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Streaming for a Good Beat That’s Just to Your Taste -
Published: August 28, 2013
* Spotify is the best-known streaming music app. This app lets you listen to any of your favorite tracks at will, and it is also a digital radio that streams new music.
* Rhapsody (which in some places overseas goes under the Napster brand). As in Spotify, you can search for music you want to hear, or discover new music through a few different routes.
* was one of the first players that streamed music over the Internet, and now it’s available as an app. Instead of concentrating on giving you access to new music, a bit like traditional radio, tries to recommend new music based on the tracks you already listen to.
* SoundCloud, a free app for iOS and Android that offers a different kind of streaming music. Where Spotify is like having radio on your phone, SoundCloud is more about hearing new music shared by indie artists via a social network.
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Startup city: Berlin as tech magnet - The Globe and Mail

FRANKFURT, GERMANY — Special to The Globe and Mail

Thursday, May. 30 2013
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