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Beware Social Media Snake Oil
December 3, 2009 | BusinessWeek | By Stephen Baker. Hordes of
marketing "experts" are promoting the value of wikis, social networks,
and blogs. All the hype may obscure the real potential of these online
social_media  backlash  Stephen_Baker  marketing 
december 2009 by jerryking
Math Will Rock Your World
JANUARY 23, 2006 | Business Week | Stephen Baker

The world is moving into a new age of numbers. Partnerships between mathematicians and computer scientists are bulling into whole new domains of business and imposing the efficiencies of math. Look at where the mathematicians are now. They're helping to map out advertising campaigns, they're changing the nature of research in newsrooms and in biology labs, and they're enabling marketers to forge new one-on-one
relationships with customers.
advertising  Stephen_Baker  competingonanalytics  data  data_mining  mathematics  analytics  algorithms  data_scientists  marketing 
april 2009 by jerryking
Mapping a New, Mobile Internet
February 26, 2009 | BusinessWeek | by Stephen Baker

Sense Networks, led by the 35-year-old Skibiski, is a mere gnat in this
market. It's a services shop powered by five PhDs and a slew of
algorithms. Phone companies and advertisers provide Sense with raw data
on people's movements and behavior. Sense's mission is to transform
mountains of data into intelligence: what individuals will be most
likely to buy, or where they'll be when a craving hits.
Stephen_Baker  Sense_Networks  mobile  wireless  marketing  mobile_phones  geolocation  mapping  applications  geo-tracking  algorithms  PhDs  location_based_services 
april 2009 by jerryking
Can Wall Street's Numerati land in tech? - BusinessWeek
Can Wall Street's Numerati land in tech?

Posted by: Stephen Baker on March 19
competingonanalytics  Stephen_Baker 
march 2009 by jerryking
Drilling Through Data -
Stephen Baker reviews The Numerati, a book about data mining,
analytics and their application n the worlds of advertising, terrorism,
marketing, dating services, etc.
book_reviews  analytics  competingonanalytics  Stephen_Baker 
january 2009 by jerryking

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