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McGuinty headed to Harvard University - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Jun. 28 2013
Dalton_McGuinty  Harvard  KSG 
june 2013 by jerryking
McGuinty’s locked-door policy acquiesces to unfounded fears
Dec. 26, 2012 | The Globe and Mail | MARCUS GEE.

Dalton McGuinty produced the $10-million like a rabbit from a hat last week, pledging to spend it on locking up Ontario elementary schools against the threat of Newtown-like mass killing...Is it a “reasonable” response to the tragedy?...Ontario is not Connecticut.... Ontario schoolchildren are not at risk of becoming victim to a mass school shooting. Or, to frame it another way, the risk is so small that spending millions to address it is grossly wasteful.

Of course, you won’t find any politician jumping up to say that... after all, would dare to say that the govt. should not do more to protect children? This is the insidious problem with pronouncements like these. They put potential opponents in the role of being against motherhood.

Unnecessary security measures such as the locked-door policy tend to increase anxiety about children's safety at a time when it is already feverishly high. Lots of parents drive their kids to school because they think it's unsafe to walk. That's bad for the environment and bad for children's health. Many fear their kids could be abducted by strangers, despite the fact that statistics show they are more likely to be struck by lightning. Exaggerated concern about safety has led schools to rip out “dangerous” climbing gyms and even ban ball playing.

It can't be good for children to persuade them they live in a dangerous world with deadly threats lurking around every corner. A healthy respect for proven risks like crossing the street without looking is useful. Fear of remote threats like a mass school shooting is not.
Marcus_Gee  fear  mass_shootings  schools  Dalton_McGuinty  risks 
december 2012 by jerryking
Conservatism is about more than cutting taxes
September 27, 2004 | G&M | by William Thorsell.

A conservative frame of mind starts with respect for the depth of our social experience, for our history and inheritance as a civilization, if you will. It values the successful adaptations of previous generations, and is slow to throw over well grounded, much-tested means of securing social order and economic prosperity.

A conservative frame of mind is suspicious of complete answers, total solutions and centralized controls. it is humble with the memory of history's honors and excesses. It remembers, as well as dreams. It looks askance at the fragility of humanity, the distortions of power, and the enthusiasms of any given moment.

It puts more faith in process than specific outcomes - the rule of law — and expresses more faith in aspirations than prescriptions.

It recognizes free markets as a fundamental expression of democracy, and values their power to generate technological change and productive work. it is fierce in its respect for individual human rights against aggression by any group, even for admirable ends.

A particular level of taxation is not seminal to these conservative attitudes. The purposes and structure of taxation are.

A conservative may even support higher levels of taxation in the interest of prosperity and social health. Look what Brian Mulroney and, yes, Paul Martin finally did in raising taxes to slay Canada's deficit - which underlies so much of our current economic and social success.
Conservatives will happily invest public money on education, infrastructure, defence and social programs to perpetuate and strengthen the traditions of their society. These responsibilities come with the Constitution, after all. It is how they are done — efficientiy, carefuiiy and affordabiy - that matters.
Conservatives appreciate the limits of public programs to change human nature or solve existential problems. Conservatives know where levels of regulation and taxation become counterproductive, however laudable the political goals may be. So they stop there, often with a rueful smile.
conservatism  Conservative_Party  William_Thorsell  technological_change  Ontario  Michael_Harris  Dalton_McGuinty  taxation  mindsets  skepticism 
september 2012 by jerryking
Good plan without the Afri overlay
February 7, 2008 | The Caribbean Camera | Oscar Wailoo
Afrocentric  TDSB  Dalton_McGuinty  schools 
august 2012 by jerryking
Western Alumni Gazette - What’s the price of attracting great minds?
Winter 2011
Back Page - The Final Say
What’s the price of attracting great minds?
by Paul Wells, BA'89

Ontario is in a global battle to attract the best minds. It’s all very sweet of Hudak’s education critic, Jim Wilson, to claim that McGuinty “could find the best and brightest already on our own soil,” but what are the odds? Ontario has one-fifth of one percent of the world’s population. I’m going to bet that most of the best and brightest are somewhere else. Some of them work at the Committee on Science, Engineering and Public Policy at the U.S. National Academies of Science, which wrote in 2009, “The issue for the United States, as for other nations, is that a knowledge-driven economy is more productive if it has access to the best talent regardless of national origin.” Attracting international students has been a pillar of U.S. economic policy for longer than Jim Wilson has been alive. “Talented international graduate students and postdoctoral scholars are drawn to the United States because of the high quality of our research universities [and] the availability of stipends and research funding,” the committee wrote in the same report.
immigration_policies  Paul_Wells  Dalton_McGuinty  Colleges_&_Universities  UWO  Ontario  students  scholarships  talent  knowledge_economy  foreign_scholarships  brainpower  talent_acquisition  the_best_and_brightest  scholars 
october 2011 by jerryking
Tough cabinet choices for McGuinty - The Globe and Mail
adam radwanski
From Wednesday's Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Oct. 18, 2011 7:13PM EDT
Last updated Wednesday, Oct. 19
Dalton_McGuinty  cabinets  politics 
october 2011 by jerryking
Stephen Harper, meet your unofficial opposition - The Globe and Mail
Oct. 08, 2011 | Globe and Mail |John Ibbitson

As the global economy trembles, all Canadian governments could soon face collapsing revenues and increased stress on the social safety net.

“They're going to battle over money,” Prof. Klassen predicts. In difficult times, “it's easiest for the federal government to download to the provinces, and it's easiest for the provinces to want the federal government to take on more.”

Herewith, the front bench of the real opposition to the Tories in Ottawa.
Greg_Selinger  Robert_Ghiz  Kathy_Dunderdale  John_Ibbitson  loyal_opposition  Ontario  Stephen_Harper  Dalton_McGuinty  Alison_Redford  Alberta  provincial_governments  safety_nets  global_economy  GoC 
october 2011 by jerryking
In Ontario, we're bugs headed for an economic windshield - The Globe and Mail
MARGARET WENTE | Columnist profile | E-mail
From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Oct. 04, 2011

Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government has used up all its best ideas (and, let’s hope, its worst ones). Mr. McGuinty doesn’t really deserve to win again. But neither does Tim Hudak, the Conservative, whose campaign has failed to impress. Mr. McGuinty is boring and relatively innocuous. Mr. Hudak is boring and relatively unknown. The result probably will be a saw-off, which means that both of them will have to cozy up to NDP Leader Andrea Horwath. She doesn’t really have a platform, but she’s basking in the glow of Jack Layton’s halo.
Margaret_Wente  unions  Ontario  elections  Dalton_McGuinty  Tim_Hudak  halo_effects  economic_crisis  Andrea_Horwath  public_sector 
october 2011 by jerryking
Rob Ford to hold cap-in-hand talks with Dalton McGuinty - The Globe and Mail
Aug. 16, 2011 |Globe and Mail Update | KAREN HOWLETT and

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford will meet with Ontario Premier Dalton McGuinty on
Wednesday morning, where he will seek the province’s help in addressing
the city’s financial woes.

Mr. Ford is coming cap in hand to Queen’s Park, just three weeks before
the official launch of the provincial election campaign and amid a new
awkward tone in his relations with Mr. McGuinty.
Rob_Ford  Dalton_McGuinty  Toronto  Ontario  elections  Queen’s_Park 
august 2011 by jerryking McGuinty would be wise to focus on the wounded
February 7, 2009 G&M column by MURRAY CAMPBELL which
advises McGuinty to scrutinize himself as his five-point agenda- lower
test scores, shorter waiting times etc. - is in danger of being replaced
by a three-point musing about business reinvestment, postsecondary
education and government regulation. He also takes a swipe at Richard
Florida/Roger Martin urging for more creativity in "routine-oriented
Dalton_McGuinty  Richard_Florida  crisis 
february 2009 by jerryking - Economic vision for Ontario: foster ideas over industry
February 4, 2009| G& M |by KAREN HOWLETT on a report,
commissioned by Premier Dalton McGuinty and written by urban thinker
Richard Florida and Roger Martin, the dean of the University of
Toronto's Rotman School of Management. "Ontario's future depends on
nurturing creativity and intelligence rather than protecting the past by
bailing out struggling manufacturers,"
economic_development  Toronto  creativity  innovation  Dalton_McGuinty  Richard_Florida  Roger_Martin  Rotman  uToronto  Ontario  future 
february 2009 by jerryking

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