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So Long, and Thanks - Opinionator Blog
June 29, 2010 | | By OLIVIA JUDSON. "Writing in
this space is the most gratifying job I’ve ever had, but also the
toughest. It’s like owning a pet dragon: I feel lucky to have it, but it
needs to be fed high-quality meat regularly . . . and if something goes
wrong, there’s a substantial risk of fire." For me, ideas are
capricious. They appear at unpredictable (and sometimes inconvenient)
moments — So it’s important to catch them when they do appear: to that
end, I have a list. It’s not well-organized...To tempt ideas to arrive, I
talk to people and I read a lot: the press releases from Nature,
Science Daily. Colleagues reliably alert me to interesting papers. This
gives me a sense of what’s out there. But having an idea is one thing;
developing it is another. Some ideas look great from the bathtub, but
turn out to be as flimsy. Others are so huge they can’t easily be
treated in 1,500 words or less. Still others are just right. I can’t
tell which without investigation.
ideas  idea_generation  writing  Olivia_Judson  farewells  high-quality 
july 2010 by jerryking
A Gazillion Tiny Avatars - Opinionator Blog -
December 15, 2009, 9:30 pm
A Gazillion Tiny Avatars
Olivia_Judson  viruses  evolution 
december 2009 by jerryking
A Wild Celebration - Opinionator Blog -
December 8, 2009 | New York Times | By OLIVIA JUDSON. This,
then, is what the International Year of Biodiversity should be about: it
should be about conveying the excitement of discovery in biology,
coupled with an intimate knowledge of the majesty of nature. For we must
start cherishing our fellow life forms, and treating them well: we need
them, in more ways than we probably imagine. Their loss makes the
planet — and ourselves — poorer.
biodiversity  Olivia_Judson 
december 2009 by jerryking
The Creation of Charles Darwin - Opinionator Blog -
September 8, 2009, 9:30 pm
The Creation of Charles Darwin
Olivia_Judson  Charles_Darwin 
november 2009 by jerryking
An Evolve-By Date - Opinionator Blog
November 24, 2009 | | By OLIVIA JUDSON. why does
evolution keep failing? The question matters as never before. We humans
are busily changing the environment for most of the beings on the
planet, and often, we are doing so very fast. To know what effect this
will have, we badly need to know how readily different creatures can
evolve to deal with changes to their environment. For if we’re not
careful, many groups will soon be faced with an evolve-by date: if they
don’t evolve rapidly enough to survive in this changing world, they will
Olivia_Judson  Charles_Darwin  evolution  theory_of_evolution 
november 2009 by jerryking
Dawn at the Museum - Olivia Judson Blog -
August 4, 2009 | New York Times | Olivia Judson Blog. The
Oxford Museum ranks in the annals of evolutionary history because, just
after it opened in 1860, it was the scene of a debate between Samuel
Wilberforce, Bishop of Oxford, and Thomas Henry Huxley, a friend and
colleague of Darwin’s. At the time of the Huxley-Wilberforce debate,
natural history museums were not places to study evolution, they were
catalogs of nature. Large and impressive catalogs, but catalogs all the
same. While acting as hugely important stores of information about
biodiversity, both now and in the remote past, they have also become
something much more--they can can provide an invaluable source of
knowledge about recent genetic changes.
Charles_Darwin  DNA  Olivia_Judson  museums 
august 2009 by jerryking
Op-Ed Contributor - The Origin of Darwin -
February 11, 2009 NYT op-ed By OLIVIA JUDSON celebrating Darwin's 200th birthday.
Charles_Darwin  op_ed  Olivia_Judson 
february 2009 by jerryking

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