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Shanghai surprise
19 August/ 20 August 2017 | Financial Times | Helen Roxburgh.

It was this frustration that pushed Sy, who graduated with a masters in international business in France, to start making her own skincare products in 2015. Like many entrepreneurs in China, she chose to forego prolonged levels of planning and instead bounced straight on to social media platform WeChat to launch the business.

In Europe, you’d prepare everything first. In Shanghai you just try it and see what happens

WeChat has more than 900m monthly users, and is used not only for messaging but everything from paying bills, buying coffee, giving to charity and taxis. According to a report in 2016, 200m users have linked payment cards with their accounts, and a third spend more than Rmb500 a month via the platform. WeChat has been pushing its in-app payments and mobile-optimised digital stores to draw in businesses.

“It’s fantastic for entrepreneurs,” says Sy. “I had this idea, posted on WeChat, that I was going to be selling my own scrubs and body creams for Christmas, and was surprised at how quickly I started to get orders. Then of course I panicked because I didn’t actually have anything yet — but within a week a friend made me some simple packaging and I was off. I ended up selling out.” After six months, she started to run Lalu full time, selling mostly through online platforms. As well as expanding Lalu, Sy also launched a clothing brand, Nubien, inspired by bright African fabrics and clothing.
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What Shanghai can teach us about teaching math - The Globe and Mail

SHANGHAI — The Globe and Mail

Published Friday, Apr. 04 2014
Shanghai  China  mathematics  teaching 
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Making Every Shot Count
Summer 2009 | Ivey Intouch |

for Sabnam (Shaherose Charania)Expectations Valley Girl.
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Imagining What China Looks Like - International
Aug 16 2010 | - The Atlantic | James Fallows. My standard
"learning to live with China" pitch includes exhortations for foreigners
actually to go and spend serious time there -- and as much time as
possible away from Shanghai and Beijing and other cities with
superficially "familiar"-seeming areas. The reason is that the place is
so huge, so varied, and so contradictory that, unless you have much more
robust imaginative powers than I do, it's hard really to sense how it
can be simultaneously so rich and so poor, so strong and so fragile, so
advanced and so undeveloped, so controlled and so chaotic, without
seeing for yourself.
Beijing  China  James_Fallows  Shanghai 
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Shanghai -
* FEBRUARY 26, 2010 |Wall Street Journal | By DINNY MCMAHON
Shanghai  China 
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