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Investors dole advice to struggling start-ups
SAN JOSE, Calif. -- The layoff body count grows by the day. As fallout from the financial crisis rains down on Silicon Valley, some investors and entrepreneurs compare themselves to battlefield su...
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Why Is Silicon Valley So Obsessed With the Virtue of Suffering?
March 26, 2019 | The New York Times | By Nellie Bowles.

a new entrepreneurship-focused lobbying firm, the Cicero Institute.
Daily Stoic, a popular blog for the tech-Stoic community.
“Meditations,” by Marcus Aurelius
“A Guide to the Good Life: The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy,” by William B. Irvine
Ryan Holiday’s life-hacking books on Stoicism.
Search for books by Ada Palmer.

The wealthy of Silicon Valley ought to be living their very best lives right now. John Doerr, an early Amazon and Google investor, calls their moment “the greatest legal accumulation of wealth in history.” And yet, the people of Silicon Valley seem determined to make themselves miserable. They sit in painful, silent meditations for weeks on end. They starve for days — on purpose. Cold morning showers are a bragging right. Notoriety is a badge of honor. So the most helpful clues to understanding Silicon Valley today may come from its favorite ancient philosophy: Stoicism. An ancient Greek school of thought, Stoicism argued that the only real treasures in life were inner virtues, like self-mastery and courage. The Stoics offered tactics to endure pain and pleasure without complaint.

* Is this really a thing? - Some executives in SV believe that our pleasing, on-demand life will make them soft. So they attempt to induce pain..... incorporate practices in our lives that “mimic” our ancestors’ environments and their daily challenges....Tim Ferriss wrote on his blog that Stoicism is “an ideal ‘operating system’ for thriving in high-stress environments.”.....there are the founders who may not call themselves Stoics, but who practice some of its tenets (e.g. Jack Dorsey, Twitter's C.E.O., who likes to walk five miles to work each day and meditates in silence 10 days each year.
* Why are they attracted to Stoicism? - Stoicism “a wonderful therapy against grief and the blinders of the rat race.” “So much of Stoicism is about achieving interior tranquillity,”
* Why does it matter? - The Cicero Institute comes at a time of tension in Silicon Valley.
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John Doerr to Step Aside and Become Chairman at Kleiner Perkins - The New York Times

John Doerr is stepping back from the day-to-day management of his firm, Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, in a changing of the guard. Mr. Doerr, 64 will become KP's first chairman. The shift reflects a reprioritization of his time from managing the firm to grooming the next generation of leaders. “I see this chair role as a ‘player coach,’” Mr. Doerr wrote in a blog post on Thursday. “I’m super enthused about our next gen leaders and the future.”....“The venture industry is changing all the time,” he wrote. “We must keep changing to better compete and serve entrepreneurs.”
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Kleiner Perkins, Disrupted -

The last decade has not been as kind to Kleiner. Entrepreneurs have less need of venture capitalists and their cash, because it is cheaper to start a company and they now have other funding sources. Kleiner also had self-inflicted wounds: An ambitious bet on alternative energy companies, also known as green tech, did not work out as well as hoped, and many opportunities were missed in consumer Internet companies. When the events at issue in the trial took place — roughly 2008 to 2012 — the firm downsized.

A struggling firm in a struggling industry is, as all connoisseurs of digital disruption know, bound to be filled with unhappiness....Kleiner was a firm in flux, Mr. Hirschfeld recalled. One woman he talked to said Kleiner “seemed to be moving from a brand called KP to a brand of individuals that are part of KP. It was now becoming more of a cult of personality, and each personality had its own brand.” ...Kleiner is coming off at the trial as a place where, whatever its undoubted excellence, the loudest people win, the most aggressive win, and those who can find a mentor by sucking up win. This does not sound like a family, a meritocracy or even a place that is a successful investor over the long term.

Why didn’t Kleiner realize this in 2012, when Mr. Hirschfeld submitted his 26-page report?

Perhaps the firm was focused on the narrow issue: whether Ms. Pao was the subject of discrimination. Mr. Hirschfeld’s answer was no, and so maybe the details did not matter.
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The Thinker
March 1995 | The Red Herring Issue 19 | by Anthony Perkins.

Our goal is quality, not quantity. You also have to develop competence and expertise in an industry to earn the right to advise entrepreneurs....There's a tremendous marketing and management deficit in Silicon Valley. The really big winners, like Compaq or Intuit, figure out how to enter a market, not just with a superior product, but with a value proposition that is intellectually, emotionally, and economically compatible with a powerful channel of distribution.
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Fastest VC in the West
October 25, 1993| Forbes ASAP, p. 105. | by Nancy Rutter.
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Web Revival at Kleiner -

Kleiner Plays Catch-Up
Venture Capitalists Who Jumped on First Internet Wave Get the Feeling

leading Kleiner partner John Doerr and Ms. Meeker have been making the
rounds of Silicon Valley Web start-ups and have personally negotiated
stakes in companies.

There's been an "advent of a perfect storm" of "social, local and
mobile" Web companies, and "so we're pursuing that," said Mr. Doerr in
an interview. "It's a new business for Kleiner Perkins, and so we're
getting up every day and fighting to get into the best investments."

Kleiner venture capitalist Bing Gordon spent an hour onstage espousing
his theory of "gamification"—that is, how start-ups can benefit from
using online gaming techniques—to the gathering.

Read more:
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