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Be prepared for when opportunity knocks
Oct. 24, 2000 | The Financial Times p4.|Daniel Muzyka.
Business opportunities are becoming more fleeting and difficult to grasp.

Daniel Muzyka explains why and what you can do to prepare for them
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november 2011 by jerryking
To risk or not to risk? Where (and when) should be the question
Sep 3, 2007 |The Globe and Mail pg. B.6 | Daniel F. Muzyka, Glen Donaldson

First, risk can sometimes be asymmetric: bad news being more "bad" than good news is "good". For example, while a business project that goes particularly well might deliver slightly ahead of expectations, a bad project that goes off the rails may far exceed its time and budget...Second, risk is often interconnected: the knee-bone is connected to the shin-bone is connected to the foot-bone.
...Third, risks can be multiplicative, with a series of small risks combining to produce large outcomes....The good news is that advancements in risk management can help produce insight and can deal with some of the risks. One can consider four steps to managing risk: identification, measurement, mitigation, and monitoring.
ProQuest  Daniel_Muzyka  risk-management  insights  large_payoffs  measurements  compounded  interconnections  risk-mitigation  multiplicative  risks  network_risk  asymmetrical  cumulative  risk-assessment  bad_news 
october 2011 by jerryking
Canada, a nation given to fanciful flights from reality - The Globe and Mail
May. 25, 2009 | Globe and Mail | Daniel F. Muzyka. Lays out
his "realities" for dealing with Canada's political-economic challenges.
(1) Business creates wealth, government redistributes it. (2) Markets are a powerful force. (3) Capital moves. (4) Risk has two sides. humans have all kinds of decision biases around risk. We need to recognize that there may be a "risk/return" relationship in that the average expectation is to realize a certain return given a level of riskiness in our investments. However, there are no guarantees. (5) Structural problems are just
that. If we don't deal with problems because they just aren't painful enough in better times, they will come back to haunt us in the next downturn - only worse. (6) Externalities come back to haunt. (7) Subsidies are bad and
become addictive. (8) Bailouts are no free lunch. (9) It is what you negotiate and what you are worth. Add enough value to justify your wage rates (10) Value added and productivity are the keys to success....Create more value than others and do it more productively...govts. that provide social, health and educational services should be asking questions about how productive their service delivery is, not just how much they are investing in it. (11) Innovate or wither. Propping up what exists - or worse, what existed - for the sake of maintaining the status quo, especially with subsidies, is a road to defeat....focus on research and innovation,
bailouts  Canada  Canadians  capital_flows  delusions  Daniel_Muzyka  externalities  hard_truths  innovation  interconnections  negotiations  productivity  realities  regulations  risks  rules_of_the_game  self-worth  subsidies  value_added  wishful_thinking 
may 2009 by jerryking / UK - Prepare for take-off only with a carefully planned mission
August 4, 2005, Financial Times pg. 8, article by Daniel Muzyka
on successfully managing fast growth.
* Never forget: keep costs down and do not persevere with failing
* Piggy-back on others' resources where possible. Opportunities could
include supply chain partnerships or co-branding agreements.
* Startups need to experiement with the business model to find out what
works best, then quickly communicate the results to everyone in the
* When structuring the business for growth, beware of duplicating staff
functions and try to set up small, agile teams to develop products and
services beyond the immediate needs of the company.
leadership  growth  Daniel_Muzyka  managing_growth  experimentation  business_models  start_ups 
march 2009 by jerryking - In fog of recession, marketing will help avoid the shoals
Jan. 26, 2009 G&M column by Daniel F. Muzykza on marketing and selling during a recession.
Daniel_Muzyka  marketing  economics  crisis  ProQuest  economic_downturn 
january 2009 by jerryking
For true leaders, a crisis just might be a terrible thing to waste
Nov. 24, 2008 G&M column by Daniel F. Muzyka about leadership challenges in organizations enduring crises.
leadership  economics  crisis  risk-taking  opportunities  Daniel_Muzyka  economic_downturn 
january 2009 by jerryking

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