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Educating Professionals
Jan-Feb 2009| Harvard Magazine | focus on training leaders:
through their development of judgment in establishing priorities; their
entrepreneurial vision in finding opportunities to solve problems; their
skill in communicating; their values and integrity; and their
commitment to action. .... Leaders are accountable for more than
themselves; they must be both willing and able to accept that

In the end, Faust said, education throughout the University must be
informed by the recognition that “[L]eadership is a means; it is not an
end in itself.…Leaders exist to serve followers, and leaders’ successes
must be measured not simply by their power to move others, but by the
directions in which they take those who follow them.”
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july 2010 by jerryking
An Innovator in Allston
Jul-Aug 2010 | Harvard Magazine | Nitin Nohria named dean of
Harvard Business School. He posed the core question for HBS this way:
“Are we educating people who have the competence and character to
exercise leadership in business?”...2 autumns ago, speaking at HBS’s
centennial global business summit (see “Educating Professionals,”
January-February 2009, page 58), President Faust invoked Peter Drucker’s
parable of the stonecutters: one simply making a living, a second
trying to be the country’s best stonecutter, and the third aspiring to
build a cathedral. The vision of the second, a pure individualist, Faust
described as “incomplete” and “a kind of blindness.” A commitment to
educating leaders for the world, she maintained, compelled HBS to look
to “purposes beyond one’s self….Leaders exist to serve followers,” she
continued, “and leaders’ success must be measured not simply by their
power to move others, but by the directions in which they take those who
follow them.”
deanships  HBS  leadership  Drew_Gilpin_Faust  Peter_Drucker  Nitin_Nohria  leaders  serving_others  selflessness 
july 2010 by jerryking
Corner Office - Drew Gilpin Faust - Leadership Without a Secret Code
October 31, 2009 | | Interview with Drew Gilpin
Faust, president of Harvard, conducted and condensed by Adam Bryant.
deanships  Drew_Gilpin_Faust  leadership  CEOs  Harvard  michael_porter  strategy  improvisation  opportunities 
november 2009 by jerryking

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