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Kelly: Sports scribes take themselves seriously at their own peril - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Monday, Jul. 28 2014

Hitchens was a very good writer, but he was a truly great debater. He thought in logical arcs. He was ruthless. Most of all, he was preternaturally articulate.

Regardless of whether you were his target, it was very nearly a physical pleasure listening to him talk....There is a species of this debate that can be fun to take part in or listen to. Reasoned, friendly, inflected with humour and – crucially – the knowledge that none of this is actually very important. A good sports argument is the sort you have with a friend and, eventually, agree to disagree over.

A while ago, someone on the broadcast side of this business asked me how I would change sports radio if I could. I said I’d make it a little more thoughtful and a lot less angry. I think I mentioned This American Life. He looked at me with the sad solicitousness we reserve for the simple-minded....This is the ne plus ultra of where we’ve been heading – a culture of sports argumentation so divisive and compulsively contrarian, it no longer has anything to do with sports. It has no idea what it’s about. Its only requirements are brute force and volume.
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The fascist sympathies of the soft left
October 4, 2001 | The Spectator | Christopher Hitchens

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<a href="ªª§ion=current&issue=2001-09-29&id=1131ºº">Christopher Hitchens<
Christopher_Hitchens  9/11 
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Against Rationalization
September 20, 2001 | The Nation | Christopher Hitchens
Christopher_Hitchens  9/11  Pakistan 
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The Rat That Roared -
Christopher_Hitchens  France  feckless 
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Solidarity -
September 11, 2006 | WSJ | By CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS
9/11  Christopher_Hitchens 
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The Men Who Made England
March 2010 | The ATLANTIC MAGAZINE | By Christopher Hitchens.
Hilary Mantel’s Wolf Hall is a service to the history it depicts, and
puts the author in the very first rank of historical novelists.
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Why Is Everything Such a Surprise? -
AUGUST 3, 2006 | Wall Street Journal | by CHRISTOPHER HITCHENS
Christopher_Hitchens  Israel  Lebanon  Hezbollah  2006 
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