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A Big Exit For A Big Agri Data Startup: Who's Next? - Forbes
10/03/2013 | Forbes | by Gil Press.

With new data collection devices and increased regulatory reporting requirements, the volume of agricultural data is growing rapidly and the race is on to develop the best models. One corner of this vast market is a good example of what can happen when quantitative methods are applied to what previously has been a matter of smart guesses.
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october 2013 by jerryking
Software Is Feeding The World: Agriculture Startup Solum Raises $17M Led by Andreessen Horowitz | TechCrunch
Anthony Ha
Wednesday, June 27th, 2012 (Agri-Data)

“Solum’s platform enables farmers to correlate nutrient measurements and fertilizer application to actual yields, in a constantly improving feedback loop. Over time, the result for farmers should be a ‘virtuous circle’ of increasing crop yields driven by ever-smarter and environmentally sustainable use of fertilizer, water and other precious resources. In essence, Solum’s technology will provide the data to drive farmers’ new intelligent machines, and the software to manage their application on a large scale.”
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february 2013 by jerryking

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