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Is Summer Drought Dire Straits for Crops, Food and Agri Sector?-BMO Agriculture Experts Provide Outlook
August 8, 2012 | | Ulitzer | By Marketwire .
The outlook was presented today by BMO Strategy Advisor Don Coxe, David Rinneard, National Manager of Agriculture for Canada, and Sam Miller, Managing Director and Group Head, Agriculture for the U.S.
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january 2013 by jerryking
Private enterprise
Jan/Feb 1996 | Canadian Banker | Carolyn Green.
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august 2012 by jerryking
BMO courts the ultrarich - The Globe and Mail
Grant Robertson

The Globe and Mail

Last updated Wednesday, Oct. 06 2010,
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july 2012 by jerryking
First nations new focus for Canada’s banks
Jun. 15, 2011 The Globe and Mail GRANT ROBERTSON. Ottawa’s
plan to pay out billions of dollars in land claim settlements to first
nations bands over the next several years, along with changes to the
mortgage market on some reserves, is opening up a lucrative and growing
business for the country’s banking sector. The Canada First Nation Joint
Action Plan, announced last week in Ottawa, extended the government’s
plan to settle outstanding land claims, paying out roughly $1-billion a
year to bands that are owed money. The reserves that are in line to
receive those payouts must line up a bank to manage that injection of
funds. This has spawned a burgeoning niche in Canadian banking, as
financial institutions compete for the right to manage that money
through their wealth management and trust divisions. Bank of Montreal,
Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion Bank and Peace Hills Trust are
among the financial institutions now focusing on aboriginal banking as a
fast-emerging market.
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june 2011 by jerryking
It's good to be smart
Nov 30, 2010 |The Globe and Mail. pg. A.24 | editorial.

It may be 20 years, or 50, before there is a direct payoff from the BMO Sir Isaac Newton Chair in Theoretical Physics at the Perimeter Institute in Waterloo, Ont. Or from similar chairs to be named after Albert Einstein, Niels Bohr, Paul Dirac and James Clerk Maxwell. But the chairs are a wise investment that deserve emulating in other institutions in Canada.

It is not easy to be forward-looking in difficult times, but now is actually an excellent time to be investing in long-range projects that expand our intellectual capital. Why now? Because while other countries are hamstrung by economic problems, Canada is in decent enough shape to get a jump on attracting talent and stimulating innovation. In a borderless world economy, the value in becoming a magnet for scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs is immeasurable.

Abstract (Summary) Theoretical physics (the description of natural
phenomena in mathematical form) may seem like knowledge for knowledge's
sake. It is anything but, as Mike Lazaridis, the founder and co-chief
executive officer of the BlackBerry-maker Research in Motion Ltd., tells
it. The "next generation of value" will be intellectual capital, rather
than natural resources, he says.
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april 2011 by jerryking
BMO courts the ultrarich
Sep. 20, 2010 | The Globe and Mail | Grant Robertson
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september 2010 by jerryking

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