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Finding Info on a Unique Business -
June 6, 2006 | WSJ | Kelly Spors. When the Business You Want To Buy Is Hard to Find.

Many business buyers now search for acquisition opportunities online, but it does little good when seeking a rather unique business....Telephone everyone you can, mention the type of business you're seeking and ask whom they know who might be looking to sell. Even if they can't think of anyone, they may put you in touch with someone who can.
Kelly_K._Spors  buying_a_business  due_diligence  market_research  one-of-a-kind  uniqueness  hard_to_find 
may 2012 by jerryking
Getting Consumers Involved in Business Decisions -
JULY 13, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | Kelly K. Spors. The
Customer Knows Best. Thanks to the Internet, companies can easily find
out what consumers think. They just ask....." Entrepreneurs need to know
when to follow their own vision and intuition and when to rely on crowd
feedback, "
running_a_business  Kelly_K._Spors  Kauffman_Foundation  entrepreneur  start_ups  crowdsourcing 
august 2010 by jerryking
Handling Late-Paying Customers -
JULY 17, 2007 | Wall Street Journal | by Kelly Spors. "the
best strategy for handling habitually overdue customers is to quit
working for them. "
invoicing  Freshbooks  Kelly_K._Spors  small_business 
october 2009 by jerryking
Importing Food to U.S. Retail Outlets -
SEPTEMBER 18, 2007 | Wall Street Journal | by KELLY SPORS
Kelly_K._Spors  food  importing  FDA  grocery 
may 2009 by jerryking
Myths of Angel Investing
OCTOBER 28, 2008 Wall Street Journal | by KELLY K. SPORS
Kelly_K._Spors  investors  investing  myths  angels 
may 2009 by jerryking
Structuring a Profit-Sharing Arrangement -
APRIL 17, 2007 | Wall Street Journal | by KELLY SPORS.
Profit-sharing arrangements between a capital partner and a so-called
sweat-equity partner can be set up in countless ways. What matters most
is that both partners feel the deal is fair.
profit-sharing  small_business  funding  sweat-equity  equity  vesting  Kelly_K._Spors  win-win 
may 2009 by jerryking
Advice for small businesses on LLCs, researching ideas and company names -
MAY 11, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | Kelly Spors
Q: Is it advisable to put more than one business in a limited liability
company, or should you set up separate LLCs for each? Q: I have three
new product ideas. How can I determine the feasibility of my ideas
without worrying they will be disclosed?
Kelly_K._Spors  ideas  naming 
may 2009 by jerryking
Starting Over as an Entrepreneur -
MAY 11, 2009 | Wall Street Journal | by KELLY K. SPORS and 

For laid-off or worried workers, launching a business may seem the best
path to survival. Here are the stories of five people who are taking
that route—and the lessons they’ve learned so far.
Kelly_K._Spors  Raymund_Flandez  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  case_studies  lessons_learned  unemployment  Second_Acts 
may 2009 by jerryking
An Age-Old Trade Question -
MAY 29, 2007 | Wall Street Journal | by KELLY SPORS. What are
the options in international trade between a buyer and a seller to
handle payment so neither gets burned?
international_trade  Kelly_K._Spors  letter_of_credit 
april 2009 by jerryking
Why Start-ups Fail
November 7, 2006 | The Wall Street Journal | Kelly K. Spors
root_cause  start_ups  Kelly_K._Spors  failure  running_a_business 
march 2009 by jerryking
Taking a Commission
Oct. 17, 2006 WSJ column, pg. B4, by Kelly Spors on handling referrals among consultants.
etiquette  management_consulting  Kelly_K._Spors  fees_&_commissions 
march 2009 by jerryking
Tough Times Call For New Ideas -
FEBRUARY 14, 2009, WSJ column by KELLY K. SPORS. The savviest
entrepreneurs aren't hunkering down trying to wait out the financial
storm. They're rethinking their business models & strategies based
on the assumption that consumer spending won't be rebounding to
prerecession levels. People may want new types of products and services.
So entrepreneurs are finding new sales channels, trying new marketing
tactics and promotions, forming strategic partnerships, etc.
adversity  rethinking  marketing  innovation  business_development  Kelly_K._Spors  strategies  business_models  entrepreneurship  economic_downturn  recessions  new_products  hard_times  ideas  idea_generation 
february 2009 by jerryking
Don't Back Down -
JUNE 16, 2008 WSJ column by KELLY K. SPORS interviewing
marketing expert Stefan Tornquist of MarketingSherpa on marketing in a
faltering economy.
marketing  small_business  relationships  rethinking  Kelly_K._Spors  economic_downturn  recessions 
february 2009 by jerryking
Independent Street : Finding Help for Choosing a Franchise
June 12, 2008, 4:13 pm WSJ blog post posted by Kelly Spors on the topic of franchises
running_a_business  small_business  franchising  Kelly_K._Spors  start_ups 
february 2009 by jerryking
Entrepreneur Library of Inspiring Articles and Case Studies:Do Whites and Wealthy Have a Start-Up Edge?
August 20, 2007 WSJ article by Kelly K. Spors on the results of
a study by the Small Business Administration's Office of Advocacy.
Minorities are 55% less likely to start a business than whites.
race  race_relations  entrepreneurship  Kelly_K._Spors  start_ups  achievement_gaps  racial_disparities 
february 2009 by jerryking
The Secrets of Serial Success -
August 20, 2007 WSJ article by By GWENDOLYN BOUNDS, KELLY K. SPORS and RAYMUND FLANDEZ | profiling serial entrepreneurs.
Gwendolyn_Bounds  small_business  serial  entrepreneur  entrepreneurship  Kelly_K._Spors  start_ups  Raymund_Flandez  serial_entrepreneur  serial_entrepreneurship 
february 2009 by jerryking
To Help Collect the Bills, Firms Try the Soft Touch -
JANUARY 22, 2009 WSJ article by SIMONA COVEL and KELLY K. SPORS on things small businesses can do to collect on bills.
Freshbooks  blogging  business_development  running_a_business  small_business  Kelly_K._Spors  Simona_Covel 
january 2009 by jerryking
Networking Together -
July 22, 2008 column by Kelly K. Spors on the increasing use of
social networking sites by small businesses to network with customers
and with other businesses to collectively raise the profile of a
particular geographic area or industry.
social_networking  small_business  Web_2.0  community  ning  coffee  Kelly_K._Spors  BIAs 
january 2009 by jerryking
Planning a Start-Up? Help and Advise Abound -
JANUARY 18, 2009 article by the WSJ's KELLY K. SPORS detailing
by category the resources that are available to budding entrepreneurs.
entrepreneurship  resources  endowments  start_ups  Kelly_K._Spors 
january 2009 by jerryking

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