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Jonah Lehrer: Brilliant. Successful. Impossibly handsome. Liar
Jul. 31 2012 | - The Globe and Mail | Russell Smith.

Lehrer has joined the ranks of the disgraced: the high-profile journalists who make stuff up or plagiarize, the Stephen Glasses and the Jayson Blairs.
Russell_Smith  Jonah_Lehrer 
august 2012 by jerryking
Jonah Lehrer on How to Be Creative -
March 12, 2012 | WSJ | By JONAH LEHRER.

How To Be Creative
The image of the 'creative type' is a myth. Jonah Lehrer on why anyone can innovate—and why a hot shower, a cold beer or a trip to your colleague's desk might be the key to your next big idea.
howto  creativity  innovation  Jonah_Lehrer  creative_types 
june 2012 by jerryking
How outsiders solve problems that stump experts
May. 02, 2012 | The Globe and Mail| by ERIN MILLAR Special to Globe and Mail Update.

“Radical innovations often happen at the intersections of disciplines,” write Dr. Karim Lakhani and Dr. Lars Bo Jeppesen, of Harvard Business School and Copenhagen Business School respectively, in the Harvard Business Review. “The more diverse the problem-solving population, the more likely a problem is to be solved. People tend to link problems that are distant from their fields with solutions that they've encountered in their own work.”....“We assume that technical problems can be solved only by people with technical expertise,” writes Jonah Lehrer, who discusses InnoCentive in his new book Imagine: How Creativity Works. “But that assumption is wrong. The people deep inside a domain – the chemists trying to solve a chemistry problem – often suffer from a type of intellectual handicap. It's not until the challenge is shared with motivated outsiders that the solution can be found.
creativity  heterogeneity  innovation  polymaths  problem_solving  InnoCentive  books  Jonah_Lehrer  cross-pollination  interdisciplinary  outsiders  intellectual_diversity  moonshots  breakthroughs  industry_expertise 
may 2012 by jerryking
How to have a creative breakthrough
Apr. 08, 2012 | The Globe and Mail | Courtney Shea.

Review of Imagine: How Creativity Works by Jonah Lehrer.
book_reviews  breakthroughs  creativity  howto  Jonah_Lehrer 
april 2012 by jerryking
How to grab inspiration by the tail - The Globe and Mail
Mar. 23, 2012 | G&M | nicholas hune-brown.

When an idea pops into your head, it feels so miraculous and mysterious that for centuries people attributed such epiphanies to the gods. In Imagine: How Creativity Works, Jonah Lehrer examines the science behind inspiration, looking inside the brain to find out what is happening when we're visited by the muses.
creativity  innovation  books  ideas  inspiration  Jonah_Lehrer  creative_renewal 
march 2012 by jerryking
In a Data-Heavy Society, Being Defined by the Numbers -
Published: April 22, 2011
“Numbers make intangibles tangible,” said Jonah Lehrer, a journalist and
author of “How We Decide,” (Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, 2009). “They
give the illusion of control.”[stories, anecdotes, and ratios make numbers memorable. See also Pinboard article, "To Persuade People, Tell Them a Story"]

Too many people shopping for cars, for example, get fixated on how much
horsepower the engine has, even though in most cases it really doesn’t
matter, Mr. Lehrer said.

“We want to quantify everything,” he went on, “to ground a decision in
fact, instead of asking whether that variable matters.” [jck: that is, which variables are incisive, worth paying attention to, act as signal in a sea of noise?]
obsessions  rankings  data_driven  metrics  statistics  analysis  incisiveness  quantitative  Jonah_Lehrer  dangers  intangibles  meaning  sense-making  data  illusions  false_confidence  anecdotal  books  sense_of_control  storytelling  decision_making  overquantification 
april 2011 by jerryking
Weekend Essay by Jonah Lehrer: How Power Affects Us -
AUGUST 14, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By JONAH LEHRER. The
Power Trip Contrary to the Machiavellian cliché, nice people are more
likely to rise to power. Then something strange happens: Authority
atrophies the very talents that got them there.
power  paradoxes  CEOs  authority  Jonah_Lehrer  Niccolò_Machiavelli 
august 2010 by jerryking
Tiger Woods and the Superstar Effect -
APRIL 3, 2010 | Wall Street Journal | By JONAH LEHRER. The
Superstar Effect. From the playing field to the boardroom, when one
competitor is clearly the best, the others don't step up their game—they
give up. As Tiger Woods returns to golf, Jonah Lehrer looks at the
nature of competition.
Tiger_Woods  competition  overachievers  Jonah_Lehrer  GE  Jack_Welch  winner-take-all  blockbusters  superstars  high-achieving 
april 2010 by jerryking

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