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Is loyalty to an art gallery outdated? —
SEPTEMBER 23, 2016 by: Harriet Fitch Little.

Dealer-client relationships have been founded on what he terms “proper social conversations”: dinners out, trips taken and “[the collector’s] ability to share with the gallery the enthusiasm, the sheer admiration and wonder at an artist’s work”.

But art fairs, auctions and the internet have rendered conversations with dealers a choice rather than a necessity for buyers. In Selling Contemporary Art (2015), [North York Central Library, Book Lang & Lit 5th Fl Nonfiction In Library 706.88 WIN] which charts how the market has transformed since 2008, author Edward Winkleman uses a phrase he acquired from the Los Angeles-based collector Stefan Simchowitz to describe the shift: “cultural Lutheranism”. Collectors now have the tools to evaluate and purchase art without the hand holding of a gallerist — perhaps without ever even visiting an exhibition....the fickleness of the contemporary art market, where artists are “on the top ten hits parade for a while and then you never hear of them again” makes the dealer whose taste one trusts an indispensable lovers stick with particular dealers if they demonstrate a commitment to art that goes beyond the financial....for a gallerist, “Where you have a choice is the artists you choose to work with, the clients you choose to work with,” -- “The key for the whole thing is trust.”
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september 2016 by jerryking
Music legend David Bowie dies at 69 after long fight with cancer - The Globe and Mail
NEW YORK — The Associated Press
Published Monday, Jan. 11, 2016
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january 2016 by jerryking
‘Space Oddity’ David Bowie’s Way, and Newer Takes -
Published: October 22, 2013

What do the astronauts Scott Carpenter and Chris Hadfield, the actors Sandra Bullock and George Clooney, the musicians David Bowie and Billy Corgan, and a sixth grader from Colorado have in common? Oddly, space. The stars’ stories aligned for me in recent headlines, just as I set out to feature David Bowie’s “Space Oddity” as this week’s cover song. “Ground Control to Major Tom …” was written in 1969 and has been covered by many, including Smashing Pumpkins’ Billy Corgan, and again last May by Mr. Hadfield of Canada, who performed it from space aboard the International Space Station. My ode to space also honors Mr. Carpenter, who died Oct. 10; Ms. Bullock and Mr. Clooney’s new movie “Gravity”; and 11-year-old Michal Bodzianowski whose microgravity beer-making theory won a place-in-space national competition.
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