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Technology Startups Take Root in Tehran - WSJ
Feb. 25, 2015 9:32 p.m.
Iran  Tehran  start_ups  Android 
february 2015 by jerryking
Google takes aim at Apple with new gadgets launch - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Jun. 25 2014,

Among the products unveiled were Google Fit (a health and fitness platform), Android Auto (which brings the popular operating system to cars) and Android TV.

Many of these products seem to mirror similar offerings recently released by Google’s chief rival, Apple. For example, at the iPhone-maker’s own developers’ conference earlier this month, the company boasted of its own fitness software platform, HealthKit, and a tool called CarPlay that offers drivers a safer way to use their iPhones in the car....In the fight for connected device dominance, the companies’ strategies are markedly different.

Whereas Apple’s mobile product lineup has always had a razor-sharp focus, Google tends to design and announce myriad product types and categories, and then quietly retire those that don’t catch on with consumers.
Omar_el_Akkad  Google  Android  software_developers  Apple  product_launches  privacy  connected_devices  Industrial_Internet  mobile_applications  wearables 
june 2014 by jerryking
How Google intends to dominate with its Android plan
May. 21 2013 | The Globe and Mail| by OMAR EL AKKAD

Android’s importance to Google is two-fold. First, it allowed a company that developed its search services for the desktop age to gain a foothold in the mobile world. Second, it allows Google to put the products where it does make money – primarily, its search engine – front and centre on all Android-based devices. Indeed, whatever revenue-generating software comes up in the future has a natural home on the hundreds of millions of Android devices already on the market...Google is giving away a platform, not a product. The company that dominated the Internet search market by acting as an advertising middleman in billions of user queries is taking the same approach to the mobile world. Rather than looking to profit off the sale of its software, Google is aiming for a critical mass, and attempting to put Android everywhere....Android is now one part of a much wider strategy at Google, whereby the company builds platforms and technologies on which all kinds of other services can run, and then gives them away for free. The other well-known example of this strategy is Chrome, the browser-based operating system....
Android  Google  Omar_el_Akkad  Samsung  platforms  BugSense  mobile_applications  software_bugs  upgrade_cycles 
may 2013 by jerryking
Jenkins: The Jury Has Spoken—Think Different -
August 28, 2012, 7:07 p.m. ET

The Jury Has Spoken: Think Different
Samsung's loss is Microsoft's opportunity.

Microsoft is a pygmy in the smartphone business though, unlike Google, Microsoft troubled itself to design a smartphone operating system that does everything a smartphone must without being an iPhone knockoff.

Microsoft may genuinely have believed there's a better way than Apple's of organizing a user's interaction with a mobile device. Microsoft may have concluded there was no future in merely making another Apple knockoff, then trying (thanklessly) to give birth to a third app ecosystem around it.

Maybe Microsoft was just worried about lawsuit vulnerability. Whatever the reason (how's this for irony?), Microsoft was the company to "think different" and create a mobile operating system "for the rest of us"—i.e., an alternative to Apple's vision. The result is Windows Phone 8, the operating system behind the oft-praised but slow-selling Nokia Lumia 900....a too-weak patent system can be as bad for competition as a too-strong one. Until Friday's verdict, it was just too easy for Google-Samsung to gain a dominant share by copying Apple's innovations and giving them away for free. That's especially true of the subtle feedback Apple figured out how to provide users through a touch-screen. Google's business model, Apple could be forgiven for thinking, is more like piracy than competition.

Apple's lawsuits are not without strategic design, of course. The aim is to raise the cost to handset makers of using Google's "free" Android software—one reason Samsung, not Google, was the target of Apple's legal vendetta....But the verdict has an ironic potential. With Android seeming less "free," handset makers now have more incentive to get behind real innovation, such as Microsoft's promising but negligibly patronized operating system. Sooner rather than later, in other words, we might have a choice not just between Apple and fake Apple.

Microsoft and other innovators still face a monumental hurdle, it's true, in a lack of apps. What would really hasten the icejam breakup would be more decisions like one recently from the Financial Times.

The FT has decided to stop making Android or Apple apps or other ecosystem-specific apps in favor of a universal app riding on the mobile browser layer, using the tool set known as HTML5.

Apple  Samsung  Microsoft  Holman_Jenkins  patents  patent_law  ecosystems  Android  HTML5  knockoffs  think_differently  legal_strategies  lawsuits  litigation 
august 2012 by jerryking
Apple Victory Shifts Power Balance -
August 26, 2012 | WSJ | By JESSICA E. VASCELLARO and DON CLARK
Jessica_E._Vascellaro  Apple  litigation  Samsung  Android  Google  juries 
august 2012 by jerryking
The Tribes of Androids and iPhones -
March 30, 2012| WSJ | By RYAN SAGER.
How Big Cities Can Lead to Small Thoughts
urban  cities  iPhone  Android  friendships  virality  groupthink  tribes 
april 2012 by jerryking
Silicon Valley Reborn as Smartphone Valley - CNBC
4 Oct 2011 | Financial Times| By: Chris Nuttall.

Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 5 on Tuesday at its Cupertino HQis just the latest sign that Silicon Valley is taking on a fresh mantle of Smartphone Valley, with its growing reputation making it a magnet for mobile operators around the world.

AT&T, Verizon and Vodafone have all just opened research, testing and incubation centres in San Francisco and the Valley only weeks apart. weeks apart....The app culture that both have engendered means there is a race on among operators to feature the newest trends and advances in software first, amid fierce competition for the attention of Silicon Valley developers.

Vodafone’s lab allows developers to incubate their ideas and test how apps and services would perform on the worldwide networks it replicates at its facility.

“We want to bring to market these ideas and accelerate the process – the hope is that six to nine months after we prove something here, it can be in the hands of a user in one of our operating countries,”
Chris_Nuttall  Silicon_Valley  smartphones  Apple  Android  mobile_applications  iPhone  software_developers  wireless_networks  Verizon  Vodafone  incubators  accelerators 
october 2011 by jerryking
The hype begins for the iPhone 5 - The Globe and Mail
omar el akkad
From Monday's Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Oct. 03, 2011
Omar_el_Akkad  iPhone  Apple  Steve_Jobs  Tim_Cook  Android 
october 2011 by jerryking
Upside: Is It Time to Look Beyond Apple? -
JUNE 11, 2011 By DAVE KANSAS. A battle is brewing covering
online commerce, cloud computing and devices. Apple's commerce business
is expanding quickly. Google's Android operating system is driving a
bunch of devices that compete with Apple. Amazon is weighing a branded
tablet. ....Amazon, Google and Apple already are competing hard in music
and other digital-media commerce. Both Google and Amazon beat Apple to
the consumer cloud business. Apple is expected to launch a business
cloud-computing offering that would compete with Google and Amazon in a
field Amazon pioneered with its Web Services unit.
Apple  competitive_landscape  Google  Amazon  iCloud  cloud_computing  Android  product_launches 
june 2011 by jerryking
The Cloud That Rains Music
March 31, 2011 By DAVID POGUE, The New York Times

Amazon's big idea is that instead of sitting on your computer, your
music collection will sit online. That way, you can listen to it from
any computer -- at home, at work, at a friend's -- by logging into a
special Web page called the Amazon Cloud Player.

You can also listen to anything in your music collection on an Android
phone. No copying or syncing of music is ever required; all your songs
are always available everywhere, and they don't hog any storage on the
phone itself.
David_Pogue  cloud_computing  Amazon  music  Android  collectors  streaming 
march 2011 by jerryking
Apple’s Spat With Google Is Getting Personal -
March 12, 2010 | New York Times | By BRAD STONE and MIGUEL
HELFT. Mr. Jobs, Mr. Schmidt and their companies are now engaged in a
gritty battle royale over the future and shape of mobile computing and
cellphones, with implications that are reverberating across the digital

In the last six months, Apple and Google have jousted over acquisitions,
patents, directors, advisers and iPhone applications. Mr. Jobs and Mr.
Schmidt have taken shots at each other’s companies in the media and in
private exchanges with employees....At the heart of their dispute is a
sense of betrayal: Mr. Jobs believes that Google violated the alliance
between the companies by producing cellphones that physically,
technologically and spiritually resembled the iPhone. In short, he feels
that his former friends at Google picked his pocket.
Apple  Google  smartphones  feuds  disputes  Steve_Jobs  AdMob  Android 
march 2010 by jerryking

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