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Canada 200: How to build a business superpower by 2067
Ottawa's upcoming IP strategy should include training for academics, entrepreneurs and administrators about the strategic importance of patents. But those same players must also collectively push to create global standards for technologies developed here. Other countries, including China and the United States, effectively ensure new global standards incorporate their homegrown technology, locking in value for their emerging champions. Canada, by comparison, is a "boy scout," says Michel Girard, vice-president of the Standards Council of Canada.
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july 2017 by jerryking
Recipe: Arctic Char with a Nordic Twist - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Jan. 30 2015
fish  recipes  Artic  Lucy_Waverman 
february 2015 by jerryking
Governor-General Johnston discusses Alert, Canada’s northern ‘anchor point’ - The Globe and Mail
ALERT, NUNAVUT — The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Jan. 23 2015
sovereignty  Artic  Canada  Canadian 
january 2015 by jerryking
RIM co-founder Jim Balsillie put Franklin ship hunt in motion - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Sep. 12 2014

The risk of having another country locate the vessels “was an enormous concern. We needed to be the nation that finds them,” Mr. Balsillie recalled Wednesday of that initial eye-opening journey in an interview with The Globe and Mail.

Upon his return, the Research In Motion co-founder began to work behind the scenes to ensure that a Canadian search team would make that discovery – a five-year project that culminated with this week’s find....Through the Arctic Research Foundation, a charity he helped establish with veteran Arctic expert Martin Bergmann, Mr. Balsillie put up funds to buy a dedicated search vessel and state-of-the-art search equipment. (Mr. Bergmann died in a plane crash in 2011.) Mr. Balsillie and other foundation officials also pressed news organizations to pay more attention to the search efforts.

Most crucially, Mr. Balsillie used his contacts with the Prime Minister’s Office to persuade Ottawa to commit additional naval and coast guard ships capable of travelling longer distances, as well as technical support from hydrographic and satellite-mapping scientists. “Let’s just be professional and take a systematic approach,” he told top officials in the Conservative government. ... his view of the mission goes far beyond the curiosity value of locating a missing shipwreck.

He said that he has long seen “parallel narratives” between the way the British viewed the Arctic in the mid-19th century and the issues facing the region today. Then and now, scientific, commercial and geopolitical questions hover over the fate of the Arctic, which has been deeply affected by global warming, receding sea ice and the race to tap new energy resources on the ocean floor. “It’s remarkably similar,” observed Mr. Balsillie, whose interest in global governance issues led him to begin thinking about the Arctic in 2007.

Echoing Prime Minister Stephen Harper, he also sees the Franklin find as a “nation-building” exercise, something he feels is lacking in the country these days, apart from projects such as Own the Podium.

“I don’t think we do enough of it.”
John_Lorinc  Jim_Balsillie  expeditions  Franklin_expedition  Artic  sovereignty  history  nation_building  philanthropy  national_identity  exploration  Canadian  systematic_approaches 
september 2014 by jerryking
Roald Amundsen, from pole to pole - The Globe and Mail
Ken McGoogan

Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Nov. 16 2012, 4:00 PM EST

Last updated Friday, Nov. 16 2012,
book_reviews  books  Artic  Norway  Norwegian  expeditions  explorers  lessons_learned  Antarctica  South_Pole  Roald_Amundsen 
february 2013 by jerryking
In the Arctic, drones could close the gap - The Globe and Mail

WASHINGTON — The Globe and Mail

Published Monday, Jul. 09 2012
drones  Artic  Canada 
july 2012 by jerryking
A New Era of Gunboat Diplomacy -
Published: November 12, 2011

For all its echoes of the 1800s, not to mention the cold war, the showdown in the South China Sea augurs a new type of maritime conflict — one that is playing out from the Mediterranean Sea to the Arctic Ocean, where fuel-hungry economic powers, newly accessible undersea energy riches and even changes in the earth’s climate are conspiring to create a 21st-century contest for the seas.

China is not alone in its maritime ambitions. Turkey has clashed with Cyprus and stoked tensions with Greece and Israel over natural-gas fields that lie under the eastern Mediterranean. Several powers, including Russia, Canada and the United States, are eagerly circling the Arctic, where melting polar ice is opening up new shipping routes and the tantalizing possibility of vast oil and gas deposits beneath.

“This hunt for resources is going to consume large bodies of water around the world for at least the next couple of decades,
pacific  Artic  maritime  diplomacy  China  South_China_Sea 
november 2011 by jerryking
PM brings soft power and firepower to bear in the North - The Globe and Mail
Aug. 21, 2011 | G&M |GLORIA GALLOWAY. “I
would say within the last year and a half he has become more pragmatic,”
said Shelagh Grant, a researcher from Peterborough, Ont., whose book
Polar Imperative talks about the need for Canada to exert its sovereign
control over the vast expanse that holds so much potential for wealth
and development.
“For the first time,” she said, “I think he understands that you can’t
just send the army in camouflage rolling across the tundra and say we
are protecting Arctic sovereignty.”
Those who study the North say infrastructure – including ports,
search-and-rescue units, and navigation aids to be used by foreign ships
plying the Northwest Passage – will effectively tell other countries
that the Canadian Arctic is ours more forcefully than moving troops into
the region.
Artic  sovereignty  canadian  canada  Stephen_Harper  soft_power  infrastructure 
august 2011 by jerryking
Canada’s North at risk for terrorism, human trafficking
Nov. 15, 2010 | The Globe and Mail | NATHAN VANDERKLIPPE
CALGARY— From Monday's Globe and Mail
Published Monday,
canada  Canadian  Artic  terrorism  human_trafficking 
november 2010 by jerryking
Inuit of Greenland have weather on their side
Oct. 02, 2010 | The Globe and Mail | Doug Saunders. To the
mainly Inuit people of Greenland, global warming is a gift from the
heavens, and not just for the obvious reason. These children of hunters
and fishermen have, for much of the past century, lived a version of the
humiliating life of dependence that has befallen most of the ex-nomadic
peoples of the world, struggling to hold on to traditions while living
in enforced and subsidized marginality.

The retreating ice is salvation: It opens fields of treasure and
promises to end that humiliation. Among the many troubled ex-nomads of
the world, the Inuit of Greenland have the atmosphere on their side.
Greenland  Artic  Inuit  climate_change  Doug_Saunders  humiliation 
october 2010 by jerryking
The Big Thaw
Wilson Quarterly article by Joshua Kucera on how a warming
climate is freeing up the Greenland's resources in pre­vi­ously frozen
expanses of land and sea, and how Greenlanders are bestirring themselves
to seek independence from ­Denmark.
business  economics  politics  environment  water  future  Artic  Greenland  Inuit  climate_change 
february 2009 by jerryking

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