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Network orchestrators are the new path to profit - The Globe and Mail
Jul. 03, 2016 | Special to The Globe and Mail | HARVEY SCHACHTER

* "The Network Imperative" by authors Barry Libert, Megan Beck, and Jerry Wind.

Technology - Shift from physical to digital. Develop a digitally enabled platform around which people can congregate.

Assets - Shift from tangible to intangible assets. Physical assets are becoming a liability. Pay attention to your brand, a key intangible asset, and also view people as an asset, not an expense.

Strategy -move from operator to allocator. As a strategist, Mr. Libert has spent many years working with leaders to figure out what products to sell to what market. But these days, leaders should be active allocators of capital, like portfolio managers.

Leadership - The shift here is from commander – in charge of a highly structured, hierarchical, top-down organization – to co-creator, who knows how to motivate, inspire and work alongside others to develop the network.

Boards - His favourite shift, because it is the most difficult, is the switch from governance to representation.
Finally, the mindset must change to thinking less rigidly about roles, processes, products and industries.
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july 2016 by jerryking
Online retailer Etsy gives artisans a marketing boost - The Globe and Mail
TORONTO — The Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Apr. 29 2014,
artisan_hobbies_&_crafts  Etsy  Susan_Krashinsky  Indigo  marketing 
september 2014 by jerryking
Suddenly, the World is Their Market - Slide Show -
The Web has changed the way that artisans sell their wares,
helping to overcome marketing and distribution hurdles. On Web sites
like Etsy, DaWanda, 1000 Markets, ArtFire and Silkfair, people all over
the world can see — and buy — handmade jewelry, clothing, artwork,
ceramics and furniture. And many artisans aren't stopping there. They're
creating their own Web sites and social networking accounts, too.
Etsy  artisan_hobbies_&_crafts  handmade  websites  jewelers  clothing  artwork  ceramics  furniture 
august 2010 by jerryking
Scaling startups
August 5, 2010 | Posted by Chad Dickerson
growth  start_ups  scaling  Etsy 
august 2010 by jerryking
WSJ. Magazine Holiday Gift Guide 2009
December 3, 2009 | WSJ. Magazine | by Katherine Rosman |
Photographs by Christopher Griffith. As we prepare to enter the next
decade, we are witnessing the re-emergence of the artisan. Artisan
stands for quality....An artisan’s expertise exists even in absence
of—or despite—market demand for it. The value of this is particularly
relevant in a recessed economy where intellectual talents are suddenly
expendable. A handcrafted good is also an antidote to the formulaic.
Decisions must be made on the spot. Judgment is required. (DIY Perfume
as a gift idea??).
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december 2009 by jerryking
Small-scale artisans embrace the virtual dollhouse - The Globe and Mail
Nov. 21, 2009 | Saturday's Globe and Mail | by Shaun Pett.
Like mass-market industrial goods, artisanal wares produced on a small
scale are benefiting from globalization and the reach of the Internet,
attracting new clients in far-flung markets. Call it the rise of
artisan_hobbies_&_crafts  manufacturers  size  scaling  design  Etsy  inventors  micro-factories 
november 2009 by jerryking
Beyond Fair Trade -
JUNE 16, 2008 WSJ article by SHARA TIBKEN on niche online marketplaces for artists and craftspeople.
artists  artisan_hobbies_&_crafts  marketing  small_business  markets  Etsy  handmade 
february 2009 by jerryking

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