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You call this an auto strategy? - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, Apr. 30 2015
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Experts say innovation is today's key ingredient for agri-food export success - The Globe and Mail
May. 31 2012 | The Globe and Mail |

* Earl Geddes, executive director of the Canadian International Grains Institute (CIGI).
* AGRI-FOOD ECONOMICS With Peter G. Hall, Vice President, and Chief Economist, Export Development Canada ...“Mung beans are used to make vermicelli noodles,” explains Earl Geddes, executive director of the Canadian International Grains Institute (CIGI). “Canada doesn’t grow mung beans, so our researchers discovered how to extract and use yellow pea starch to make noodles.”

It was just the job for CIGI. A not-for-profit organization founded in 1972 – funded by Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada, the Canadian Wheat Board, other industry and government sectors – CIGI’s mission is to enhance global competitiveness of Canadian field crops.

Using a flour mill, pasta presses, cooking extruders and other food processing equipment in CIGI’s downtown Winnipeg office, researchers “fractionate” field crops into their component parts to make them more food-ready and broaden their usefulness.
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Helping Canadian business succeed around the world
Fall 2011 Western Alumni Gazette by S. E. Gordon
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