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Bayer-Monsanto deal the latest merger to sweep beleaguered agri-foods sector - The Globe and Mail
CALGARY — The Globe and Mail
Published Wednesday, Sep. 14, 2016

Agribusiness giants are bulking up to weather a severe industry slump that has hit everything from grain prices to farm incomes, putting pressure on earnings at some of the sector’s top firms.

German drug and crop chemical maker Bayer AG became the latest global heavyweight to enter the consolidation race, announcing Wednesday that it would acquire U.S. seeds company Monsanto Co. in a massive $66-billion (U.S.) takeover.
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september 2016 by jerryking
Schumpeter: Digital disruption on the farm
May 24th 2014 | | The Economist |From the print edition

Its story begins in 2006 with a Silicon Valley startup, the Climate Corporation. Set up by two former Google employees, it used remote sensing and other cartographic techniques to map every field in America (all 25m of them) and superimpose on that all the climate information that it could find. By 2010 its database contained 150 billion soil observations and 10 trillion weather-simulation points...The Climate Corporation planned to use these data to sell crop insurance. But last October Monsanto bought the company for about $1 billion—one of the biggest takeovers of a data firm yet seen. Monsanto, the world’s largest hybrid-seed producer, has a library of hundreds of thousands of seeds, and terabytes of data on their yields. By adding these to the Climate Corporation’s soil- and-weather database, it produced a map of America which says which seed grows best in which field, under what conditions.
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may 2014 by jerryking
Big Data Comes to the Farm, Sowing Mistrust -
Feb. 25, 2014 | WSJ | By Jacob Bunge.

Some farmers have discussed aggregating data on their own so they could decide what information to sell and at what price. Other farmers are joining forces with smaller technology companies that are trying to keep agricultural giants from dominating the prescriptive-planting business.

The owner of one small company, Steve Cubbage of Prime Meridian LLC, says his Nevada, Mo., company's independence from the seed, machinery and chemical industry "adds credibility," giving farmers an alternative with "their overall best interests in mind."
massive_data_sets  farming  agriculture  Monsanto  DuPont  Dow_Chemical  data_driven 
february 2014 by jerryking
Silicon Valley Big Data Startup Bought for $930M by ... Monsanto? -
October 2, 2013 Liz Gannes - News - AllThingsD Liz Gannes - News - AllThingsD.

Climate Corporation had built a network of insurance sellers for both crop insurance and weather insurance, and offered Web and mobile tools for farmers so they could make decisions about how to do their work. It has thousands of customers with many millions of acres in the U.S.
Monsanto  Climate_Corporation  Silicon_Valley  analytics  farming  agriculture  crop_insurance  weather  insurance 
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When data meets agriculture: Monsanto to buy Climate Corp. for $930M — Tech News and Analysis
Oct. 2, 2013 | GigaOM | By Stacey Higginbotham.

Monsanto, the giant agricultural company, says it will acquire data analytics firm the Climate Corp. in a cash deal valued at $930 million. This deal is an obvious extension of data analytics into the world of big agriculture, but it’s also a perfect example of how the combo of data and the internet of things is going to disrupt established industries in a way that traditional computing never could.

Climate Corp offered targeted insurance policies to farmers that incorporated all sorts of data about historical and current agriculture and climate change disrupts historical weather patterns, this boosts the risks to farmers that weather events might destroy crops, but it also changes the types of crops they should plant. Thus the data analysis that Climate Corp. offers is not only valuable to farmers today, but also to Monsanto as it tries to create crops that will thrive as the climate changes.
data  Monsanto  Climate_Corporation  agriculture  farming  weather  insurance  climate_change  risks  risk-management 
january 2014 by jerryking
Why Monsanto Spent $1 Billion on Climate Data - Modern Farmer
By Dan Mitchell on October 2, 2013

Climate Corporation doesn’t limit itself to weather data. As politicians, pundits, and people on the Internet continue to argue over whether climate change is real, the insurance industry has for years been operating under the assumption that it is. So Climate Corporation uses data from major climate-change models — the very ones that are under constant assault by doubters — in its calculations.

Climate Corporation manages an eye-popping 50 terabytes of live data, all at once. Besides climate-change models, data is collected from regular old weather forecasts and histories, soil observations, and other sources. The company collects data from 2.5 million separate locations. Given these numbers, it shouldn’t be surprising that Climate Corporation is basically alone in this market. The barriers to entry are immense.

The company makes use of “machine learning” —a kind of artificial intelligence. That’s the technology behind, for example, determining which of your incoming email messages are spam —except in this case the tech is much, much more sophisticated. Each new bit of data that’s entered into the system — rainfall in Douglas County Nebraska, say, or the average heat index in Louisiana’s Winn Parish —helps it learn, and more accurately forecast what will happen in the future.
Monsanto  Climate_Corporation  weather  crop_insurance  insurance  massive_data_sets  data_driven  machine_learning  artificial_intelligence 
october 2013 by jerryking
A Big Exit For A Big Agri Data Startup: Who's Next? - Forbes
10/03/2013 | Forbes | by Gil Press.

With new data collection devices and increased regulatory reporting requirements, the volume of agricultural data is growing rapidly and the race is on to develop the best models. One corner of this vast market is a good example of what can happen when quantitative methods are applied to what previously has been a matter of smart guesses.
massive_data_sets  agriculture  farming  Monsanto  Climate_Corporation  Solum  Farmeron  AgSmarts  i-Linc  Land_O’Lakes  John_Deere  dairy 
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Why Big Ag Likes Big Data -
October 2, 2013, 3:02 pm 1 Comment
Why Big Ag Likes Big Data
massive_data_sets  agriculture  agribusiness  farming  data_mining  databases  GE  Climate_Corporation  Monsanto 
october 2013 by jerryking
Virtuous soya oil looks for followers
December 14, 2005 | Financial Times pg. 10 | Jeremy Grant
soybeans  fats  Monsanto  innovation  foodservice  agribusiness 
january 2013 by jerryking
Even a Losing Bid Can Pay Off
November 18, 1996 |WSJ pg A12 | by Adam Brandenburger, a professor at Harvard Business School. Barry Nalebuff is a professor at Yale School of Management. They are the authors of "Co-opetition " (Currency/Doubleday, I996).

What might you have done differently? You could have bid lower. but there's no guarantee that would have worked any better. The problem with the strategy was more basic. The right question to ask is: How important is it to the customer that you bid? If your bidding is important-even if the customer is just trying to gain leverage against his current supplier—then you should get compensated for playing the game.
game_theory  pricing  questions  strategy  coopetition  Monsanto  negotiations  auctions  Adam_Brandenburger  Barry_Nalebuff 
august 2012 by jerryking
HPC in the Cloud: The High-Tech Farm Report: Cloud Computing Comes to Agriculture
Posted by Nicole Hemsoth - February 21, 2011

Agricultural cloud computing use cases are wide-ranging; from the refinement of planting and harvesting operations to research based on the integration of global positioning data and in-field studies. What is interesting about this field is that cloud computing in agriculture is benefiting from the integration of a number of improvements in mobile, sensor, GIS, GPS and other technological developments in tandem. Use cases for agricultural production and research projects go far beyond simple remote hosting.
agriculture  farming  cloud_computing  Monsanto  Fujitsu  case_studies 
june 2012 by jerryking
Cashew Market Cracks in African Turmoil -

Africa Turmoil Cracks Cashew Market
Amid Military Uprising, Farmers Are Unable to Ship Harvest to Indian Factories That Steam Nuts Out of Shells
farmland  Africa  agriculture  farming  Cargill  Monsanto  Dupont 
may 2012 by jerryking The hunger game
April 27, 2012 | Report on Business | ERIC REGULY.
Bill Gates's recipe for boosting world food output may fatten Big Ag's bottom line, but what about small farmers?

The International Fund for Agricultural Development.

The problem is that there is ample evidence that the yield gains GM seeds produce are somewhere between overblown and negligible in many cases, and that GM foods have unknown effects on human and animal health because they haven't been subjected to long-term independent studies.

Problem: Smallholder farmers in developing countries who supply offshore corporations won't necessarily grow the diversity of crops needed by local populations. And farmers who depend on one crop are more vulnerable to financial ruin if a new disease, fungus or pest hits. Many small farms also don't earn enough income to pay for GM seeds and specialized crop-protection goop to go with those seeds.
billgates  Gates_Foundation  genetically_modified  Eric_Reguly  agriculture  productivity  farming  Monsanto  philanthropy  Nestlé  P&G  smallholders 
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