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Texas top ten percent policy provides a cautionary lesson
July 8, 2019 | hechingerreport | by JILL BARSHAY

Texas’s policy to automatically admit the top students in each high school to the state’s flagship universities didn’t expand the number of high schools that send students to Texas A&M University, College Station.

One proposal to boost the number of black and Latino students in elite schools is to cream the top students from every neighborhood or community, rather than admitting only the top students on a national or statewide yardstick. That way the brightest Latino students in a predominantly Latino school, for example, can get a shot at a coveted slot that they otherwise might not get. Bill de Blasio, New York City mayor and Democratic presidential candidate, has floated this idea for diversifying his city’s elite high schools.

But the state of Texas provides a cautionary lesson for how much this sort of well-intended reform can accomplish. Research is showing that a policy that takes the top students from the state’s high schools didn’t increase diversity in Texas’s elite universities or increase the number of high schools that feed them.
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Rosario María Astuvilca - The Globe and Mail
Appointment notice
Rosario María Astuvilca

Content by: Odgers Berndtson

Published Wednesday, Oct. 09 2013
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Ethnic Marketing: McDonald's Is Lovin' It
July 8, 2010, - BusinessWeek | Burt HelmThe BBW50 chain taps Latino and black culture for mainstream ads
McDonald's  ethnic  marketing  Latinos  African-Americans 
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Latinos Get a Leg up on the Leadership Ladder
Sept. 16 2008 WSJ Diversity Recruitment supplement article by Julie Bennett
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