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Violently Wrought, Kaitlyn Greenidge interviews Marlon James - Guernica / A Magazine of Art & Politics
Kaitlyn Greenidge interviews Marlon James
November 3, 2014

Guernica: When you are inside the big book, how do you map out structure?

Marlon James: I have note sheets. I use Moleskine notebooks. I’m analog like that. I have a plot chart. I have different columns for the character, rows with different times of day, because even though it’s a big book, each chapter takes place basically in a day. So I need to know where Nina Burgess is at nine o’clock, and where she’ll be at ten. It allows me to be spontaneous. It’s sort of like how knowing prosody really liberates a poet.

If you know you have a backbone, you can bend and contort. That’s what allowed a lot of the freedom in the book. Because half of that stuff in that chart I didn’t follow. Because characters become real and they don’t take crap from you. But also because I always knew where the return line was. You can always go so far out on a limb and know you have to come back to this point. Plot charts and diagramming also stopped me from playing favorites. Because everybody had to get equal time.
Marlon James: Because I want dialogue. But to come back to it—Josey Wales, for example, is slightly older than Weeper [both two gang enforcers in a ghetto of Kingston]. Josey Wales doesn’t like reggae, he doesn’t like dance hall, whereas Weeper is a street kid. He’s a nerd. He has nothing but bitterness and meanness. But they do not talk the same. In a novel that’s told by characters, your nightmare is that they end up sounding alike. Working out how different generations talk was really the challenge. Remembering things like values. It’s their value system that governs how they talk.

Guernica: In the novel, power dynamics are constantly shifting. But there’s never a sense that one character has complete or absolute power.

Marlon James: If anyone has the upper hand, then your novel loses tension. I hope I wrote a very tense novel. Tension happens because dynamics are always changing. Even if you don’t have the upper hand, you have the upper hand in an argument. You have the moral right. Especially these characters, since a lot of them are pushed into corners and make desperate decisions. I don’t buy into the all-knowing, all-smart character. Even characters who you think are minor still end up being overshadowed or beaten.
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Moleskine Notebooks Adapt to the Digital World -

Moleskine has signed partnership deals with digital companies like Adobe, FiftyThree, Evernote and Livescribe to allow customers to upload their writing and artwork from Moleskine notebooks to smartphones and tablets in order to digitally alter them, share them online and search them. They can also print digital artwork into notebooks....Moleskine’s strategy paid off in new partnerships. In 2012, Moleskine’s partnership with Evernote resulted in software that allows writers to upload the pages of their notebooks to their smartphones or tablets and then organize and share the contents....One digital competitor of Moleskine is Mod Notebooks. Once customers are finished writing in the notebooks, they can mail them back to the company to be digitized. The notebooks cost $29, including digitization and shipping, and are sold through the company’s website.
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Digital diaries are no match for our paper past -
August 31, 2014 3:54 pm
Digital diaries are no match for our paper past
By Lucy Kellaway
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What's In Your Bag | Ryan Graves
April 9, 2013 | - | By KRISTIANO ANG

What's In Your Bag, Ryan Graves
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Breakingviews-Moleskine turns over new leaf with ambitious IPO
Mar 13, 2013 | Reuters | By Quentin Webb.

(The author is a Reuters Breakingviews columnist. The opinions expressed are his own)
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Look Smart - Moleskine Notebook
June 26, 2005 | New York Times | By ROB WALKER

The story of Moleskine Notesbooks. The core idea, Rossini (Samantha
Rossini, Modo & Modo's project manager ) says, is that these are not
just journals; they are ''books without words inside -- your own

Armand Frasco works in health care and is also a photographer, started a
blog called Moleskinerie which gathers references to Moleskines,
observations about creativity, work by contemporary Moleskinners and
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