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Canada needs the long view, urgently - The Globe and Mail
Kevin Lynch

Contributed to The Globe and Mail

Published Tuesday, Jan. 07 2014

The answer for Canada is not to be found in short-term political fixes, less technological change or reduced globalization. Rather, it lies in a return to a longer-term orientation: more structural policy thinking, a global economic strategy, greater dialogue and co-operation between public and private-sectors, better and more targeted education, and tackling our structural productivity and innovation deficits. It seems rather obvious that, in this changing world, the status quo cannot be a viable long-term strategy for any sector in the Canadian economy, from business to government to education.
strategic_thinking  competitiveness_of_nations  Canada  technological_change  Kevin_Lynch  globalization  long-term  productivity  innovation  P3 
january 2014 by jerryking
The pivot point
September 27, 2013 | RoB Magazine | Gordon Pitts.
Kevin Lynch's big ideas on reviving the East Coast economy don't include big government
economic_development  Gordon_Pitts  Atlantic_Canada  immigration  immigrants  Kevin_Lynch  thinking_big 
september 2013 by jerryking
Don't just co-operate on innovation: collaborate too
March 14th, 2012 | Globe & Mail | Editorials.

A Public Policy Forum report makes a persuasive case that Canada's comparative weakness in innovation and productivity growth is not so much a matter of any supposed lack of inventiveness, or of deficient economic policies, as of a characteristically Canadian difficulty in making contacts and establishing practical collaborations among innovators and investors.....there is a need to identify ways and means by which "angel" investors, venture capitalists and mentors, on the one hand, and researchers and inventors, on the other, find each other.......a recurrent theme of this report is the fairly inexpensive creation of "incubators" and other physical spaces and contexts – "soft infrastructure" – in which such relationships can be hatched. All concerned should encourage networking.....although competitiveness in the global marketplace matters more than geography, the distinctly geographical fact of regional clusters is central to the report – Waterloo, Ont., is the best-known Canadian example....Canadians need to learn how to accept failure and to try again – as inventors must do........Lynch spoke about being co-operative – in other words, accommodating – but Canadians are often lacking when it comes to being collaborative described as the creation of "real working arrangements to share risk, obligation and reward."

In effect, this report takes E.M. Forster's phrase in his novel Howard's End, "Only connect," and adds, "Actually work together, too."
angels  clusters  editorials  collaboration  incubators  innovation  inventiveness  investors  Kevin_Lynch  Kitchener-Waterloo  productivity  vc 
april 2012 by jerryking
Stimulus. Austerity. We can have both - The Globe and Mail
kevin lynch
From Tuesday's Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Nov. 01, 2011
Kevin_Lynch  austerity  economic_stimulus 
november 2011 by jerryking
Wanted: culture of innovation
Sep.16, 2011 | G&M | Kevin Lynch & Munir Sheikh.
“Productivity isn’t everything,” P. Krugman once wrote in his NYT
column, “but in the long run it's almost everything.” Strange that, with
Canada’s poor productivity & innovation performance compared with
the U.S., that we remain complacent. Where’s our sense of urgency?
Innovation doesn’t occur in the abstract – corps. have to manage for it.
Successful innovation happens in 4 distinct areas. Product innovation:
The capacity to introduce new products & services ahead of
competitors, to anticipate consumer needs or even to create them. Mkt.
innovation: The capacity to decide to change its market, whether it’s
geographically, virtually or creatively. Process innovation: The
capacity to change how goods & services are produced and delivered
to reduce cost, improve efficiency and increase convenience for
customers. Org. innovation: The capacity to convert creativity, market
& customer knowledge & technology into marketable innovations.
innovation  productivity  Canadian  Canada  complacency  organizational_culture  organizational_innovation  urgency  Kevin_Lynch  taxonomy  Paul_Krugman  consumer_needs  process_innovation  process_improvements  product_innovation  product-orientated 
september 2011 by jerryking
Another new world order
Sep. 04, 2010 | The Globe & Mail | Kevin Lynch. So, what
shape will this new world order take? Let’s start with globalization.
the information revolution is reshaping how we work, communicate, and
interact. Overlay on this the demographics of aging and the potential
consequences of climate change....Canada’s strengths are impressive and
extend well beyond our strong fiscal situation, stable financial sector,
bountiful resources, agriculture capacity and proximity to the richest
market in the world....In the midst of this changing world order lies
the opportunity for Canada to stake out new markets in emerging-economy
giants like China, India and Brazil, to refocus our market presence in
the United States toward rapidly growing regions and sectors, and to
make Canada more innovative in what we produce and more productive in
how we produce it. It is an opportunity we cannot afford to squander.
21st._century  Canada  Kevin_Lynch  globalization  BRIC  demographic_changes  aging  beyondtheU.S. 
september 2010 by jerryking
Bridging the public service-private sector divide - The Globe and Mail
Apr. 26, 2010 | Globe & Mail | Gordon Pitts. Former clerk
of the Privy Council Kevin Lynch – who just moved into an executive post
at Bank of Montreal – says more cross-fertilization is needed if Canada
is going to deal with the big issues ahead
Gordon_Pitts  cross-pollination  public_sector  private_sector  Kevin_Lynch 
april 2010 by jerryking

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