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Why Morgan Stanley paid $900m for ‘Calgary’s best kept secret’
FEBRUARY 17, 2019 | Financial Times | Robert Armstrong in New York.

Its revenues are running at just over $100m annually and it is modestly profitable, selling business software for “equity administration, financial reporting and compliance”.

It is the kind of business familiar to millions of workers who get part of their compensation in stock or stock options. Solium and its rivals, including market leaders such as Computershare of Australia, produce statements and run websites or apps for workers to track how much their shares are worth.

Behind that, the software also helps employers manage and monitor their stock-compensation plan, a complex back-office task that involves unpicking regulatory and reporting requirements across multiple jurisdictions. Solium also sells analytics tools that help companies automate share issuance, estimate compensation costs, optimise their capital structures, and value their equity.

One industry insider describes it as “administratively highly complex, capital light but very, very low margin”. It is also competitive. Every major US broker or wealth manager, from UBS to ETrade, plays in the space in one way or another, because acting as custodian for employee equity plans gives them a shot at marketing wealth management services to those employees.

Someone cashing in stock or options, perhaps when an IPO or a sale makes them wealthy, could be offered financial advice and investments; longtime employees could be offered retirement products.....Solium’s edge comes from approaching the task from the employers’ perspective, rather than as a tool for wealth managers. Equity administration, he said, “is an enterprise software problem that has been approached as a wealth management problem”.....Solium’s clients include tech companies where young employees stand a good chance of becoming wealthy down the road. The relationships with Silicon Valley companies could prove lucrative, too, if Morgan Stanley can bag them as clients of its investment bank....the acquisition as part of the US bank’s effort to move its wealth management business deeper into the “mass affluent” category, as opposed to the higher end of the market where it is focused now.
Calgary  Morgan_Stanley  Solium  wealth_management  back-office  compensation  investment_custodians  tools  ESOPs  mass_affluence 
february 2019 by jerryking
Calgary MP Michelle Rempel weighs Conservative leadership bid
Toronto businessman Mark Mulroney says he won’t run for the Conservative leadership – at least not for now. Calgary MP Michelle Rempel, on the other hand, is openly musing about a…
conservatism  Calgary  politics 
october 2015 by jerryking
The 28 Best Bars in Canada
Fall/Winter 2014 | Canadian Business: Manual of Style |

Marben - 488 Wellington St. W. 416.979.1990
Nikai - 190 University Ave. 647.253.8000
The Cocktail Parlour - 11 Duncan St. 416.367.5151
Bar Hop -391 King St. W. Toronto, 647.352.7476
Reposado Bar & Lounge - 136 Ossington Ave. (416) 532-6474
Weslodge - 478 King St. W., Toronto, (416) 274.8766
The Drake One Fifty - 150 York Street, 416.363.6150
Bar Isabel - 797 College St. West. 416.532.2222
The Harbord Room - 89 Harbord St. Toronto, 416.962.8989
best_of  drinks  liquor  Victoria  Vancouver  Buffalo  Calgary  Toronto  Montreal  King_Street 
march 2014 by jerryking
Canada heading for energy ‘gridlock,’ group warns - The Globe and Mail
Dec. 12 2013 |The Globe and Mail |SHAWN McCARTHY.

Canada is heading for a gridlock in energy development that will rob the country of future wealth unless it can solve vexing environmental and aboriginal conflicts, a blue-ribbon group including senior Calgary business people warns in a new report.

Concerned about growing conflict over resource development, 21 high-profile leaders from business, environmental organizations and First Nations met over the course of a year and concluded there is an urgent need for detente in the country’s heated debate over resource development.
Alberta  energy  aboriginals  Calgary  Canada  gridlock  energy_development  resource_development  natural_resources  anti-development  environment 
december 2013 by jerryking
PhD student makes municipal politics media-friendly
November 8, 2013 | UToday-- University of Calgary |By Heath McCoy

In the past, Fairie has also honed his teaching skills by leading classes on research methods. “That’s usually about making stats accessible for people who hate numbers, so I think I developed some skills there, in making the hard details a bit more fun.”

Now that he’s graduating, Fairie wants to take his passion for statistics to the next level. He plans to start up a data-science consulting firm with colleagues.

“I’d like to work with organizations and government bodies who have big data sets which they need to get value out of,” he says. “I can help them understand the patterns that are going on underneath that data. It’s valuable information.”
Colleges_&_Universities  Calgary  data_scientists  politics  municipalities  elections  massive_data_sets  political_campaigns 
december 2013 by jerryking
The economic imperative for investing in arts and culture
Mar. 27 2013 | The Globe and Mail | TODD HIRSCH.

A better reason why the economy needs a strong cultural scene is that it helps to attract and retain labour. This is especially important for cities trying to draw smart professionals from around the world. The best and brightest workers are global citizens, and if they (or their families) are not pleased with the cultural amenities, they won’t come. Calgary, where I live, is a perfect example: world-class fly fishing and a great rodeo will attract some people, but without fantastic arts and sports amenities, the pool of willing migrants would be shallow....The third reason, however, is the most important. To become the creative, innovative and imaginative citizens that our companies and governments want us to be, Canadians need to willingly expose themselves to new ideas. A vibrant arts and culture community is the easiest way to make this possible.

American neuroscientist Gregory Berns, in the introduction to his 2008 book Iconoclast, wrote: “To see things differently than other people, the most effective solution is to bombard the brain with things it has never encountered before.” Living and travelling abroad is a great way to do this, but for most of us that isn’t a practical reality. Arts and culture on our home turf offer us the chance to “bombard” our brain with new stimulus without leaving town.

The important part, as Dr. Berns puts it, is to concentrate on things your brain has never encountered before. If you’re an opera fan, going to see opera season after season will be enjoyable, but you won’t reap the creative benefits that come from exposure to other things. Maybe you need to skip the next performance of Don Giovanni and take in some indie rock. Or if you’re a hockey nut, turn off the game one night and take in an exhibit of contemporary visual art. You’re not required to enjoy an unfamiliar art or sport (although if you go with an open mind, you’ll be surprised). The point is to purposely take it in, absorb what’s going on, and let your mind be bombarded. It gets the brain’s neurons firing in different ways...We have to stop thinking about arts and culture as simply nice-to-haves. They are just as important as well-maintained roads and bridges. By giving us the chance to stimulate our minds with new ideas and experiences, they give us the opportunity to become more creative. Arts and culture are infrastructure for the mind.
cultural_institutions  art  artists  Calgary  creativity  prosperity  creative_class  funding  fine_arts  value_propositions  mental_dexterity  creative_renewal  Todd_Hirsch  imagination  idea_generation  ideas  iconoclasts  contemporary_art  open_mind  economic_imperatives  the_best_and_brightest 
march 2013 by jerryking
Cowtown’s culinary scene is smoking hot -
Jun. 08 2012| The Globe and Mail | BONNY REICHERT
Calgary  restaurants  travel  hotels 
june 2012 by jerryking
George Gosbee: Patriotism that's more than skin-deep - The Globe and Mail
gordon pitts
From Saturday's Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Dec. 02, 2011

Mr. Gosbee’s patriotism is buttressed by the conviction that Calgary is emerging as an energy finance and head office capital – while tempered with regret that, in the process, city and province may be losing their vaunted entrepreneurial spirit.
Gordon_Pitts  investment_banking  TMX  Alberta  Calgary  moguls  patriotism  George_Gosbee  AltaCorp  head_offices 
january 2012 by jerryking
Calgary mayor gives a Twitter revolution lesson - The Globe and Mail
CHRYSTIA FREELAND | Columnist profile
From Friday's Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Mar. 31, 2011
Chrystia_Freeland  Calgary  mayoral  municipalities 
april 2011 by jerryking
A church of heavy metal
February 28, 2011| | Gordon Pitts
The driving force behind a new oil sands upgrader has spent a lifetime collecting industrial machinery

Gordon_Pitts  collectors  venture_capital  Calgary  Alberta  oil_sands  oil_industry 
march 2011 by jerryking

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