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Blaming the rest of the world
Jun 6, 2006 | The Globe and A.17 | Irshad Manji.
With the bust of a suspected terror plot in Toronto, amateur jihadists should expect more questions. For example, if they're so outraged by images of Muslim corpses in the dusty streets of Baghdad, where's their fury over black Muslims dying at the feet of Arab militias in Darfur? Or democracy activists being clubbed by Mubarak's riot police in Cairo?

In the past 50 years, more Muslims have been raped, imprisoned, tortured and murdered by other Muslims than by any foreign imperial power. Does that matter to the would-be jihadists ? If not, aren't they doing exactly what they claim the West does -- demeaning Muslim victims of oppression?...multiculturalism, like any belief system, becomes a stale orthodoxy if taken literally. By definition, orthodoxies anesthetize our brains, deny our consciences, suppress our voices and compel us to abandon the critical spirit that keeps any open society open. This past weekend, Canadians received a wake-up call. Let us all re-discover our spines -- and our minds.
The rest of us should expect questions, too. Ordinary Muslims have a duty to challenge any clerics and civic leaders who make excuses for Islamist terror. After last year's bombings in London, the Muslim Council of Britain insisted that the real culprit was economic discrimination. Soon after, I travelled to Leeds and Bradford -- home of the alleged bombers -- to speak with average Muslims.
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Bookshelf: The U.S. and Pakistan, Best of Frenemies -
The U.S. and Pakistan, Best of Frenemies. Washington is too
short-termist, Islamabad too distrustful. Ganguly reviews Deadly
Embrace: Pakistan, America and the Future of Global Jihad

By Bruce Riedel

Brookings Institution Press,
180 pages, $24.95
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The Meaning of al Qaeda's Double Agent -
JANUARY 7, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | by Reuel Marc Gerecht.
The jihadists are showing impressive counterintelligence ability that
the CIA seems to have underestimated.
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