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The Oracle of Boston - Seth Klarman
Jul 7th 2012 | Boston

A scanned version of “Margin of Safety: Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor” has been circulating around trading floors. One hedgie likens Mr Klarman's book to the movie “Casablanca”: it has become a classic......Mr Klarman still runs Baupost like a family office. He is extremely risk averse; his primary goal is not stellar returns but preservation of capital.......He has deliberately maintained a sticky investor base composed almost entirely of endowments, foundations and families, which understand his investment philosophy and will not redeem after a few negative quarters.
Boston  hedge_funds  investors  investing  margin_of_safety  Seth_Klarman  value_investing/investors  books  Baupost  family_office 
january 2019 by jerryking
Enterprising Bostonians - WSJ
By John Steele Gordon
June 25, 2017


By Noam Maggor
Harvard, 284 pages, $39.95
Boston  history  slavery  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  books  Boston_Brahmins 
june 2017 by jerryking
Uber Extends an Olive Branch to Local Governments: Its Data
JAN. 8, 2017 | - The New York Times | By MIKE ISAAC.

unveiled Movement, a stand-alone website it hopes will persuade city planners to consider Uber as part of urban development and transit systems in the future.

The site, which Uber will invite planning agencies and researchers to visit in the coming weeks, will allow outsiders to study traffic patterns and speeds across cities using data collected by tens of thousands of Uber vehicles. Users can use Movement to compare average trip times across certain points in cities and see what effect something like a baseball game might have on traffic patterns. Eventually, the company plans to make Movement available to the general public.
municipalities  urban  urban_planning  cities  Boston  partnerships  Uber  Movement  data  data_driven  traffic_analysis 
january 2017 by jerryking
Vegetables are stealing the show
JUNE 03, 2014 | The Boston Globe Magazine | By Devra First  |   
vegetables  fresh_produce  Boston  restaurants 
june 2014 by jerryking
Diners show appetite for sustainability
June 20, 2013 | WSJ Supplement - Focus on Franchising | Julie Bennett
sustainability  greenhouses  green_roofs  fast-food  franchising  Boston 
november 2013 by jerryking
Conference to focus on urban farming in city
February 01, 2013 | The Boston Globe | By Patricia Harris and David Lyon-- Globe correspondents.

The economic stakes are surprising. At a City Hall agri-economic powwow in November, Trish Karter (founder of Dancing Deer Baking Co. and now of LightEffect Farms, which proposes farming in rooftop greenhouses) estimated that the packaged salad greens market in Metro Boston is worth $100 million annually. A lot of growers would like a piece of that.
urban  farming  Boston  fresh_produce  green_roofs  market_sizing 
april 2013 by jerryking
Guns, gangs and Boston's miracle: Article from Canada - THR
Guns, gangs and Boston's miracle

DATE: 2005.11.24
Margaret_Wente  Eugene_Rivers  churches  Boston 
august 2012 by jerryking
Guns, gangs and Boston's miracle & Race is the elephant in the room
November 24, 2005 | G& M | Margaret Wente.

Mr. Rivers argues the black middle class has failed its poor by refusing to confront the cultural catastrophes that sweep boys into thug life. First, there's father absence, which leaves them unmoored and out of control. "The failure of black men to discipline their sons has created a generation of de facto orphans." Next, there are the toxic messages of gangsta rap that glorify outlaw life.

Gangsta rap and hip-hop -- which have spread to the slums of Paris,
Brixton and Rio -- moved into the void left by the decline of the
civil-rights movement. "The globalization of thug life," he says, "is
the direct result of the failure of the black middle class to engage
the crisis of the underclass." Tough words....Boston's anti-crime initiative has three legs: prevention, intervention
and enforcement. There are a lot of strategies to intervene with
high-risk kids before they turn into thugs. When it doesn't work, the
reverend is unequivocal about the consequences. "The thugs must be
locked up for a long time. They must be made an example of." One of his
challenges was to bring on board the people he calls the "hug-a-thug
liberals" -- those who see only victims, never criminals.

But he also challenged the law-and-order crowd -- the ones who see a
thug in every kid. All sides had to get past the rhetoric and focus on
what works. By now, there are strong networks among Boston's community
leaders, police and politicians; they regularly work together on crime
Margaret_Wente  pastors  Toronto  Eugene_Rivers  guns  gangs  Boston  fatherhood  African_Canadians  leadership  hip_hop  churches  voids  middle_class  African-Americans  thug_code  crisis  underclass  race  outlaws  toxic_behaviors 
august 2012 by jerryking
How Red Sox owners got it right
Jul. 20 2012 | The Globe and Mail | STEVE LADURANTAYE.

Over the past 10 years, the Boston Red Sox have been transformed a small baseball ownership group into one of the largest sports companies on the planet – consistently high payrolls, solid scouting and clutch plays have all helped the team post the second highest winning percentage in baseball over the past decade.
sports  Steve_Ladurantaye  Boston  globalization  branding  sponsorships  advertising 
july 2012 by jerryking
Networking a City
Summer 2012 |STANFORD SOCIAL INNOVATION REVIEW| BY MARIANNE HUGHES & DIDI GOLDENHAR. The Barr Fellows Network is changing the way work gets done in Boston’s large and entrenched social sector.
foundations  Boston  social_networking  social_capital  philanthropy  Communicating_&_Connecting 
july 2012 by jerryking
36 Hours - Boston -
August 5, 2010 | New York Times | By KATIE ZEZIMA
travel  Boston  sightseeing  things_to_do 
august 2010 by jerryking
Burns & Levinson Canada Co. – Events and Speaking Engagements
Leonard Gold and Josef Volman were both speakers on the subject
"Going Public in the U.S. - When, Why, How and Impact" at the Toronto
Venture Group Breakfast in Toronto, Canada on September 14, 2005.
Boston  venture_capital  crossborder  law_firms 
june 2009 by jerryking
A Tale of Several Cities: What explains why Boston flourishes while Philadelphia flounders?
Friday, October 20, 2006 12:01 A.M. EDT, WSJ op-ed by JULIA VITULLO-MARTIN.

Why isn't Philadelphia Boston? Why does Boston prosper, people and businesses outbidding one another to get in, while Philadelphia languishes, with acres of vacant and underused property announcing the lack of local demand? .......The answers are not to be found in conventional 20th-century analysis, which emphasized the seemingly unsolvable urban crisis: the decline of industrial jobs, the burdens of excessive taxation, the inevitability of racial tensions and the dominance of geography....At least part of the answer stems from their underlying cultures..... In his "Puritan Boston and Quaker Philadelphia" (1979), E. Digby Baltzell argued that Boston Brahmins, with their belief in authority and leadership, embraced a sense of responsibility for civic life, while Philadelphia Gentlemen, with their inward but judgmental Quaker ways were deeply unconcerned about their city's welfare.....cultural analysis -- long out of fashion as too soft (as as opposed to econometrics) or too racist (who is to say that one culture is better than another?) -- is due for a comeback. .....The old answer of urban success was deterministic: taxes and the historian Richard Wade has noted for years, against the tide of his field, this theory has its flaws: If the sheer excellence of a harbor truly determined a city's fate, then the greatest city in America would be Upper Sandusky, Ohio....What flourishing cities often have in common, instead, are two crucial cultural characteristics: combativeness and cunning.....That same energy contributes to New York's cyclical boom-and-bust nature, regularly pushing speculation beyond the limits of an exuberant boom, thereby encouraging a bust. ....Cunning and combativeness, however, often restore cities financially without making them many new friends, except, perhaps, for the young -- who, for the past two decades, have been returning in great numbers to the old neighborhoods long ago abandoned by their parents and grandparents....But what makes cities successful -- or even just lovable -- can seldom be quantified.
boom-to-bust  municipalities  Toronto  ECONOMY  city  cities  Boston  Philadelphia  gentrification  cultural_analysis  cultural_values  leadership  Boston_Brahmins  bubbles 
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