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Get Smart | Ivey Alumni
Pat Morden | Mar 5, 2018
Artificial intelligence is transforming business and life

Element AI when it was launched in 2017. The company’s co-founder, Yoshua Bengio, is a leading researcher in deep learning. “We help our customers strategize about what their industry will look like five to 10 years out,” Dhalla says. “Then we determine what things we should be doing with AI now to build cognitive muscle.”

So far, Element AI has built everything from recommendation engines to fraud-detection systems. The team is in the process of working with a media company to create an engine that will read articles written by journalists and select appropriate imagery to illustrate them. Another project involves working with a large international bank to envision the future of banking in 10 years and then figure out where to deploy AI solutions now. “We don’t believe in commodity AI,” says Dhalla. “You need insight to understand what it will mean in the context of running your business.”.......Speech recognition is one area where AI is poised to have a dramatic impact.'s proprietary software is “acoustic-only,” meaning that it doesn’t need to translate speech to text to understand commands. It offers high accuracy and works without an Internet connection, so it’s ideal for wearables and smart devices. Moreover, it can be quickly trained to understand any language, making a global company out of the blocks. “We believe that voice is the ideal user interface for any technology,” Bhargava says. “Our technology enables that.” software is already being used by several customers. One is producing a smart watch that can be used by children to get in touch with their parents in emergency situations. Another is a telecommunications company using AI in its call centre. The company is working to develop business in China, which Bhargava says is “... a fast-moving, hungry market that recognizes the validity of our differentiation.”.....“Nearly every digital product you use already has some machine learning or more advanced AI components to it. In future, every digital company will be driven by AI.”
alumni  artificial_intelligence  deep_learning  Element_AI  Ivey  Layer_6  machine_learning  Udacity 
11 weeks ago by jerryking
Constellation Software may have to revisit its retreat into silence - The Globe and Mail

So far this year, less has been more for Constellation Software Inc.

Less communication, as chief executive Mark Leonard has decided to abandon his regular shareholders' letters, and his company has ended quarterly earnings conference calls and announced it will no longer reveal certain performance metrics.
dealmakers  software  mergers_&_acquisitions  consolidation  Ivey  alumni  Constellation 
august 2018 by jerryking
by: Barry Reiter
Issues: September / October 2003. Categories: Governance.
boards_&_directors_&_governance  Ivey  best_of  effectiveness 
june 2017 by jerryking
How business schools can create loyalty among alumni - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Thursday, May 11
Ivey  business_schools  customer_loyalty  alumni 
may 2017 by jerryking
Cyber Heroes | Ivey Alumni | Ivey Business School
Craig believes that businesses and individuals, even countries, must accept that we live in an “era of compromise.” “You have to understand that somebody already has your sensitive data, likely a former employee,” he says. “Have you rehearsed roles for when that becomes public? Does the CEO know what she needs to say? Does the IT team know what they need to do? Being prepared with an appropriate response to data loss is a leading practice that helps maintain, or even build, an organization’s reputation.”
alumni  business-continuity  CEOs  contingency_planning  cyber_security  data_breaches  insurance  Ivey  rehearsals  risks  vulnerabilities 
march 2017 by jerryking
Wealth Management Simplified | Ivey Alumni | Ivey Business School
It was the proceeds Katchen earned from that sale, and a love for investing dating back to his childhood, that led him to launch online investment manager Wealthsimple in September 2014.

“Investing has always been a hobby of mine,” says Katchen, the youngest of three siblings, all of whom attended Ivey. (One sister specialized in marketing, the other sister in finance, while Katchen chose the entrepreneurship stream).

Wealthsimple, now the largest online investment manager in Canada, has 60 employees, about 25,000 customers, and close to $1 billion in assets. The financial technology company offers an alternative to traditional ways of managing investments, catering to consumers – in particular Millennials – who are comfortable with online banking and investing.

Katchen has a vision to build Wealthsimple into “one of the largest and most innovative financial services firms in the world,” including plans to expand outside of Canada to places such as the U.S. and Europe.
Ivey  alumni  WealthSimple  CEOs  start_ups  personal_finance  investment_management 
march 2017 by jerryking
Zen and the art of banking - Western Alumni
 Alumni Gazette  Winter 2016
Zen and the art of banking

by David Scott
alumni  Ivey  banking  financial_services  motorcycles  CEOs 
february 2016 by jerryking
Lives Lived: Timothy Snelgrove, 69 - The Globe and Mail
Contributed to The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Dec. 12 2014
obituaries  tributes  Ivey  alumni  entrepreneur  mentoring 
december 2014 by jerryking
Disruptors are just pirates on the high seas of capitalism - The Globe and Mail
Special to The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Nov. 05 2014

Often portrayed as criminal pursuers of riches, pirates don't have the best of reputations. But is there something that can be learned from them?

Jean-Philippe Vergne thinks so.

Last January, the assistant professor at the University of Western Ontario's Ivey Business School introduced a course entitled Lessons From The Dark Side Of Capitalism: How Pirates Help To Shape New Industry. The course aims to help his students see the innovative impacts these fringe-dwellers have on the marketplace.
piracy  disruption  Ivey  Uber  Bitcoin  Airbnb  ride_sharing  new_industries  sharing_economy  mobile_applications  dark_side 
november 2014 by jerryking
John Telesphore Bart
OCTOBER 1, 2014 | G&M | John Telesphore Bart
obituaries  Ivey  howto  shareholder_activism  RMC  alumni  DIY 
october 2014 by jerryking
Lives Lived: Walter Koyanagi, 93 - The Globe and Mail
Contributed to The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Jul. 25 2014
tributes  Ivey  obituaries  discrimination 
september 2014 by jerryking
Toying with success - Western Alumni
Fall 2014
Toying with success
by David Scott August 22, 2014
Spin_Master  Ivey  UWO  alumni  toys  entrepreneur 
september 2014 by jerryking
Spin Master tips for graduates & legal challenges - Western Alumni
 Fall 2014
Spin Master tips for graduates & legal challenges
by David Scott August 22, 2014
toys  alumni  Ivey  UWO 
september 2014 by jerryking
Finding keys to business in China
Fall 2014 | Western Alumni | by Ron Johnson August 22, 2014
China  alumni  Ivey  trends  books 
september 2014 by jerryking
A few questions to ask yourself
August 22, 2014 | - Western Alumni | by Robert Collins, BA'77.

Attending events. Helping arrange them by joining branch committees. Volunteering to speak or host events. These are all ways to bring forward your Western connection and ensure its ongoing relevance.

But let me also share a few questions you can ask yourself about staying connected and getting involved: When you read the Alumni Gazette, and other publications, ask the question, “Are there people, research ideas or developments underway I could assist in via my social or workplace connections?” As our career services for alumni, in addition to our career services for students and recent graduates, evolve, ask yourself, “How can I assist? Can I become a mentor, share my company’s vacancies or host a work experience?”

As students develop their entrepreneurial talents through some new services underway on campus, ask yourself, “Could I become a mentor, an ‘angel’ investor or a purchaser of their products and services?” Perhaps even in all things, ask yourself, “Do I have a talent, resource or connection that would benefit another Western student or alumnus?”
serving_others  Ivey  UWO  Colleges_&_Universities  questions  alumni  volunteering 
september 2014 by jerryking
Timothy Fraser Snelgrove
JUNE 23, 2014 | Globe & Mail.

He did not always follow the traditional career route, whether talking his way into business school, flying chickens to Guatemala, or making t-shirts leading to a cease and desist order from a
noted Canadian media theorist. Tim was an avid entrepreneur
and was happiest when starting something new, like Timothy's
Coffees of the World. In both his professional and personal life, he was a true connector and loved bringing people together. He
was a mentor to many, often without being asked.
obituaries  mentoring  entrepreneur  Ivey  alumni 
june 2014 by jerryking
Study: Food industry in flux, but still 'powerful'
March 19, 2014 | Western News | By Paul Mayne.

According to a recently released Ivey Business School report, The Changing Face of Food Manufacturing in Canada: An Analysis of Plant Closings, Openings and Investments, the closures are not a sign of an industry in trouble, rather one that is reorganizing production to maintain global competitiveness....While not out of the woods yet, Sparling said plant closures and consolidations will continue, but new openings and investments will balance the scales and grow, albeit slowly, a stronger Canadian food industry.

“It’s a very tough and completive business,” he said. “Input costs have been going up – be it energy or farm products – and you have a retail sector that is amazingly competitive with very low margins, so they are not interested in higher prices. The food industry is caught in the middle.

“That’s why they figured out they had to focus on cost and efficiency. That means they had to be a lot more competitive. That’s why we’re seeing this. The industry, going forward, is going to look different. The Ontario industry is going to keep changing.”
food  agribusiness  Ivey  manufacturers  foodservice 
april 2014 by jerryking
Secrets from 10 of Canada’s most successful entrepreneurs - The Globe and Mail
Eric Morse And Paul Woolford

Contributed to The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Feb. 21 2014,
Ivey  entrepreneur 
february 2014 by jerryking
Constellation Software sets its sights on bigger acquisitions - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Published Thursday, Dec. 19 2013,
Constellation  Ivey  alumni 
december 2013 by jerryking
Summary of my D. Sumptom feedback
Summary of my David Sumptom feedback:

q In order for others to promote you, you need to turn your language around to describe who you can help, the type of problems you can solve and how someone m...
feedback  personal_branding  websites  JCK  Managing_Your_Career  templates  advice  Ivey  alumni 
december 2013 by jerryking
Academic marriage that works - Western Alumni
Fall 2013 | Alumni Gazette |by Paul Wells, BA'89.
"Many were engineering students. Their schedules were loaded up with lecture and lab hours, they seemed to live at the library, and yet somehow they were often also the most reckless and entertaining at The Spoke. Even more exotic to me were the business students. It had never occurred to me that making money was something you could study at school.

What had also never occurred to me,until recently, was that you could combine these two odd breeds of student. Engineers spend their lives solving technical problems. Business students spend their lives finding opportunities for profit. What if somebody knew how to do both? What if there was a school designed to hone both kinds of skill?"...So lately, people in the field have started to ask whether the problem is at the other end. Maybe researchers are coming up with plenty of good ideas, but businesses are not in the habit of looking around for new ideas and integrating them into the corporate culture. “Quite frankly, if there is an innovation problem in Canada, that’s the responsibility of the management and boards of directors here in Canada,” John Manley, the former Industry Minister, who is CEO of the Canadian Council of Chief Executives, has said....Western announced it had received $3 million from alumni John M. and Melinda Thompson to set up a Centre for Engineering Leadership and Innovation at Ivey Business School. The gift will substantially increase the number of Western engineering students who receive business education while at Western.
engineering  Ivey  UWO  Paul_Wells  alumni  John_Manley  philanthropy  cross-disciplinary  innovation  boards_&_directors_&_governance  management 
october 2013 by jerryking
Two ‘fired guys’ poured ambition into Steam Whistle - The Globe and Mail
Oct. 03 2013 | The Globe and Mail | WALLACE IMMEN.

Steam Whistle is a case study for entrepreneurs trying to carve a niche in a competitive industry, says Eric Morse, associate dean of the University of Western Ontario’s Richard Ivey School of Business, who oversees the school’s Quantum Shift program for entrepreneurs.

“They figured out what they wanted to be good at early on, and that’s not always an easy thing to do,” Dr. Morse says. “Entrepreneurs are often throwing a bunch of stuff at the wall to see what sticks.”

“Don’t vary until proven necessary,” is another lesson this emphasizes, he says.

It actually takes more focus and dedication to stay successful once you have initial success,
artisan_hobbies_&_crafts  beers  brewers  craftsmanship  dedication  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  focus  Ivey  partnerships  Steam_Whistle  variations  Wallace_Immen 
october 2013 by jerryking
How To Run a Board
September / October 2013 | Ivey Business Journal |How To Run a Board
by Geoff Beattie and Beverly Behan
Ivey  magazines  boards_&_directors_&_governance  howto 
september 2013 by jerryking
Intouch 2013 summer
Reflections on a Decade of Change
Carol Stephenson looks back on ten years of challenge and achievement, and Ivey alumni reflect on her unique leadership style and remarkable legacy.

Happy Meal
Ever thought how fun it would be to run a restaurant? Think again—it’s a tough business. But for a few skilled businesspeople, the rewards are many.

Class of 2013

Five exceptional graduates reflect on the intersection of ethics and leadership.


It seemed insanely ambitious seven years ago, but the School has raised more than $200 million through the Ivey Campaign for Leadership. How? By creating a compelling vision and asking alumni and friends to step up. They did.


Editor's Note


Professors Jane Howell and Charlice Hurst have very different backgrounds and life experiences, but they are close collaborators and warm friends.

Ivey Buzz

What’s happening around the School and around the world.


Bill Jandrisits, HBA ’83, MBA ’90, has loved cars all his life. Now he is focused on becoming the best race car driver he can be.

Left Turn

When Julie McClure, HBA ’99, found the cure for her non-stop migraines, she built a business around it.

Your Ivey Network

Read about Ivey alumni who are just like you - hard-working, creative, successful, and committed to giving back. This section is dedicated to accelerating and amplifying the benefits of the Ivey network and connecting you to one another.

Download complete section (excluding Class Notes - see below) (PDF 2.4 MB)

Chair’s Message: Ivey Alumni Association Chair Anthony Ostler, MBA ’97, implements new strategy (124 KB)
Ivey Lives Remembered: Paul Morse Bishop, HBA '64 (86 KB)
The Best Thing I Learned at Ivey: Teamwork helps create NYC Hotel (437 KB)
Year in Review: The Ivey Experience (760 KB)
Paying it Forward: China Teaching Project (221 KB)
Every Donor Counts: Sarah Morgenstern, MBA ’93, steps up to serve as Chair of the Ivey Annual Fund (151 KB)
Utrecht, the Netherlands: Brenda Fischer-Campbell, MBA ’82, introduces us to her town (317 KB)
summertime  Ivey  alumni  magazines  deanships  restaurants  running_a_business 
august 2013 by jerryking
New breed of pirates challenges television’s old guard
Apr. 11 2013 | The Globe and Mail | SIMON HOUPT.

For Jean-Philippe Vergne, this is just another turn of capitalism’s screw. An assistant professor at the Richard Ivey School of Business, he recently co-authored a provocative book arguing that, far from being dangerous to business and society, piracy should be recognized as a major element in the evolution of capitalism.

In The Pirate Organization, which he adapted for a talk last Friday at Western University's own TEDx conference, Mr. Vergne and Rodolphe Durand note that, throughout history, the development of an industry has tended to follow a predictable pattern: “It is not all about competition. It occurs in waves, it expands into new territories using monopolistic controls – then free trade kicks in,” he said. “One big important actor that contributes to shaping the rules of the game in those new territories (is) pirates.”... “Everybody’s scared, because we lack the tools – the conceptual tools, the legal tools – to understand what (piracy) means and what’s going on.”

But as the incumbent companies wait for the development of suitable definitions, pirate firms are blithely pushing the boundaries of acceptable behaviour: This week, the CEO of Aereo, Chet Kanojia, was in Washington, pressing his case with U.S. lawmakers.

For the moment, Canadian broadcasters are safe from the threat posed by Aereo and the dozens of others disrupting the U.S. TV landscape. But a little fear would do them well. At an industry conference last month, the chair of the CRTC asked TV executives and producers whether they had a “healthy discontent with the way things are.” He was telling them, really, to think like pirates, to disrupt their own businesses – for their own good, and the good of the country. Because he knows that, if they don’t, the real pirates are going to wreak hell when they get here. It’s just a matter of time.
Simon_Houpt  piracy  disruption  CATV  television  Ivey  TED  Aereo 
july 2013 by jerryking
Making Every Shot Count
Summer 2009 | Ivey Intouch |

for Sabnam (Shaherose Charania)Expectations Valley Girl.
Ivey  alumni  magazines  Silicon_Valley  travel  Ghana  Vietnam  Cairo  Shanghai  web_video  Harry_Rosen  photography 
january 2013 by jerryking
Competitive Analysis for Competitive Advantage
(Charles Waud & WaudWare)
Who are my relevant competitors?
What are the criteria to determine customer value creation?
What are the priorities for competition?
Compared to the leading competitors, how do we look on each criterion?
On which criteria are we better?
On which criteria are they better?
How can we better position ourselves on our "strong" criteria?
How can we improve the customer's perception of our "weak" criteria?
Where should we allocate resources?
Where will future changes come from in my competitor's strategies?
On what key customer "value criteria" will they change?
How can we anticipate these changes and "reposition" our strategy most effectively?
Ivey  frameworks  competitive_advantage  market_segmentation  Five_Forces_model  value_chains  competitive_strategy  strategy  products  product_strategy  competitive_intelligence  experiece_curves  cost_analysis  comparative_advantage  customer_segmentation 
december 2012 by jerryking
Spring 2008 | Alumni Gazette

So, what ideas have Western alumni breathed entrepreneurial life into?
Birdseed, chocolate, wine labels, IT solutions, theatre renovation, student marketing, video screens, comic books, sick leave business, changing the world, men’s underwear, Christian dating, wellness centre, CT scanners, dog prosthetics, run-down apartments, Canadian books, fast sushi, ESL, global currency, handheld 3D scanners, Greek school, dry cleaning bag advertising, game inventing, clothing, virtual tours,global currency, contrarian investing, computer parts, cholesterol control, virtual worlds, better foods, humanitarian bank…
It’s just the tip of the iceberg in terms of how many actual businesses have been created by alumni around the world.
UWO  Ivey  entrepreneurship  family-owned_businesses  family_business  alumni 
november 2012 by jerryking
90 seconds to MBA acceptance - The Globe and Mail

Special to The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Oct. 19 2012
Rotman  Ivey  alumni  admissions  business_schools  MBAs 
october 2012 by jerryking
Surfing the Silver Tsunami
One quarter of CEOs say they can’t pursue market opportunities or strategic initiatives because they don’t have the talent they need. And you thought the economy was sluggish! Fact is, the en masse departure of the Baby Boom from the workforce is creating some critical gaps, and human resources professionals and recruiters are working hard to fill them.
talent_management  talent  aging  baby_boomers  grey_tsunami  human_resources  Ivey  alumni  demographic_changes  market_opportunities  retirement  bow_wave 
october 2012 by jerryking
Kevin O'Leary: He's not a billionaire, he just plays one on TV - The Globe and Mail
Bruce Livesey And Tim Kiladze

The Globe and Mail (includes editor's note)

Published Monday,
Kevin_O’Leary  Ivey  alumni 
september 2012 by jerryking
From power to prayer
By Sharon Boase, Hamilton Spectator
Friday, November 25, 2005
career_paths  alumni  Ivey  CEOs  lawyers 
september 2012 by jerryking
Gotta Eat
Summer 2011 | Ivey InTouch | by David Sparling
Ivey  agribusiness  agriculture  farming  alumni 
september 2012 by jerryking
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