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General Mills Adds Kite Hill to Food Start-Up Investments - The New York Times

General Mills, one of America’s corporate food titans, is quietly establishing itself in venture capital, investing in some of the hottest new food companies.

It is just one of a small but growing number of giant food companies that have decided they can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines as smaller, more nimble start-ups outmaneuver them in the race for consumers seeking minimally processed, locally sourced, environmentally sustainable foods free of preservatives and chemicals.....Many small food businesses are wary of taking money from, or getting bought out by, food giants, mindful of the many stories of small, successful companies that are bought only to all but disappear into a multibillion-dollar corporation.

That reluctance has spawned a boom in small venture capital and private equity firms offering to finance small food businesses. And food entrepreneurs who have cashed out, like Jon Sebastiani, the founder of Krave Jerky, are forming businesses that offer advice and financing to small food companies.
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may 2016 by jerryking
A Seismic Shift in How People Eat - The New York Times

....Consumers are walking away from America’s most iconic food brands. Big food manufacturers are reacting by cleaning up their ingredient labels, acquiring healthier brands and coming out with a prodigious array of new products. ....Food companies can’t merely tinker. Nor will acquisition-driven strategies prove sufficient, because most acquisitions are too small to shift fortunes quickly. ....For legacy food companies to have any hope of survival, they will have to make bold changes in their core product offerings. Companies will have to drastically cut sugar; process less; go local and organic; use more fruits, vegetables and other whole foods; and develop fresh offerings. General Mills needs to do more than just drop the artificial ingredients from Trix. It needs to drop the sugar substantially, move to 100 percent whole grains, and increase ingredient diversity by expanding to other grains besides corn....a complete overhaul of their supply chains, major organizational restructuring and billions of dollars of investment, but these corporations have the resources.
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november 2015 by jerryking
P&G, General Mills Tap Into Startups -
February 15, 2013 | WSJ | By LORA KOLODNY.

P&G, General Mills Tap Into Startups
Alliances With Crowdfunding Site CircleUp Allow Big Firms a New Look at Trends
Big_Food  P&G  General_Mills  consumer_goods  large_companies  start_ups  crowd_funding 
february 2013 by jerryking
YourEncore Keeps Retirees in the Game
April 15, 2010 | BusinessWeek | By Laura Lallos. Account
managers for the Web-based service recruit the best scientists and
engineers for member companies' ad hoc projects
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april 2010 by jerryking

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