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What kind of nation is a first nation? We need to decide
Doug Saunders

The Globe and Mail (includes correction)

Published Saturday, Jan. 12 2013,

Whatever form it takes, an indigenous nation will generally be what is known as a rentier state: its degree of independence hinges on the extent to which it can extract natural-resource and property rents from its land, as well as grants from outside. So environmentalists who have joined this movement in hopes that sovereign native bands will be better ecological stewards than Ottawa may be disappointed: The most independent and successful post-Indian Act nations could well resemble other post-colonial states with natural resources. The Inuit of Greenland, for example, have concluded that their independence from Denmark can best be achieved through aggressive deep-sea oil drilling.
Doug_Saunders  aboriginals  national_identity  resource_extraction  natives  disappointment  natural_resources  rent-seeking  Greenland  ethno­nationalism 
january 2013 by jerryking
PREVIEW-Arctic nations eye future of world's last frontier
May 10, 2011 | Reuters | By Andrew Quinn.

* Evidence mounts of accelerating climate change

* Oil, shipping, fisheries eye new opportunities

* Nations boost cooperation to face shared risks
Arctic  climate_change  Greenland  oil_industry  natural_resources  shipping  fisheries 
october 2011 by jerryking
Inuit of Greenland have weather on their side
Oct. 02, 2010 | The Globe and Mail | Doug Saunders. To the
mainly Inuit people of Greenland, global warming is a gift from the
heavens, and not just for the obvious reason. These children of hunters
and fishermen have, for much of the past century, lived a version of the
humiliating life of dependence that has befallen most of the ex-nomadic
peoples of the world, struggling to hold on to traditions while living
in enforced and subsidized marginality.

The retreating ice is salvation: It opens fields of treasure and
promises to end that humiliation. Among the many troubled ex-nomads of
the world, the Inuit of Greenland have the atmosphere on their side.
Greenland  Artic  Inuit  climate_change  Doug_Saunders  humiliation 
october 2010 by jerryking
The Big Thaw
Wilson Quarterly article by Joshua Kucera on how a warming
climate is freeing up the Greenland's resources in pre­vi­ously frozen
expanses of land and sea, and how Greenlanders are bestirring themselves
to seek independence from ­Denmark.
business  economics  politics  environment  water  future  Artic  Greenland  Inuit  climate_change 
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