachers were highly self-cn'tjcal and quick to change tack when things didn't work By 2005, Downtown College Prep had sent all the graduates from its first two classes to four-year colleges. It now ranks among the top third of public high schools in the state. (A terrific book, Our School, recounts the gritty blow-by-blow.)
Therc’s a common denominator to these stories: Strong leadership. Committed teachers. A commitment to out what works. not race politics or ideology. And an organizational culture that's relentlessly focused on instruction, data and results. Toronto’s public schools provide almost none of this. Perhaps black-focused schools - with a genuine focus on success - will eventually find the way. Let's just learn a lesson from the people who‘ve been down this road. The kids need pragmatism, not kente cloth.
Margaret_Wente  African_Canadians  Afrocentric  hard_work 
august 2012 by jerryking
Good plan without the Afri overlay
February 7, 2008 | The Caribbean Camera | Oscar Wailoo
Afrocentric  TDSB  Dalton_McGuinty  schools 
august 2012 by jerryking
Problem starts at home
February 7, 2008 | The Caribbean Camera | editorial by Raynier Maharaj.

Any effort to address the failure rate of black students will fail if it does not take the specific home environment into consideration. That’s the key. Educational intervention has to be designed to replace what is lacking at home to be successful.
Remember this: if 40 percent of black students are dropping out of the school system, this means 60 percent are finishing school in the exact same system. Not just that, but children of other minority backgrounds are exceling in same school system where the curriculum also does not address their specific ethnic or cultural needs.
Look, we cannot be afraid to say where real problem is, for that is the only way it can be addressed.
editorials  African_Canadians  Afrocentric  Caribbean  dropouts  dysfunction  family_breakdown  high_schools  parenting  TDSB 
august 2012 by jerryking
Memo to Toronto school board: Are you nuts?
February 2, 2008 | G& M pg. A23 | Jeffrey Simpson.

Given the provincial election results, it is hard to fathom how the Toronto District School Board could be sanctioning "Afrocentric schools" that, although theoretically open to all, are clearly designed for black students only, or almost only. How could it be that having rejected an extension of religiously based schools just a few months ago, the province's largest city will now countenance the creation of racially based ones?

Of course, the board was pressured, as boards often are, by interest groups with a cause - in this case, the theory that inadequate educational achievement can be improved by changing the curriculum. That poor achievement - a 40 per cent dropout rate by black students - is supposed to be lowered if the curriculum is more Afrocentric, which will be quite a trick in mathematics, physics, biology, foreign languages, basic civics, and even the broad sweep of world and Canadian history.
The theory is largely unsound. The much more frequent explanations for poor student achievement, for blacks or any other group, have much less to do with curriculum than factors over which schools have little control: dysfunctional families, troubled neighbourhoods, few role models (absent fathers), poverty, gangs or, in a few immigrant communities, attitudes toward education (especially for females) that are not easily reconciled with mainstream Canadian ones.

All the discourse about inclusiveness, that usually forms a staple of trendy, leftish discourse, has been discarded by the Toronto board in favour of its opposite: membership based overwhelmingly on one characteristic of the human and educational experience - race. As such, it is at profound variance with an important goal of a "public" school system, and should therefore be rejected.
Jeffrey_Simpson  African_Canadians  TDSB  identity_politics  Afrocentric  education  schools  dropouts  public_schools  race  achievement_gaps  family_breakdown  dysfunction  fatherhood  out-of-wedlock 
august 2012 by jerryking
The test
January-February 2009 | This Magazine | Andrew Wallace.

Africentric schools could be the key to success for a generation at risk. (Just don't call it segregation.)
African_Canadians  Afrocentric  schools  Toronto  TDSB  segregation 
march 2012 by jerryking
Jaye's Rant 7: An Afro-Centric Solution - SkyscraperCity
29th, 2008 |Jelani Laws

Jaye's Rant 7: An Afro-Centric Solution
An Afro-centric Solution

By: Jelani Laws
Afrocentric  schools  African_Canadians  race  TDSB  segregation 
november 2011 by jerryking
Nov. 21: Letters to the editor - The Globe and Mail
Nov. 21: Letters to the editor
From Monday's Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Nov. 21, 2011
letters_to_the_editor  Marcus_Gee  Afrocentric  schools  Toronto 
november 2011 by jerryking
Africentric school against everything Toronto stands for - The Globe and Mail
MARCUS GEE | Columnist profile | E-mail
Globe and Mail Update
Published Friday, Nov. 18, 2011
Afrocentric  TDSB  Toronto  Marcus_Gee 
november 2011 by jerryking
Idea of ‘Africentric lens’ at Oakwood Collegiate called short-sighted - The Globe and Mail
MARCUS GEE | Columnist profile | E-mail
From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Mar. 28, 2011 8:54PM EDT
Last updated Thursday, Mar. 31, 2011
TDSB  Marcus_Gee  Afrocentric  schools  students  achievement_gaps  segregation 
april 2011 by jerryking
TDSB withdraws plans for Africentric high school - The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2011
Beth Davey, co-chair of Oakwood Collegiate’s school council, said that
students unanimously favoured introducing Africentric elements to the
curriculum over opening a “school inside a school.”

She also expressed concern over the Africentric school’s mandate to
reach underachieving students.

“Most students don’t want to blend their day-to-day with a critical mass
of underachieving kids.”
TDSB  Afrocentric  high_schools  proposals  Toronto  African_Canadians  segregation 
april 2011 by jerryking
Toronto's Africentric School: Is it needed? Is it wanted?
27 Feb 2009 | TVOParents Your Voice Episode. Discussion Points
1. What causes the high drop-out rate of African-Canadian kids?
2. What is the argument against the Africentric school? 3. How does
poverty affect student performance? 4. Do Africentric schools work?
Special Feature

Drop-Out Rates Among Racialized Groups

* English-speaking Caribbean – 40 percent
* Central and South American – 37 percent
* East African – 32 percent
* Southeast Asian – 29 percent
* West Asian – 28 percent
* West African – 26 percent
* Canadian Black – 23 percent

Source: 2006 Toronto District School Board Census

Start viewing around 1 minute 45 seconds.
schools  African_Canadians  Afrocentric  video  TVO  achievement_gaps  dropouts  racial_disparities 
april 2010 by jerryking
EDUCATION: Africentric school short of older students
March 11, 2009 G&M article by KATE HAMMER

Africentric school short of older students
Although junior classes attracting pupils, figures show only six registered for Grade 5 at alternative facility.
Toronto  education  African_Canadians  schools  Afrocentric  segregation 
march 2009 by jerryking
BAD IDEAS 101: School by skin colour
Nov. 7, 2007 G&M editorial that argues Afrocentric
education as a way of closing the achievement gap with white children,
is a misguided idea.
Afrocentric  African_Canadians  education  schools  segregation  race_relations  achievement_gaps  editorials 
january 2009 by jerryking
Africentric Research and Education Portal
Meta site compiled by Gary Pieters, M.Ed. on Africentric education
Afrocentric  education  schools  African_Canadians  meta_sites 
january 2009 by jerryking
Why Our Schools Don't Get A's
Nov. 29, 2007 Maggie Wente column on what's holding back schools in the Toronto School District.
schools  Afrocentric  African_Canadians  Margaret_Wente  school_districts  ProQuest  TDSB 
january 2009 by jerryking
Centre for Diaspora and Transnational Studies
Listening to Ato on CKLN encouraging students attending
black-focused schools to study "hard" texts, particularly texts that
take students outside of their comfort zone. So he mentioned Greek
Ato_Quayson  Greek  African_Canadians  Colleges_&_Universities  Afrocentric  schools  high_schools  hard_work 
april 2008 by jerryking

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