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Internet’s creative destruction in retail just getting started - The Globe and Mail

Published Monday, Apr. 29, 2013
the Web's creative-destructive powers are best seen in the overlay of the Internet on traditional industries. Online sales of shoes, furniture and fashion all made the list of rapidly-growing sectors. E-commerce giants like Amazon and usually offer lower prices than traditional retailers – and convenient home delivery. That's bad news for struggling retailers like Sears, Best Buy and J.C. Penney.

Specialty websites, like Zappos for shoes, also offer a wider selection than can be found in rival DSW's bricks-and-mortar shops. The shoe retailer warned that same-store sales are now falling. And the Web's ability to remove middlemen with high fixed costs means nimble startups can dislodge entrenched players. Warby Parker sells eyeglasses for a fraction of the price of the local optician. That also threatens the $25-billion business Luxottica has built in making and selling high-margin spectacles in its LensCrafters, Pearle Vision and Oliver Peoples shops.

The impact of electronic delivery of digital goods, from books to music to games, has long been evident. And it hasn't been pretty for the incumbents. If this latest survey is on the mark, traditional retailers will soon feel the same pain.
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Data mismatch lets Joe Fresh goods go stale - The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail

Published Thursday, Jul. 26 2012
Joe_Fresh  Mimran  Loblaws  Marina_Strauss  J.C._Penney  retailers  mismatches  data 
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J.C. Penney to Overhaul Department-Store Concept -

J.C. Penney Chief Thinks Different
With Apple in His Head, New CEO Tosses Out Old Pricing Models and Formats at Department Store

Department stores increasingly are setting up "stores in a store" and carving out areas for specific brands. Mr. Johnson, however, wants to set up as many as 100 of them—including branded spaces like a new Nanette Lepore shop and "Martha Stewart's Kitchen," private-label stores for the company's Liz Claiborne line, and themed areas for seasons and trends.

Penney's plans to launch 10 new shops in the fall and add new stores monthly until it reaches its goal by 2015. ...Two things Mr. Johnson isn't interested in are celebrity lines and private label apparel. Mr. Johnson, a believer in brands, says in-house labels lack distinctiveness and pricing power
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Looking to Grow, J.C. Penney Tries to Carve New Niches
NOVEMBER 11, 2010 | - | By RACHEL DODES .Looking to
Grow, Penney Tries to Carve New Niches. Since shedding its Eckerd
drugstore division in 2004, Penney has focused on sprucing up its
dept.stores by upgrading merchandise & improving customer svce.. The
company expects most of its growth to come from expanding such
initiatives as Sephora cosmetics boutiques inside its stores and
increasing distn. of its exclusive brands, such as MNG by Mango. But the
company is also betting on retailing ideas developed through its new
Growth Brands Division as a way to build on Penney's sourcing, branding
and logistics expertise. Under pressure to show it can grow,
mass-market J.C. Penney Co. is betting on niches. The retailer, whose
1,100 stores offer a wide range of moderately priced merchandise, is
gearing up for some specialty ventures, including an e-commerce site for
gift givers and a clothing chain for big and tall men,
growth  retailers  J.C._Penney  diversification  Sephora  hedge_funds  niches  store_within_a_store  cosmetics 
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Case Study: Sometimes the Market Tells You What It Needs
Jan 10, 2006 | WSJ | Paulette Thomas. .Patrick Martucci
leapfrogged to increasingly challenging jobs across the telecom
industry, setting up distn. channels, running sales depts. An
opportunity arose when he worked at a company that provided maintenance
on Rolm phone equip.. Martucci pitched J.C. Penney, which, after a
trial, offered the maintenance contract for the entire retail chain's
phone service. But his company handled only Rolm specific
geographies, not the full sprawl of a retailer with a mishmash of phone
sys. Martucci saw what could have been "a $10 M contract go to $1.5 M"
THE SOLUTION: From Chicago, he launched United Asset Coverage, which
would informally stitch together a network to fix anyone's office equip.
-- no matter the brand nor the place, a managed-care approach to the
frustrating world of office-machine maintenance. Martucci told a small
VC fund. "It's a $36 B marketplace & I'm familiar with it,". They
invested a total of "a couple million" $.
voicemail  entrepreneur  opportunistic  maintenance  product_launches  telecommunications  disorganization  retailers  J.C._Penney  managed-care  demand-driven  customer-driven  case_studies  nationwide 
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Retailers Emphasize Top-Line Growth -
APRIL 19, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By RACHEL DODES And
DANA MATTIOLI. "In a bid to boost sales as consumers cautiously reopen
their wallets, some retailers are putting more emphasis on top-line
growth in employees' incentive pay and training programs."
incentives  J.C._Penney  Macy's  Home_Depot  home-improvement  training_programs 
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