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The Angst of Endangered CEOs: ‘How Much Time Do I Have?’ - WSJ
By Vanessa Fuhrmans and Joann S. Lublin
Updated July 5, 2017

An array of challenges—from increasing impatience on Wall Street and in boardrooms to a corporate landscape rapidly transformed by new technologies and rival upstarts—have made the top job tougher and more precarious than just a few years ago, top executives say.
CEOs  turnover  boards_&_directors_&_governance  unsentimental  Joann_S._Lublin  endangered 
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Red-Hot Skill: Managing in Gray Areas - WSJ - WSJ
Nov. 4, 2014

At a turbulent time in business, more U.S. companies pick and promote executives who thrive amid ambiguity, coaches and recruiters say. These leaders don’t flinch at uncertainty, surprises, conflicting directions, multiple demands—or knotty problems with no clear answers.
Managing_Your_Career  Joann_S._Lublin  uncertainty  red-hot  adversity  surprises  critical_thinking  managing_change  ambiguities  turbulence 
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More Boards Recruit Former CEOs
Nov. 19, 2013 | | ByJoann S. Lublin.

More corporate boards are seeking former public-company chiefs like Mr. Bennett to serve as directors, and that is creating new headaches for current corner-office occupants. While these prior chiefs often serve as useful advisers to the CEO, they can also help orchestrate a leader's exit. And sometimes, they do both....Outside board members with previous corner-office stints now hold 9.8% of the independent seats at Fortune 1000 companies, and nearly 21% have board leadership titles, up from 5.5% and 13.2% respectively in 2008, concludes an analysis for The Wall Street Journal by researchers Equilar...."Boards see corner-office experience elsewhere as a much more valuable asset today because directors must both monitor management and help lead the company," adds Mr. Useem, co-author of the new book, "Boards That Lead."
CEOs  Joann_S._Lublin  boards_&_directors_&_governance 
november 2013 by jerryking
Yahoo Deal to Buy Tumblr Shows Power Shift -
mergers_&_acquisitions  M&A  Tumblr  Joann_S._Lublin  Spencer_Ante  Yahoo! 
may 2013 by jerryking
High-Tech Chiefs Keep One Eye on the Door
August 30, 1996 | The Wall Street Journal | By Joann S. Lublin
Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal.

High-technology companies are replacing their CEOs much more frequently than in other industries. Novell, AST Research and Quarterdeck replaced their CEOs in the week ending Aug 30, 1996. Borland International and Sybase replaced their presidents and CEOs in July, America Online and Syquest Technology replaced theirs in June. The high turnover rate is blamed on the rapid fluctuations in the finances of these organizations, combined with increased investor concerns and the pressures of running companies competing in quickly changing markets. The financial repercussions of replacing a CEO can have a marked effect on a company. The replacement CEOs are frequently paid 30 percent to 50 percent more than their predecessors, although some executives trade the high salaries for a significant percentage of the company. The rapid rate of CEO turnovers is unlikely to slow in the near future. As many CEOs leave their positions on their own volition as those who are fired.
Joann_S._Lublin  CEOs  high_technology  Silicon_Valley  turnover  boards_&_directors_&_governance 
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To Snag a Job, Learn to Find Your Faults -
May 2, 2006

To Snag a Job Offer, Learn What Damage You Do in Interviews

Managing_Your_Career  Joann_S._Lublin  interviews 
september 2012 by jerryking
Managing Your Career: Composure -
November 30, 2004

How Well You Handle Not Knowing Answers Is Key in Job Interviews

job_search  Joann_S._Lublin  interviews  international_marketing 
september 2012 by jerryking
In Silicon Valley, Founders Fight for Control -
July 10, 2012 | WSJ |By JOANN S. LUBLIN And SPENCER E. ANTE.

There's a power struggle underway in Silicon Valley. At stake: Power itself.

Over the past two years, one of the most influential venture-capital firms has turned the usual rules of start-up investing on its head. Andreessen Horowitz is telling entrepreneurs it prefers situations where the founders have controlling stakes, reckoning that they'll be better able to resist outside distraction and focus on making great products....But Andreessen's approach is also exposing a rift in Silicon Valley, where a group of young and relatively untested entrepreneurs have maintained control over their rapidly growing companies. For now, venture investors are relatively content with the arrangement, as they've made immense sums along the way. The growing worry is that the setup leaves investors little recourse if a highly empowered CEO goes off track.
Silicon_Valley  Andreessen_Horowitz  founders  Joann_S._Lublin  boards_&_directors_&_governance  start_ups  venture_capital  vc  activism  off-plan  investors  distractions 
july 2012 by jerryking
Power Couple: Meet the Sister CEOs -
July 18, 2011| WSJ | By JOANN S. LUBLIN

Power Couple: Meet the Sister CEOs
For the First Time, Two Sisters Will Run Big Public Companies: Writing Big Brother's Review
CEOs  women  Joann_S._Lublin 
july 2012 by jerryking
Recovering From a Late Setback -
May 27, 2003 | WSJ | By JOANN S. LUBLIN

The well-publicized announcement made it impossible for Mr. White to mourn in private. But the coverage started him on the road to recovery by bringing him advice from his wide personal and professional network. "There is important work in the world for a person of your ability and integrity," wrote Fred Alger, founder and CEO of Fred Alger Management. Mr. White has been a trustee for some of the New York money-management firm's funds since 1999...Mr. White decided not to blame others for his turndown nor let the episode diminish him in any way.

He demonstrated his resolve by trying to arrange a flawless transition. Among other things, he prepared extensive background materials, then briefed Ms. Coleman face-to-face in Iowa.

Mr. White brought his inner turmoil to a cathartic conclusion during a campus dinner to honor his interim leadership in July 2002. University regents and senior officials expected perfunctory remarks. Sensing a "teachable" moment, the veteran professor instead spoke candidly about his loss to an already uneasy crowd.

"It's no secret to anyone in this room that I'm disappointed not to be able to serve the university in the years ahead," Mr. White declared. He went on: "We can choose how to think about and react to disappointment. At the extremes, one line of thought leads to bitterness and a shriveled soul; the other leads to wisdom and growth." Mr. White said his own career disappointment had enabled him to challenge himself about "what will be my work, my contributions, my sources of satisfaction and self-esteem?" He got a standing ovation.
bouncing_back  Joann_S._Lublin  setbacks  Managing_Your_Career  inspiration  Wall_Street  Colleges_&_Universities  disappointment  affirmations  seminal_moments  career-defining_moments  emotional_mastery  mybestlife  teachable_moments 
march 2012 by jerryking
Managing Your Career: Job-Hunt Workshops -
February 1, 2005 | WSJ | By JOANN S. LUBLIN

Among the other clever tips that were provided during the workshop:

Send introductory "cover letters" via Federal Express. Save your resume for later.
Find "connectors," such as hairstylists, dentists and accountants, who know many people because their professions cut across industries.
During networking events, wear a name tag on your chest's right side so someone shaking hands can easily discern who you are. Tuck spare business cards behind the tag.
Identify an industry's key players through trade publications that quote them. Cite the articles when you solicit their advice.
Craft an "elevator pitch" about yourself that sounds like a dramatic movie trailer because it captures your passion.
Prepare a script before phoning a hiring manager. Call while standing. Leave voicemail slowly, using an upward inflection to demonstrate your energy and enthusiasm.
Send personalized, handwritten notes thanking every individual who interviews you
Managing_Your_Career  Joann_S._Lublin  Colleges_&_Universities  job_search  networking  preparation 
march 2012 by jerryking
Managing Your Career: Overseas Job Hopping -
June 7, 2005

Job Hopping Overseas Can Enhance a Career, But It Takes Fortitude

Switching continents to switch jobs can enhance your career. Bilingual global managers "are going to be more and more in demand," predicts Kyung Yoon, a vice chairman of search firm Heidrick & Struggles International. "But the learning curve is very high if you've never lived in that target country before."

Despite multiple obstacles, you can snare a cross-continental offer without losing your sanity or your wallet. Specialized skills can give you an edge at lower levels.

Joann_S._Lublin  Managing_Your_Career  career_paths  overseas_assignments  networking  managers  learning_curves  Heidrick_&_Struggles  bilingualism 
march 2012 by jerryking
How to Win Support From Colleagues At Your New Job
November 25, 2003 | WSJ | By JOANN S. LUBLIN
Managing_Your_Career  first90days  howto  Joann_S._Lublin 
march 2012 by jerryking
Jerry Yang Resigns From Yahoo, the Company He Founded -
JANUARY 18, 2012

Founder Severs Ties to Yahoo

Jerry_Yang  Yahoo!  Joann_S._Lublin  exits 
january 2012 by jerryking
Damage Control for a Forced Exit -
NOVEMBER 14, 2011, 9:36 A.M. ET

Damage Control for a Forced Exit


Columnist's name
crisis_management  public_relations  firings  Managing_Your_Career  Joann_S._Lublin 
november 2011 by jerryking
Executives Looking to Get Ahead Should Get to Know the Board -
High Aspirations? Get to Know the Board

MGM Resorts International promoted senior executive Corey Sanders three times between 2005 and 2009 to high-level management posts. But in order to move up further, he needed to improve his boardroom presentations because he sometimes lost directors' attention, Chief Executive Jim Murren told him two years ago.

So in December 2009, the hotel and casino operator brought in a speech coach for Mr. Sanders. The all-day session included videotaping one of his prior presentations.

"You could see I wasn't relaxed," Mr. Sanders remembers. "I wasn't using my hands and that made me look stiff." As a result, "I didn't sound confident." Mr. Murren then had him informally train with a colleague. They worked together before, during and after board meetings for six months.

Mr. Sanders, who advanced to chief operating officer late last year, "now communicates complex information effectively to the board without reading from a script," Mr. Murren reports. Meanwhile, Mr. Sanders is reaching out to MGM directors "so they get to know me."
movingonup  public_speaking  Communicating_&_Connecting  boards_&_directors_&_governance  executive_management  Joann_S._Lublin 
november 2011 by jerryking
How to Woo a Venture Capitalist -
OCTOBER 31, 2006

If You Want to Woo A Venture Capitalist, First Offer a Tip

howto  Joann_S._Lublin  venture_capital 
november 2011 by jerryking
Using a Board Seat as a Stepping Stone -
NOVEMBER 4, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By JOANN S. LUBLIN.
More boards now seek active executives below the CEO level, especially
those savvy about hot areas such as compensation, global marketing, risk
management and digital media. Non-CEOs account for 26% of new
independent members on the boards of Standard & Poor's 500 concerns,
concludes a Spencer Stuart analysis of their latest proxy statements.
That's up from 18% in 2000. (Both figures include some retirees).

Pursuing a business directorship involves "matching skill sets and
cultural fits,'' observes Denise Morrison, the new chief operating
officer of Campbell Soup Co. She spent years prepping for her first
public-company board assignment – by getting nonprofit experience first.
boards_&_directors_&_governance  cultural_fit  movingonup  executive_management  volunteering  nonprofit  Joann_S._Lublin  COO  Campbell_Soup  digital_savvy 
november 2010 by jerryking
Risk vs. Executive Reward -
JUNE 15, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | By CARI TUNA and JOANN
S. LUBLIN. Obama Seeks Better Controls, but Experts Split Over the
risks  executive_compensation  Joann_S._Lublin  Cari_Tuna 
august 2010 by jerryking
Aon to Buy Hewitt in $4.9 Billion Deal -
JULY 13, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By JOANN S. LUBLIN and
DANA MATTIOLI. Consolidating Consultants: Aon Agrees to Buy Hewitt .
"You will continue to see more consolidation in the sector,'' predicted
Timothy McHugh, a consulting-industry analyst for William Blair &
Co. in Chicago. Firms keen to make acquisitions "are looking for global
scale, diversity and additional products and services to cross sell to
their clients,'' he said.
consolidation  mergers_&_acquisitions  M&A  management_consulting  Joann_S._Lublin  Dana_Mattioli  PwC  McKinsey 
july 2010 by jerryking
Five Lessons Learned From the WSJ Managing Your Career Column -
JULY 6, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By JOANN S. LUBLIN
The Keys to Unlocking Your Most Successful Career
Five Simple But Crucial Lessons Culled From Many Years of Offering
Advice to Workers, Bosses and Job Seekers . 1. . Network effectively
rather than aimlessly. 2. Sweat the small stuff. 3. Make your résumé and
business card work overtime for you. 4. Pay it forward. 5. Know
thyself—and be ready for reinvention.
Joann_S._Lublin  Managing_Your_Career  lessons_learned  detail_oriented 
july 2010 by jerryking
Strategic Plans Lose Favor -
JANUARY 25, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | by JOANN S. LUBLIN and DANA MATTIOLI
Joann_S._Lublin  Dana_Mattioli  strategic_planning 
january 2010 by jerryking
Surviving the Pressure With a Ready Plan Or, Literally, a Script
MARCH 2, 2004 | Wall Street Journal | By JOANN S. LUBLIN. The

The most important first step: Always expect the unexpected......Prepare by practicing positive self-talk. "Monitor that internal voice that says you're really an idiot and you can't do this job,"...You also can handle a surprise spotlight well by crafting a game plan to conquer your panic-stricken mental chaos......Unanticipated hot spots often flare up during important meetings. Show patience, career experts say. Take deep breaths, compose your thoughts, restate the question -- and use humor to defuse tension. If you avoid blurting out the first thing that comes to mind, "people will see your demeanor as cool and professional,"...most important first step: Always expect the unexpected! Most people
don't do well with the unexpected because they lack a script==> .consider improv acting classes
deep_breathing  Managing_Your_Career  Joann_S._Lublin  managing_uncertainty  resilience  uncertainty  unexpected  patience  hotspots  improvisation  impromptu  self-talk  negativity_bias  sophisticated 
november 2009 by jerryking
How to Win Support From Colleagues At Your New Job
Nov 25, 2003. | Wall Street Journal. pg. B.1 | by Joann S. Lublin. Idea for Noel's coaching service.
onboarding  Michael_Watkins  Freshbooks  Joann_S._Lublin  first90days  howto 
september 2009 by jerryking
Networking? Here's How to Stand Out -
NOVEMBER 4, 2008 |Wall Street Journal | by JOANN S. LUBLIN.
Unusual times demand unusual networking tactics. Most candidates find
work through networking, surveys show. But in today's dismal job market,
many feel frustrated with standard strategies such as tapping friends
for referrals.
Joann_S._Lublin  networking  Managing_Your_Career 
may 2009 by jerryking
Anticipating Corporate Crises -
SEPTEMBER 22, 2008 | Wall Street Journal | by JOANN S. LUBLIN

Many U.S. boards don't cope well with a crisis. But some directors are
now ratcheting up efforts to anticipate, and avert, trouble. Too many
boards are stocked with poorly prepared directors, who fail to ask
enough tough questions or adequately scrutinize management, governance
specialists say.
Joann_S._Lublin  anticipating  boards_&_directors_&_governance  preparation  risk-management  risk-assessment  scenario-planning  contingency_planning  forward_looking  crisis  hard_questions 
april 2009 by jerryking
For Job Hunters, The Big Interview Is Getting Bigger
WSJ column by Joann S. Lublin on the move towards panel interviews.
jobs  interviews  hiring  Joann_S._Lublin 
january 2009 by jerryking

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