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The United States shouldn’t take sides in the Sunni-Shiite struggle - The Washington Post
By Fareed Zakaria Opinion writer

...the most significant trend shaping the region today is something different: Sunnis vs. Shiites. That sectarian struggle now infects almost every aspect of the region’s politics....Though there always was tension, Sunnis and Shiites did live in peace, for the most part, until recently.....The pivotal shift took place in 1979. The Islamic Revolution in Iran brought to power an aggressively religious ruling class, determined to export its ideas and support Shiites in the region.....Saudi Arabia is facing a series of challenges, from the Islamic State to domestic extremists. The country’s large and active social media are dominated by radical Islamists. And as oil prices plunge, government revenue has collapsed, and the nation’s generous subsidies to its people will be hard to sustain. The regime needs greater legitimacy.
Fareed_Zakaria  Sunni  Shiites  schisms  Middle_East  U.S.foreign_policy  frameworks  sectarian  religion  trends  Iran  Wahhabism  extremism  Yemen  geopolitics  Saudi_Arabia 
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Amid Ties to Iran, Hezbollah Builds Its Own Identity -
July 21, 2006 | WSJ | By JAY SOLOMON in Beirut, Lebanon, and KARBY LEGGETT.
Shiite Group's Leader Vows Defiance After Israeli Hit; A Gift for Propaganda 'Frighteningly Professional'

Hezbollah quickly became the leading force in combating Israeli and U.S. influence in the region. After U.S. Marines occupied Lebanon in an attempt to enforce a United Nations-sponsored peace agreement between warring Lebanese factions, Hezbollah carried out a string of kidnappings and suicide bombings against American targets in Beirut and elsewhere. In October 1983, a Hezbollah bomber killed more than 241 Marines in a suicide attack on the Americans' barracks in Beirut. It was the largest terrorist attack on U.S. citizens at that time.
Iran  Hezbollah  Lebanon  Shiites  USMC  propoganda 
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Being Hassan Nasrallah -
JULY 18, 2006 | | By BRET STEPHENS. Nasrallah is the
secretary general of Hezb Allah, or Party of God, which holds 14 of
parliament's 128 seats, including a seat in the cabinet. He provoked the
2006 war with Israel....Hezbollah's political future. Here's a fact
about Lebanon that many people would rather forget: The birth rate among
Shiites averages between eight and nine per household. By contrast,
Sunni households produce about five children, while Christians and Druze
average two. Yet Lebanon's antiquated "confessional" political system,
based in part on a 1932 census, gives Christians half the seats in
parliament (as well as the presidency), while Shiites, who may already
be a majority, are allotted only 27 seats. Is this "democratic"?
Nasrallah thinks not. For years, his political strategy has been to
consolidate Hezbollah's position among Shiites and co-opt the
ever-weakening Christians in a common alliance against the Sunnis.
Lebanon  Israel  2006  Hezbollah  Hassan_Nasrallah  Bret_Stephens  demographic_changes  Shiites 
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How Iran Could Save the Middle East
July/August 2009 | The Atlantic Online | Jeffrey Goldberg.
With Shiite Iran growing stronger, Jews and Sunni Arabs suddenly have a
potent basis for friendship. Could leveraging Sunni fears of rising
Shiite power finally solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem? The case for
a Sunni-Jewish alliance.
Mideast_Peace  Iran  Sunni  alliances  Israel  Shiites 
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Shia Crescent rising
August 12, 2006, G&M book review by NADER HASHEMI of Vali Nasr's The Shia Revival:
How Conflicts Within Islam Will Shape the Future.
book_reviews  Sunni  Islam  conflicts  Shiites  sectarian  schisms  Vali_Nasr 
march 2009 by jerryking
A Faith Divided
Tuesday, August 22, 2006 12:01 A.M. EDT WSJ book review by MASOOD FARIVAR of Vali Nasr's "The Shia Revival."

Will Sunni-Shia war engulf the new Middle East?
book_reviews  Sunni  Islam  Shiites  sectarian  schisms  Vali_Nasr 
march 2009 by jerryking

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