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Philanthropist's vision peaks at Everest
Apr 1, 2006 | The Globe and Mail. pg. A.15 | by Anthony Reinhart.
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august 2012 by jerryking
Successful Pathways alumni are giving back -
Sep. 25, 2010 | The Globe & Mail | ANTHONY REINHART.
The chief privilege for Mr. Khan has been Pathways to Education, the
wildly successful stay-in-school program for high-school students, which
got its start in 2001 at the sprawling Regent Park public-housing
complex now under redevelopment in the downtown’s east end. Where other
programs have had spotty results with only some kids, Pathways has
consistently reduced drop-out rates by about 80 per cent, and sent 80
per cent of its participants, mostly kids in tough straits, on to
college and university.

The program, which stresses student and family mentoring, is old enough
now that more than 75 of its 500-plus alumni have finished
post-secondary studies and begun careers, while most of the rest, like
Mr. Khan, are still in school.
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september 2010 by jerryking - I can see the economic downturn from here
December 13, 2008 G&M article by Anthony Reinhart on the
impact the economic downturn is having on Toronto's construction trades.

December 13, 2008
Toronto  economic_development  construction  unions  organized_labour  Anthony_Reinhart 
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