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How the nineties are coming back to haunt us - The Globe and Mail
March 10, 2019 The Globe and Mail | CHRIS FREY, SPECIAL TO THE GLOBE AND MAIL.

Don’t call it a comeback, it’s been here for years: Our nostalgia for the 1990s obscures the story of how the decade created the crises of the present.....the decade we have a hard time remembering right.....No matter how well or harshly you judge the decade’s music, films, fads or fashions, this recycling is largely to be expected, given nostalgia’s tendency to follow something like a 20-year cycle......Pundits may wax on about how unprecedented our current political times might seem, but they’re not without their moments of woozy déjà vu – signal events and moments of the nineties recast and remade.....So much of that decade’s politics – decisions made, issues unaddressed – haunt our current times more than any other. From societal issues of race and gender to the global economics of trade, from the radical transformations of the internet to the corrosive effects of growing political polarization, so many of the destabilizing forces that mark this current period in the United States and much of the West were either incubated, unleashed or amplified during that time. .........The ultimate revenge of the nineties is probably that the man now occupying the highest office of the United States was, through much of that decade, its most notoriously failed businessman – bankrupt and abandoned by his lenders, his name reduced to a punch line on late-night talk shows.......Which is entirely the point. In the introduction to his 2008 essay collection Reappraisals: Reflections on the Forgotten Twentieth Century, the historian Tony Judt argued that, in time, we would come to regard the period between the fall of communism (1989-1991) and the U.S. invasion of Iraq in 2003 as “the years the locusts ate: a decade and a half of wasted opportunity and political incompetence on both sides of the Atlantic.”

Quite suddenly, Mr. Judt argued, we fell under the notion that history could have little to teach us, except in the most narrow triumphalist sense. “With too much confidence and too little reflection we put the 20th century behind us and strode boldly into its successor swaddled in self-serving half-truths: the triumph of the West, the end of History, the unipolar American moment, the ineluctable march of globalization and the free market.”........Republican House speaker Newt Gingrich, who, with his populist-tinged “Contract with America,” led the GOP in 1994 to seize control of the House for the first time in 40 years......had the more lasting impact on the tenor and style of U.S. the cover letter to a memo from 1990, entitled Language: A Key Mechanism of Control, he endorsed a call for his Republican colleagues to brand their Democrat rivals as “traitors”, “pathetic”, “corrupt”, “radical” and, of course, “socialist.”........The decision by the FCC, in 1987, to stop enforcing the Fairness Doctrine.... had unleashed a boom in conservative talk radio. By 1991, Rush Limbaugh was already the most syndicated radio host in the United States.......One of the quainter predictions made in the nineties, no doubt influenced by the post-Cold War mood, when the West thought it had triumphed over authoritarianism, was that the internet would inevitably lead to more political freedom around the world.
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march 2019 by jerryking
How the Democrats Can Avoid Going Down in the 2014 Midterm Election
APRIL 27, 2014 | New Republic | By Sasha Issenberg.

How the Democrats Can Avoid Going Down This November
The new science of Democratic survival.
Democrats  elections  midterms  infographics  Newt_Gingrich 
august 2014 by jerryking
Gingrich's Long Game
April 2006 | The Atlantic | By Ross Douthat

If you trade in big ideas, he adds a moment later, "you have to be a very long-range player."
Newt_Gingrich  CompStat  New_York_City  moonshots  ideas  long-term  long-range 
may 2012 by jerryking
Republican Attacks Have Racist Undertones -
January 3, 2012, 5:36 pm
Nobody Likes to Talk About It, but It’s There
Obama  Birthers  Mitt_Romney  Newt_Gingrich  Campaign_2012  racism  dog_whistles  race-baiting  bigotry 
january 2012 by jerryking
Gingrich: President Exhibits 'Kenyan, Anticolonial Behavior' -
September 13, 2010, | New York Times | By MICHAEL D. SHEAR.
More thinly veiled insinuations...From the comments beneath the blog
post, "Gingrich uses anti-colonial as code for anti-white. Gingrich is
not the first to use it but probably the first against his own
president, the president of the united states. Anyway, George Washington
was the original anti-colonial president of these United States and
proud of it."
Newt_Gingrich  obama  race-baiting 
september 2010 by jerryking
‘These Are the Times That Try Men’s Souls’ « The Enterprise Blog
October 21, 2009 | American Enterprise | blog post by Newt
Gingrich. Newt's launching his latest novel, To Try Men’s Souls: A Novel
of George Washington and the Fight for American Freedom with co-author,
historian William Forstchen. The story is about General George
Washington’s 1776 crossing of the Delaware River, to launch a sneak
attack on the British troops at Trenton.
Newt_Gingrich  George_Washington  Founding_Fathers 
october 2009 by jerryking
Newt. Again. - The Return of Newt Gingrich -
February 25, 2009 NYT Magazine article by MATT BAI profiling former speaker, Newt Gingrich.

Theodore White’s “Making of the President, 1960”
profile  counterintuitive  Newt_Gingrich  redemption  idea_factory  Matt_Bai 
march 2009 by jerryking

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