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Human shields are Hamas’s PR - The Globe and Mail
The Globe and Mail
Published Tuesday, Jul. 15 2014
Hamas  Mideast_Peace  Palestinian  Margaret_Wente  Israel 
july 2014 by jerryking
How the missing Israeli teenagers stoke feelings of tribal vengeance - The Globe and Mail
How the missing Israeli teenagers stoke feelings of tribal vengeance Add to ...
The Globe and Mail
Published Friday, Jun. 20 2014,
Israel  Palestinian  kidnappings  Mideast_Peace  Benjamin_Netanyahu  vengeance 
june 2014 by jerryking
Chaos Could Doom Palestinian Authority -
August 11, 2006 | WSJ | By GUY CHAZAN.
Leadership Void in Territories Would Put Onus Back on Israel, Thwart Withdrawal Plan
Palestinian  Hamas  Islamic  Fatah  voids 
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Take a leaf from the Prophet
February 5, 2002 | Globe & Mail | Irshad Manji.

Well, in the Arab tradition of mediation, please allow a Muslim sister from North America to help. Laugh if you must, but I think I've got the key to a new way of thinking this puzzle through. It starts with a piece of Arab history that most Muslims were never taught at the madrassa: namely, that Jews cultivated the climate in which Prophet Mohammed could survive and spread the word about Islam.

Mecca's pagan Arab population did not exactly welcome the Prophet in the early seventh century. They oppressed him to the point of threatening his life, obliging him to flee north to Medina. As Albert Hourani observed in A History of the Arab Peoples, his escape was helped by traders who needed an arbiter in tribal disputes. "Having lived side by side with Jewish inhabitants of the oasis, they were prepared to accept a teaching expressed in terms of a prophet and a holy book."

Don't you see, Yasser? The groundwork for Mohammed's safety was laid by that gang who embraced earlier prophets and scripture. Say it with me: J-e-w-s.
Irshad_Manji  Palestinian  Yasser_Arafat  Jewish  scriptures  religious_tolerance  tolerance 
june 2012 by jerryking
The New Cold War
May 14, 2008 | New York Times | By THOMAS L. FRIEDMAN.

The next president is going to be a cold-war president — but this cold war is with Iran...As the May 11 editorial in the Iranian daily Kayhan put it, “In the power struggle in the Middle East, there are only two sides: Iran and the U.S.”

For now, Team America is losing on just about every front. How come? The short answer is that Iran is smart and ruthless, America is dumb and weak, and the Sunni Arab world is feckless and divided...Ehud Yaari, one of Israel’s best Middle East watchers, calls “Pax Iranica.” In his April 28 column in The Jerusalem Report, Mr. Yaari pointed out the web of influence that Iran has built around the Middle East — from the sway it has over Iraq’s prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki, to its ability to manipulate virtually all the Shiite militias in Iraq, to its building up of Hezbollah into a force — with 40,000 rockets — that can control Lebanon and threaten Israel should it think of striking Tehran, to its ability to strengthen Hamas in Gaza and block any U.S.-sponsored Israeli-Palestinian peace.

“Simply put,” noted Mr. Yaari, “Tehran has created a situation in which anyone who wants to attack its atomic facilities will have to take into account that this will lead to bitter fighting” on the Lebanese, Palestinian, Iraqi and Persian Gulf fronts. That is a sophisticated strategy of deterrence...Alas, the right question for the next president isn’t whether we talk or don’t talk. It’s whether we have leverage or don’t have leverage.

When you have leverage, talk. When you don’t have leverage, get some — by creating economic, diplomatic or military incentives and pressures that the other side finds too tempting or frightening to ignore.
Lebanon  Iran  U.S.foreign_policy  Tom_Friedman  nuclear  Hezbollah  incentives  deterrence  Middle_East  Mideast_Peace  Cold_War  leverage  ruthlessness  influence  Palestinian  Iraq  Persian_Gulf  multiple_stressors  grand_strategy 
january 2012 by jerryking
A Palestinian state is Israel’s best path to security


From Saturday's Globe and Mail

Last updated Friday, Sep. 23, 2011
Doug_Saunders  Israel  Mideast_Peace  Palestinian 
september 2011 by jerryking
By the light of a truce
29/11/06 Globe & Mail op-ed by AMOS OZ
op-ed  Palestinian  peace  Israeli  proposals 
march 2009 by jerryking
Israel_state terrorism
Feb. 25, 2006 Letter to the editor of the G&M by Ismail Zayid, MD., President, Canada Palestine Association
letters_to_the_editor  Israel  terrorism  Palestinian 
february 2009 by jerryking
"Hamas Knows One Big Thing"
December 30, 2008 WSJ op-ed by Bret Stephens, looks at the
switch in positioning of Israel and the Palestinians over the past 30
years or so.
Hamas  Israel  Palestinian  Bret_Stephens 
january 2009 by jerryking

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