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Atomico to spend $476-million on startups outside Silicon Valley - The Globe and Mail
Nov. 19 2013 | G&M | Mia Shanley.

“Ten years ago people thought you had to be in Silicon Valley to build a global technology business. That is no longer the case,” said Atomico founder Niklas Zennstrom, a Swedish entrepreneur who co-founded Skype, a web phone service which was sold to Microsoft Corp for $8.5-billion in 2011.

“We see entrepreneurs from all over the world achieving global success faster than ever before and across every sector of the global economy. Our new fund is aimed squarely at this opportunity,” he said
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Chad Hurley Thinks Delicious’ Value Is Its Brand (Not Its Tech), Will Use It To ‘Restart Innovation’ | TechCrunch
June 20, 2012 | TechCrunch | Ingrid Lunden.

Zennstrom echoed a sentiment that others have also been noting lately, that we are in a quiet period for tech innovation and are more about enriching products today. “Ten years ago we were focused on technology, but now we’re focus on the product. Today people are focused on solving problems, not tech probs but problems around making things easier to use, in areas like healthcare and education, life sciences… those are interesting from the big data point of view.
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